Tired of playing as generic repainted space marines? Fed up with old & outdated Ork, Eldar, Imperial Guard Models? Then you have come to the right place. Dawn of Glory is a modification aiming to give Dawn Of War a Total Makeover: -Space Marines will be separated into distinct Codex Chapters: Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard & Ultramarines; each with its peculiar cosmetic flair & unique units (Deathwing Knights, Sanguinary Guard, ThunderWolf Cavalry, etc.) -NEW models for ALL Ork units, custom new models for Warboss, MekBoy, Mad Dok, Gorkanaut, & more. -Imperial Guard are now two separate Factions: Militarum Regiments (Cadians & look-alike), & Militarum Legions (Death Korps of Krieg, Steel Legions); although these two play the same, they will have different models each, & distinct unique (Elite) units. -No More useless tech or buildings (techs & upgrades system revision underway) +More surprises (see upcoming screens) Love you all! -FromSpess

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