Here are east asia civilization: Ming Manchurian Mongols Koreans Japanese Author:96nn

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"Dawn" mod changes to the game focused on the Chinese civilization, while in other countries and overall game rules are changed less, as far as possible to maintain the status original. The mod in which borrowed heavily HuangLuKuZhu "Age of Dynasties" and "Age of Steppes" graphic elements on the basis of additions and modifications to produce their own parts, including the unit shape, head and card icons and so on, generals Edition Asia dynasty China Qing Han, Manchu, Mongolian hybrid style, fully replaced the Ming Dynasty style.Native American countries will be changed Manchu, Mongolia, Korea.


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Dawn: East Asian beta1

Dawn: East Asian beta1

Full Version 1 comment

"Dawn" mod changes to the game focused on the Chinese civilization, while in other countries and overall game rules are changed less, as far as possible...

Dawn 1.1

Dawn 1.1

Full Version 2 comments

"Dawn" mod changes to the game focused on the Chinese civilization, while in other countries and overall game rules are changed less, as far as possible...

Dawn 1.0

Dawn 1.0

Full Version

"Dawn" mod changes to the game focused on the Chinese civilization, while in other countries and overall game rules are changed less, as far as possible...


hello, i was a membeo of age of dynasties mod. i am not moder but good at history and have very good ideas for your nice mod. if you are interested,
i will add here my pm messige what i sent to omar, creator of age of dynasties
at first this mod will really help to you thit animations and textures, there is many things for china and japan.
now, about my ideas. demand mod that link is above, i remembered good things about china, and not only. you know about banner armies that had a china in original game. but, either they were very weak and useless, either overpowered. but, i thought, why we must do everything dificult then good chance is in our hands? as you know, china had an improwed temples, with best monk system called shao lin. as their leader was monk, ithought would be good add monk workers and temple vilages. monk houses and types are given in this mod, only imagine, how nice it would be. we can, sorry, you can realise it..
my friend who is doctor of international history, saw our mod and was very surprised, he gave me some view and it was first, second mention was about ruler. He said that we are first who implemented in mod system ruler power and it is best begining, but it needs develop. i will try to implement development strategy for every civilisation demand on China, ok?
first of all, said my friend, china was country of mercenaries and monks. would be better if workers were monks with little more apgraded gathering rate, whose leader will be explorer, monk of shaolin. he must have enchantced abilities and this abilities some of them are shown in this mod. shao lin monk would be abble train disciples and monks. not only ruler, this monk must increase their speed. houses must be temples and there must be native china monk warriors or sword fighters, not hired mercenaries.
at first age china must have 1)temple houses, he said, there can be trained monks and native chinesse warriors like sword fighters, build limit 30
2)market, with advansed market improvement and he suggested, because china was very good at traiding,
3)consultate - suggesion aliance must be corean, mughals, saphavids or japan, no european civils, he suggested make ability buy export points with food, gold or wood, but, suggested gold.
4)outposts - we have it, and he liked it very much, he mentioned it is very good work. build limiT must be 15 at last
5)not dock but small water bridje, with trainable fishing boats
6)wall, we can get baricade system from napoleonic era. would be good
recomended return wonder sustem for asian civs
at second age
must open something who will produse armies very slowly for ballance.
recomended unite stable and barracks and create more usefull banner armies. ruler of armies will be emperor.
at third age
must open infinite sourses of wood, food and gold why whis is nessesery? cutting trees spoils atmoshpere and nice map view, if every nation will have this, nature will save, or trees and other resources must be infinite, about this i am completely agree with him.
at fourth age
must add ruler with own name for every civ, emperor for china.
he must have more abilities, for example
1)build great china wall (heavy fortification)
2)set taxes, collect coins from people,
3)emperor war flag. gives armies best impovement and emperors flag to banner.
4)emperors sword- like crack shot power, one hit kill,
5)rule - ability command army formations and give them war leader.
he must construct building emperors palase, from here must be recruitable architectors and war leaders, defenders too called emperors guard.
as you see, ruler must be ruler. link that i send realy usefull for this all.
at fifth age empire must resieve trade posts and realy usefull military or economic shipments as foreign help hand. also dock with buildable flot. ships and everything that needed we have.
for every civilization must have chance for revolt, but, revolution must be assigned at age 3, if rewolt, emperor, foreign help hand and dock mustnot have.
but could use monks as workers and we can add more native warriors. also, cheap militia, not minutemen, they must be as week as cheap, so balance will not spoiled.
wanders system must be implemented for age 1, 2, 3. for 4 age wonder must be replaced with ruler and in fifth age his abilities and appearance will be improved.
i think ballance will be good and cool.
if for every civilization development way will be same. we can avoid creating new models problem and can use models inplemented in main game too.
even more, the can call this age of dynasties, rising
forgive me, if i am too late and you dont want do anything, but i wanted very much to say this ideas, that i got from historic genius.
please, let me know your answer, i will wait, but, dont know how much, so please, dont ignore me.
best wishes
if interested, i will creat historical introduction for all, also, enciclopedy for our mod. it is big work, but, i will try my best.

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Are you making this mod?

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can you update ming army ?

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May I ask for instructions to install the mod? Do I just put the files into "art", "data", and "sound" folder or do I replace the folder completely? Thank you to anyone who kindly help.

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i install all version of mod but i can't find the Ming, Korean, game. why?

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Royale0417 Creator

Dawn have two versions, the original version and the East Asia version. The original version is reserved for Native American countries. East Asian version is replaced the Native American countries to be Manchurian, Mongolia, Korea. East Asia is currently in beta version......

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main problems here is: we can't find Mongolian and Korean in game, it have only Ming and Manchu

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can i ask how can i help you to translate the game to English?

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