On February 16th 2012 THQ-Relic launched the latest patch for DoW2:R 3.19.1 Shortly after that THQ-Relic dropped all support for the game. The problem was that the latest patch broke more things that what it actually fixed, leaving behind useless broken units, very abusable glitches and a questionable units' balance. More than 10 months have elapsed since then and there have been quite some attempts to fix the game trough mods but all these attempts have ended in drastic changes to the game core mechanics, adding more units and abilities and in many cases biasing the game's balance to favor specific armies. So as we stand today, there are only two ways to keep playing DOW2:R Either play a broken version or a total conversion that is no more DoW2:R. Because of this we are starting this initiative to start a community patch mod that will fix bugs and make balance changes to existing units without taking away the vanilla flavor

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We have finally decided to go public yet this mod has been on the works for the last month mainly understanding the tools and technology to make it possible.

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So far we have already made a few balance changes and bug fixes which we hope we will be publishing this Sunday, December 16, 2012.

As part of this release we will be addressing the most infamous bug of all retribution... yea that's right... the imperial guard heavy weapons team will get their lasguns back!

We will also be addressing some aesthetics bugs like the broken unlocks on the IG vehicle pool and abilities bugs like the one that allows the Mekboy hero to teleport with its heavy weapons deployed

There will be also some balance changes but we will be saving the details on those for the release

Stay tuned

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