Dawn of Darkness was an excellent RPG/adventure/action game that was dumped by Ward Six Entertainment in 1999. It's not well-known, but it is a real gem, so make sure you play it. Dawn Of Darkness takes place in a long vanished world of mighty forgotten empires and magic. It is the tale of a once revered Lucitanian warlord, Roarke The Merciless, caught between his obligations to his family, his empire and his honor. You are Roarke the Merciless, imprisoned in the captured Manawyd monastary by an army from the Cheitan Empire who have attacked the village you have lived in. Roarke is an elite fighter, if perhaps a little out of practice since his days as one of Lucitan's greatest warlords. You begin playing armed with only the dagger Roarke had hidden in his boot, you must escape and find Sylmaril. How you do this is up to you. The game is played with basically the most of the same controls as Quake 2, except for the new commands and items bindings we've added. Dawn of Darkness...

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Credits go to my brother Roarke who help me in making the . qrk addon file. "History, tale and story of Dawn of Darkness" text is the work of Dawn of Darkness developer team. I have added monsters and npc and other objects, items, corpses, plants, monsters and npc and their possible effects (moodname, guard_distance, etc) that the editor did not add. I have added in the Dawn of Darkness.qrk file, their description (when you hover with your mouse over the little book of help), and their corresponding model and skin so you can see them in the 3d view. Also, i added the bounding boxes, but you must go in 3d view and adjust them as you want. How to register your .qrk file in Quark : See above the video.

QuArK editor .qrk file for DOD map making
Roarkes Author

Click read more + under Description section to see just a little example of what the editor and the mod can do. I might upload more on the videos section.

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I sent a private message... just reposted here because it's the Editor Article.

Okay I need HELP with Quark! I downloaded Quark 6.6 and loaded the DOD qrk file... everything's there in folders. I have the readme files for DOD and help menu for Quark! But I don't see the Maps in the Quark or how to load them... and add things to the Maps. (This is my first time with Quark and I'm at a complete lost?) Should I be using Jackhammer or Q2 editor???

You seem to know a lot about the Quark Editor... and stated you would try adding the new maps on a Pak file, and arrange them into extra levels in game! Until i get familiar with the Editor, I don't know where to begin? But would like to share my thoughts about the Old Levels and the New Maps!

(1) Afte Manwyd Monastery... there really should be a Forest Level before you arrive at Homeland! This can be easily done with the tree models already in the game and wandering trails with a few Cheitans and Monsters! (Something I would like to do if I can figure out the Editor!)

(2) Elvod really needs to be separated into three levels... Homeland (Waterfall), Swamp, and Elvod. The Homeland level with Roarke's House and Waterfall needs to be it's own level with more village houses and quest dialogue! Swamp, of course is already it's own level ... just need to add a shovel to Adrianna's House, for the questline she offers of Root and Ancient Sword. Elvod, is already complete but I would like to see a better arrangement to the level... it's too jumbled up!

(2) Elvod, by Captain Sirilius Camp there is back canyon passage that is blocked... it should load to Map dod5_2 The Death Engine! And then probably into Map dod6_4 Mine Docks! There was one Map dod5_1 Cheitan Guns that was just a portacillus, ghost, and a door... should be arranged to a door/building in The Death Engine Map!

(3) After Citadel, when you reach the balloon transport... add Map dod9_1 Citadel Docks! And a workable access into the building other by adding a small crate to the larger crate to jump on the Big Crate pulled up! (I had to use noclip to gain access to the top of the building!) I assume this is the level after the Balloon Transport... if so there should be an Air Level... with just the ballon transport and Roarke fighting some kind of flying creature!

(4) Canyon level - I would like to make a Canyon Map after the balloon transport! (Something I would like to do like the Forest Level above!)

(5) Mine level - Map dod6_3r2 which is an elevator shaft ride into the mine should lead into Map dod6_2_1 ... Into The Earth level!

(6) New Monsters - I would like to find a way to port the zombies from Quake 1 into Q2: DOD... for a Deep Tunnel Level. Something I hinted to in my posted artwork in DOD 3.0!

I guess you are thinking something similar ... if you are going to add maps .bsa into a PAK file for the game! With my limited knowledge of the Quark Editor... I'm at a real lost on how to get started! I know there are extra dialogue text files... something I already know how to do! And I'm planning on working on them... several levels have workers with missing dialogue text like 5_2 workers, etc. And there's missing text for 6, 7, 8 levels.


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Roarkes Author

I hope that you will better understand from my messages and from my upcoming tutorials.

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Roarkes Author

Changed the title.

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Roarkes Author

Edit :
How to register your .qrk file, if you did not done it by now.

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