The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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The version 4.0 is big and with... Bayonets! Read the news!

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The new DarthMod has Bayonets for Fots units

Special new in v4.0

The new DarthMod has Bayonets for Fots units

Bayonets are finally available thanks to the mod of IGdood and kungfuserge. This original mod can be found here:
DarthMod has used this mod's technique to enable Bayonets and balanced the stats accordingly. Now you can enable Bayonets in the Boost options of the Launcher for the following units:

  • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
  • Infaderie de Marine
  • Kihetai
  • Republican Guard Infantry
  • Royal Marines
  • Shogunate Guard Infantry
  • United States Marines
  • Garrison Infantry
  • Light Sharpshooters
  • Light Yugekitai
  • Azure Dragon Force
  • Black Tortoise Infantry
  • Imperial Infantry
  • Line Infantry
  • Line Republican Infantry
  • Line Shogunate Infantry
  • Line Vermillion Bird Force
  • Militia Levy Infantry

By enabling bayonets you give to these units special anti-cavalry/defence properties and a slight attack penalty. The only glitch is that in combat animation the rifle/musket is slightly mispositioned between the hands. If you want to revert to vanilla Katana/Sword melee fashion of the original game, you can do it anytime without spoiling your campaign save.

The new DarthMod has Bayonets for Fots units

Some elite units can now form squares:

  • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
  • Infaderie de Marine
  • Republican Guard Infantry
  • Royal Marines
  • United States Marines
  • Imperial Infantry

Line Republican Infantry

The new DarthMod has Bayonets for Fots units

  • The following units now have mass fire (fire all together and not only the first rank):
    • Matchlock Kachi
    • Light Sharphooters
    • Tosa Riflemen
    • Light Yugekitai
  • Included the special CAI File that was removed from version 3.4 because of incompatibilties with the official patch. Now the major clans, like Oda, will have more survival/prevail chances and the Ashikaga Boost options works 100% as it is intended. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
  • Included the special character bonuses files that give +3 Skills to generals, special character bonuses etc. as it was in version 3.4. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
  • Increased the FotS Land Campaign movement and the Naval Movement for all campaigns. That results to more naval invasions and more action in the campaign map.
  • Reduced the insanely high cost of FotS buildings to more proper levels. That results to a more challenging CAI that can recruit better units and also there is less "misery" for the human player (not able to do anything for many turns).
  • White Tigers have a slightly better balance.
  • Spear Levy have -1 morale for better balance.
  • Included the widely requested large deployment zones and ambush mod FOTS S2 ROTS of freelancerX as a Boost Option.
  • Re-updated the Atmoshperic Sounds mod (there were some issues reported).
The new DarthMod has Bayonets for Fots units

On 13/5 and 14/5 they have been uploaded the following HotFixes

Special new in v4.0++ HotFix

  • Shinsengumi Police Force can now Kneel fire.
  • Repaired and fine tuned the new Campaign Battle auto calculation.

Special new in v4.0+ HotFix

  • Vanilla Boshin Rifle Units "Break Dance Bug" Fixed (It can now occur very very seldom).
  • Naval Campaign movement points doubled for a more dynamic game and many invasions (in the previous version this was not enabled correctly).
  • Land Campaign movement points increased very slightly.
  • Several fixes to CAI handicaps.
  • FotS buildings cheaper for the AI to make it more challenging (to develop and build more armies).
  • Yari Kachi Anti-Cavalry Bonus increased slightly.
  • Some improvements to character skill tiers (now the FotS General and Character have not so many bonuses per upgrade).
  • Traditional buildings have more modernization penalties and also there are some new technology modernization penalties (your choice for modern or traditional warfare is now clearer).
  • Some Building effects improvements/vanilla fixes.
  • Coastal defenses +25% more effective and have more range.
  • Movement speed penalties balance improved.
  • Melee mechanics improved to become more decisive and violent.
  • Unit responses improved.
  • Mangonel effectiveness balanced.

    Download the latest version from here as well:

Take a look at the Features of the Mod

Download the Full Launcher Version

DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4

and then upgrade with the patch.
DarthMod Shogun II v3.8 Patch

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Did the recruitment tables get enabled yet? It seems like you got most of the old stuff working again so im just curious.

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oh sweet jesus i think my poor laptop will explode from the epicness of this. now if only they will release a map editor, youd be creating some radical maps i bet...

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