The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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Many CAI improvements, thick realistic gunpowder smoke and a thrilling combat system!

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DarthMod Smoke Effects
As per your feedback the improvements are many and the most important are mentioned below:

Version 3.4

  • Even more improved melee mechanics for cinematic and stunning battles.
  • Morale tweaked so that Hammer and Anvil tactics to be rewarded more.
  • Battle Auto Calculation should be much more improved and will realistically simulate the deserved losses in Land and Naval battles. The player will no longer abuse AutoCalc to win difficult battles.
  • Several improvements to CAI to be more aggressive, more energetic in diplomacy, even more challenging overall.
  • In addition the CAI should calculate better the size of the army needed to beat the human player resulting to huge attacking stacks and careful defending.
  • CAI will no longer be baited by cunning players to leave settlements undefended. (it could occur).
  • Weird Broken Trade and Alliance agreements diplomacy bug should now be fixed.
  • Bow Ashigaru morale reduced so that they do not stand too much in melee.
  • Much more improved smoke effects that can be described by only one word->AMAZING.
  • Sad news: Elvasat mod had to be removed because TWCenter claims that it had copyright issues.....

Download the mod HERE!
Give feedback at TWCENTER FORUM!


Hi old friend, wantd to say: A big Thank you to you and your friends, for a continues support and upgrades of a never ending story, not only in this one but with all the TW games u have changes for a greater and better realism emotional life story on a board of personal feelings, by being that General or King or whatever kind of role play we pretend to become in your enjoyable best TW mod to date, Thank you very much for your free time and your energy and cheer dedication and love for what you and your friends love to re create into a such piece of art :) Always thinked of you / your mod when i start a TW game, why? Because with out a Darth mod.. The TW game does not exist before my eyes =^.^=

Thank you once again, i wish i could thank you ever more for all the years my old friend Darth =)


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Thank you a lot for your kind words friend. It means a lot to receive appreciation from the fans of DarthMod and this motivates me to continue all this time.

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