The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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This is the full list of DarthMod: Shogun II changes along its progress.

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Version 5.0 Changes

Version 4.4+++ (31/12/2012)

  • Amazing new melee mechanics. Enough said.
  • Naval BAI heading to the borders of the map bug should be completely fixed.
  • Boarders have less attack/defence bonuses so that they are not too powerful.
  • Better missile lethality balance (affects every projectile).
  • CAI should build much less light ships.

Version 4.4++ (14/12/2012)

  • Many optimizations & fixes for Land and Naval battles according to feedback (Naval bugs, Morale issues, Mass settings, Lethality settings etc.) The mod should be now optimised as most of you requested.

Version 4.4+

  • Fixed bug that made battles to crash when Otomo Generals participated.
  • Naval parameters adjustments that should repair the last naval battle issues that were reported.
  • "Oda-Togugawa Alliance" and "Oda Boost" submods had to be removed because they created problems after the latest CA patch (affects only Launcher version of the mod).
    For those using the Launcher: You must uninstall the previous version before you install this! It is full save game compatible.

Special new in v4.4 (Enforced Edition)

  • Adapted fully for the latest CA patch/Otomo DLC and has fixed sounds.
  • New melee/mass settings for even more cinematic and challenging battles.
  • Naval formations reverted to official CA settings and this should correct the only known issue of DarthMod (AI ships stacking to the borders of the battle map). Need feedback about this.
  • For the Launcher version of the mod, the installer can now automatically trace where your game is installed via Steam.

Special new in v4.3+++ (Last Edition)

  • AI formation improvements for even more challenging battles.
  • AI ships should stack to map borders much less frequently (it cannot be negated because the naval battle maps are too small).
  • Combat animation tweaks for, maybe, the best melee mechanics ever for this mod.
  • Happiness penalties less for FotS modern buildings.
  • Modernization penalties less for FotS traditional buildings.
  • Sengoku CAI should not build so many light ships as before.
  • CAI should be more rational to make trade agreements and generally more stable in diplomacy when it is an ally.

Special new in v4.3++ (Last Edition)

  • Found finally a work around to bypass the wrong hard coded movement modifiers (those that make soldiers too slow when they charge or go uphill). The speeds are now normalised and the AI reactions are much benefited from this.
  • Diplomacy Friendly/Hostility thresholds balanced to be more friendly biased (not so aggressive/hostile CAI for more reasonable diplomacy).

Special new in v4.3+ (Last Edition)

  • Many repairs to the AI Formations that previously made the AI to behave strangely.
  • Improved the Shell/Cannon Impact effects even more (Darth Effects).
  • Many game balances here and there for the spectacular, challenging battles you always want and always get from DarthMod series.

Special new in v4.3 (Last Edition)

  • Updated to work correctly with the latest CA Patch (There was the mixed audio sounds problem again).
  • Several balances in gameplay and AI formations. You should get now the best possible challenge in Land and Naval battles with very satisfying animations, melees and realistic havoc.
  • The bug that made matchlock units not to "fire at will" volley shots is now fixed (thank you for reporting multiple times).
  • Many improvements to the Darth Effects especially for the gun muzzle effects and the howitzer shots.
  • Adapted the Launcher to apply correctly the mod scripts according to the latest official mod manager Launcher of the game. You should not use the PLAY button anymore. Just apply your options whenever you want, close the launcher and click at the official game shortcut to start the game. When the mod manager opens, choose only the "darthmod_shogun.pack" or one of the other DarthMod packs if you want to play with Vanilla Garrisons, Vanilla Handicaps etc.
  • Shortly there will be also a new special Steam Workshop version of the mod which you can download directly from Steam Workshop with the name "DarthMod: Shogun II SW Version". This version includes in a pack:
    • The gameplay and AI of DarthMod
    • The increased unit sizes which you change in the menu easily
    • The FotS Bayonets by IGdood & Kungfuserge
    • The Darth Effects
    • The Horo Removal by The Hedge Knight
    • The JFC Unit Cards
    • Full Multiplayer support (All players running this version can see eachother online and can also play with the increased unit sizes

    To use all the extra submods you must use the Launcher version or apply manually the Pack Version of the mod.

