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DoV: First Class (view original)

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While 99% of all work on DoV has happened in the last 3 years, the mod was actually started in 2006. It was originally for Empire at War, but working with that game destroyed our morale and turned us from people who tried to be nice to everyone to what you see today.

Enjoy these rare photos on loan from the British Museum showcasing the early days of DoV. These will be up for a limited time only cause I don’t want people to think these represent the current status of the mod.

DoV 2006 Edition Highlights

We were originally part of Slipstream Productions, and between us and Halogen, nobody cared about DoV.

Opals25 made a logo I thought was really awesome, and then 2 years later I found out he just ripped off Dawn of War.

People got really pissed off at us for making a mod for EaW that wasn’t Star Wars related.

The DoV team set up the Petroglyph Forums, so every year I get Christmas cards from them, also I think I’m still the 2nd registered member there.

Some guy got pissed off that people from a non-Star Wars mod set up the Petroglyph forums and threatened one of our staff over the phone after finding out his home number.