Go to official forums (see Home Page on the right) Dawn of Conquest is a complete overhaul of the original Medieval II Total War. It was inspired by the classic mod Deus lo Vult (Battle Balance). The modding philosophy is "history inspired gameplay". The first release focuses on Western Europe - the conflict between England and France known as the 100 Years War and the Reconquista on Iberian peninsula. The mod is essentially a sandbox campaign with a smart AI. The key events are the Black Death that affects all of Europe and the discovery of gunpowder, which unlocks simple artillery. Most importantly, it is complete and playable! The gameplay will be slower than in vanilla. The real fun starts around turn 80-100, when most of the rebel territories are conquered and factions start to war with one another. There will be hotfixes and patches as needed and the work is continuing to expand the map Eastward to include German, Nordic and Italian fa

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Great mod, deep strategic layer! :)


misuk says

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Pretty beauty mod with great aspirations


Love it!

This is how Medieval 2 should've been from the very start!!
Love it! But its not there yet! Somehow there are some ctd bugs still in it.
But besides the bug, this mod of yours is simply fitting of those times! Big countries, proper names of counties!
But there is something i personally object to, namely: The landbridge between England and Europe! With that in place fleet management and sea superiority are nowhere near as important as they should be for England!
Every single battle i had was despite the units being rather 'basic' it was still quite entertaining!

Very good solid mod the only bad thing is the ports some of them cannot recruit ships and if look at the port and press on it gives you details of a princess


A good modification, and it seems to be using vanilla strat-models and battle-models - I did only play it very little. But i think the creator has put in effort in making this mod, and it's good and polished, but seems dated due to the old models.

An 8 seems fitting.


BHL_20 says

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zilvinaspredkus says

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There could be added some variations of units in 12th,13th and 14th centuries, but other than that this is the perfect mod for MTW2.

Dawn of Conquest is a good recent mod inspired by amazing Deus lo Vult Battle Ballance but set in a late period during Hundred Years War between England and France

Excellent work Sandy! And very interesting campaign


Fenghuan says

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