  • In a few words DarthMod: Shogun II is now offered in three different ways which you must use seperately according to your needs:
    1. The Full Launcher version (It has the most options and submods)
    2. The Mini-Pack version (The user can manually install it as per instructions ->Not advised for novices)
    3. ***NEW*** The Steam Workshop version (It includes only the necessary and has the best multiplayer compatibility)

Special new in v4.2+++ (Bushido Edition)

  • Many AI formation improvements (Land & Naval). You will lose many battles from this AI.
  • Combat & Animation mechanics improvements which also improve FPS perfomance.
  • Unit physics and melee penetration improved.
  • Ships more realistic physics and interaction with waves.
  • Morale tweaks for more challenging and enduring battles.
  • Some projectile improvements, for example gun reload rates.
  • Secondary ground movement modifiers of the game nullified (they created a sluggish unit movement and possibly lag).
  • Battle autoresolve improved.
  • Attack fire arcs changes. AI Cavalry should now move+flank far more effectively and will be not suicidal.
  • Launcher changes:
    The 1X button is replaced by the "Normal Unit Size" button. This button will now enable DarthMod with the most common options for multiplayer but will not lock unit size to 1X. You can change the unit size as in Vanilla per your own taste. This makes it more compatible for organising MP battles but also will no longer confuse player on how to reduce unit sizes to vanilla levels.

Special new in v4.2++

  • Bow/Gun sound mess fixed.

Special new in v4.2+

  • Balanced for the latest DLC units "Saints & Heroes".
  • Fixed the badly mixed sounds that the DLC caused to the mod.
  • Balanced melee mechanics for even more realistic battles.
  • Many AI FotS formations improvements for a more effective BAI.
  • Balanced projectiles to be more realistic overall.
  • Fixed a minor bug concerning 1st level Shogun Garrison.
  • Improved a lot the smoke effects (Darth Effects).
  • Enhanced the blood (Darth Effects).

Special new in v4.2

  • Improved melee and animation mechanics greatly so to witness cinematic and chaotic battles as never before. Inspired by the epic screenshot tales of Le_Fred which you can read here: "Le Fred's" Epic Stories!
  • Balanced the projectile reload mechanics to be realistic, so that units fire not as untiring machines but like drilled normal fighters who must control their stamina and ammo to maximise their kill rate. That can lead to more devastating volleys but also to less effectiveness, according to the skill of the general.
  • Corrected a formation AI issue which could lead to AI ships sticking to the corners of the map.
  • CAI should now position its armies more strategically in the map for a more challenging and realistic game exprerience.
  • Diplomacy improved a lot to be very close to human cunningness and effectiveness. You can make trusted allies but also you will witness powerful allied opponents. (The improvements include the possible AI trade not accepted bug fix).
  • Money plays now much bigger role in diplomacy negotiations (In vanilla it is insignificant).
  • Threats should now have more diplomacy effect (In vanilla they are insignificant).
  • Naval damage system balanced better.
  • Naval cannons have more hitpoints so that they do not get destroyed easily.
  • Launcher additions:
    • Re-included the Shogun 2 & Fall of the Samurai Retexture & Performance Project by Superghostboy which now does not conflict with DarthMod Effects. For some machines it can result to better FPS but its most superb addition is the new more realistic blood effects.
    • Included the BSM for Shogun 2 by Mech_Donald which provides much better effects than vanilla and it can replace the default Darth Effects according to your preference. Because it conflicts with DarthMod Effects and SuperGhostBoy mod, the launcher makes sure that whenever you enable it, the other are disabled and vice versa.
    • The V.3.05 -Unit Variety Mod by The Hedge Knight has been modified by SuperGhostBoy to be less stressing for your video card.
    • Re-moved the Japanese voice fix of Wind because it was obsolete.

Tiny v4.1+++ HotFix

  • Launcher updated fully to work as intended with the previous fix.

Special new in v4.1++ HotFix

  • CAI should now build even bigger stacks, armies of Death in late turns. Now the AI is a much more resilient opponent and you should not rely too much in allies if you cannot keep adequate army forces.
  • Fixed a problem of the Launcher which made the Mod not to disable itself fully (the fixed sounds pack affects the installation by its presence in the data folder).
  • Naval experience reducing after bombardment should now be fixed or lessened a lot the probability to happen (needs testing).
  • Sengoku Light Cavalry have now 120 men instead of 90 (with 1.5X) as all other cavalry types.

Special new in v4.1+ HotFix

  • The so much anticipated fix has arrived. Finally all DarthMod files are in place and now you get the full experience. The "unit_tables" responsible for unit costs/upkeeps/special recruitment options etc. a very crucial file was damaged because of the latest CA patch and could not be used because the sounds got mixed (bow sounded like guns etc.).
    Now the sounds are repaired thanks to Crux3D and his genious Symphony Tool with which I repaired that dreaded mixed sounds bug.
    I also thank all who have helped in this discussion thread: Corrupted Sounds Solutions and Discussion.
  • Musket/Rifle smoke improved (made slightly thicker and even more realistic).
  • FotS Modernization penalties adjusted better as per feedback (I repeat that with this system you have to choose your side and you cannot build everything as in vanilla... this is a feature not a bug, so if you want to be traditional, forget the modernization. If you want to modernise, stop building traditional buildings. Simple. You have to remember also that traditional bonuses are more in 1st level of technology.

Special new in v4.1

  • CAI improved and is more helpful to allies.
  • CAI now will no longer refuse trade agreements for no reason.
  • Naval BAI improved and should no longer stuck to the edge of the map.
  • Naval Sengoku cannons more effective.
  • Naval Matchlocks have now more range, the same with the naval bows.
  • FotS building costs balanced better to make the economy a more challenging matter.
  • Modernization penalties are now severe for traditional buildings and some technologies.
    Also fixed the modernization technology penalties which worked the opposite
    (they wrote - but they gave +).
  • Naval experience no longer gained so easily as in vanilla.
  • Cavalry commander General bonuses corrected.
  • Some traits have been updated.

Special new in v4.0++ HotFix

  • Shinsengumi Police Force can now Kneel fire.
  • Repaired and fine tuned the new Campaign Battle auto calculation.

Special new in v4.0+

  • Vanilla Boshin Rifle Units "Break Dance Bug" Fixed (It can now occur very very seldom).
  • Naval Campaign movement points doubled for a more dynamic game and many invasions (in the previous version this was not enabled correctly).
  • Land Campaign movement points increased very slightly.
  • Several fixes to CAI handicaps.
  • FotS buildings cheaper for the AI to make it more challenging (to develop and build more armies).
  • Yari Kachi Anti-Cavalry Bonus increased slightly.
  • Some improvements to character skill tiers (now the FotS General and Character have not so many bonuses per upgrade).
  • Traditional buildings have more modernization penalties (your choice for modern or traditional warfare is now clearer).
  • Some Building effects improvements/vanilla fixes.
  • Movement speed penalties balance improved.
  • Melee mechanics improved to become more decisive and violent.
  • Unit responses improved.
  • Mangonel effectiveness balanced.

Special new in v4.0

  • Bayonets are finally available thanks to the mod of IGdood and kungfuserge. This original mod can be found here: .
    DarthMod has used this mod's technique to enable Bayonets and balanced the stats accordingly. Now you can enable Bayonets in the Boost options of the Launcher for the following units:
    • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
    • Infaderie de Marine
    • Kihetai
    • Republican Guard Infantry
    • Royal Marines
    • Shogunate Guard Infantry
    • United States Marines
    • Garrison Infantry
    • Light Sharpshooters
    • Light Yugekitai
    • Azure Dragon Force
    • Black Tortoise Infantry
    • Imperial Infantry
    • Line Infantry
    • Line Republican Infantry
    • Line Shogunate Infantry
    • Line Vermillion Bird Force
    • Militia Levy Infantry

    By enabling bayonets you give to these units special anti-cavalry/defence properties and a slight attack penalty. The only glitch is that in combat animation the rifle/musket is slightly mispositioned between the hands. If you want to revert to vanilla Katana/Sword melee fashion of the original game, you can do it anytime without spoiling your campaign save.

  • Some elite units can now form squares:
    • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
    • Infaderie de Marine
    • Republican Guard Infantry
    • Royal Marines
    • United States Marines
    • Imperial Infantry
    • Line Republican Infantry
  • The following units now have mass fire (fire all together and not only the first rank):
    • Matchlock Kachi
    • Light Sharphooters
    • Tosa Riflemen
    • Light Yugekitai
  • Included the special CAI File that was removed from version 3.4 because of incompatibilties with the official patch. Now the major clans, like Oda, will have more survival/prevail chances and the Ashikaga Boost options works 100% as it is intended. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
  • Included the special character bonuses files that give +3 Skills to generals, special character bonuses etc. as it was in version 3.4. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
  • Increased the FotS Land Campaign movement and the Naval Movement for all campaigns. That results to more naval invasions and more action in the campaign map.
  • Reduced the insanely high cost of FotS buildings to more proper levels. That results to a more challenging CAI that can recruit better units and also there is less "misery" for the human player (not able to do anything for many turns).
  • White Tigers have a slightly better balance.
  • Spear Levy have -1 morale for better balance.
  • Included the widely requested large deployment zones and ambush mod FOTS S2 ROTS of freelancerX as a Boost Option.
  • Re-updated the Atmoshperic Sounds mod (there were some issues reported).

Special new in v3.95+ HotFix

  • Various fixes to formations for a far more poweful BAI. 2x times better.
  • Various improvements to Darth Effects especially to artillery impacts and muzzle flashes.
  • A very ugly looking vanilla blood effect removed (this related to artillery impact which is like a "blood octopus")
  • Missile Lethality slightly enhanced as requested.
  • Some acceleration values which affect even more negatively the known "vanilla Dance effect" have been improved.

Special new in v3.95

  • Much more superior Battle AI both in Land and Naval battles due to many adjustments in formations and other related factors.
  • Troop movement & physics even more realistic.
  • Many improvements in projectile ballistics and physics for all missile types. You should notice even more realistic trajectories and impacts.
  • Infantry ammo increased, especially for the modern FotS units.
  • Yugekitai better balance.
  • Naval autocalc should be improved.
  • CAI should no longer declare war so easily.
  • Suppressive fire bug fixed (Vanilla error that increased instead of decreasing unit speed, thanks to rob-a-dogg for the feedback).

Special new in v3.9+ HotFix

  • CAI gunboat spam is no more.
  • Many Formation AI repairs so that you get the proper challenge in battles.
  • Formation AI overhaul in positioning which results to a far better BAI.
  • Projectile damaged slightly balanced better.
  • Naval BAI inconsistencies repaired (stacking into the corner too often).
  • Mangonel more effective.
  • Sharpnel trajectory more realistic as it falls.
  • Coastal guns will not aim too high.
  • Fots Samurai Bow Hero more effective.
  • Hero Bows more straight aiming to reflect the superior bow training.

Special new in v3.9

  • Cavalry less resistant against projectiles.
  • Missile troops more responsive.
  • FotS missile troops animations improved.
  • AI Formations improved especially those dedicated to FotS.
  • FotS gun infantry AI should be more effective (trying to fire from largest distance possible).
  • Levy Musketmen have the correct teppo equipment (Vanilla mistake).
  • Levy Musketmen have now Kneel fire instead of rank fire.
  • Shooting fatigue penalties slightly increased.
  • Movement gradient penalties lessened.
  • Shimazu heavy gunners have now powerful missile penetration ability (as in vanilla but more realistic).
  • Wooden cannon impact damage increased (They should do some more damage when they hit something).
  • Bombardment less effective from small ships and generally not so devastating.

Special new in v3.8 HotFix

  • Guns slightly more powerful to take down Samurai & Cavalry charges more easily.
  • More ammo for guns as requested.
  • Some slight improvements to Formations AI resulting to more effective BAI.
  • Gunboat balance tweaks to make them less effective in autocalc and in battle as it was required.
  • Garrison fixes (now Castle has correctly more garrison and also high tier buildings have more Line Infantry than Levy Infantry).
  • Fatigue affected more by reloading/firing.
  • FotS Infantry more resistant to cavalry.
    (This hotfix is fully compatible with your campaign saves)

Special new in v3.8

  • Fixed the random campaign Freezes.
  • Fixed CAI preferring too much Yari Samurai.
  • CAI now not too aggressive.
  • Naval Autocalc improved.
  • AI formation fix so not to cause random CTD in battles.
  • Made CAI to prefer far less the Gunboats but I cannot optimise because the relevant file cannot be modded yet.
  • Returned projectile effectiveness to proper levels.
  • Fine tuned naval projectile damage.
  • Made less the accuracy bonus of a certain technology level because it increased it proportionally too much and destroyed balance.
  • Removed rank fire ability for Matchlock Katchi because the AI never used it and probably it affected negatively the AI using this drill.
  • Improved the artillery accuracy to be better as requested.
  • Lessened the artillery crew "dancing" (not sure if it is a vanilla bug).
  • Improved the CAI recruitment choices for all campaign types (Boshin, Genpei, Sengoku).
  • Naval autocalc should not be so lethal so that gunboats take bigger ships with them.

Version 3.7

  • Reworked all about the AI Battle formations and corrected all issues reported (problems with sieges, ambushes, naval battles, CTD etc.) and not only that, the new formations take full advantage of modern gun warfare. Notice the AI to attack you with rifles as you have never seen it before! You will be scared.
  • Better gun reload & drill synchronization (results to devastating volleys).
  • Corrected some animation issues which made units to response less quickly.
  • Gave special Samurai collision model to some traditional troops to help them even more in melee.
  • Made melee even more cinematic and chaotic.
  • Rifles should be even better at high range as requested.
  • Improved Naval battles overall especially the related BAI.
  • Ships will not explode so often.
  • CAI should be not be so prone to break alliances and trade agreements as before.
  • Realm Divide will happen not so early as before.
  • FotS CAI will prefer more the traditional troops but also the Line Infantry as well.
  • Gunboats will not be preferred so much by CAI.
  • Many more to see for yourself...

Version 3.6 HotFix

  • Gatling guns not firing fixed (Thanks to Valky for the feedback).
  • Jozai 1st turn crash fixed (Had to remove increased Land Army Radius of DarthMod).
  • Messed up archer/gun sound bug fixed (Had to remove the file "unit_tables" responsible mainly for the very important unit cost balances, special area recruitments, increased fleet movement points etc... when the mod tools allow it I shall return it back).
  • Kneel Fire available to White Tigers too.
  • Kneel Fire available immediately in the campaign for all the units and does not need research. To kneel is not so difficult and it was necessary so to counter the rank fire ability that is inserted for the levies. The previous vanilla research related to Kneel Fire is replaced by accuracy bonuses.
  • Some minor unit balance improvements.
  • Balanced better the projectile system vs melee.
  • Naval projectile damage & accuracy system improved for more realistic and slower battles.
  • Some AI formations optimizations.
  • Some CAI FotS necessary tweaks.
  • Fine tuned volley fire mechanics to show more real and not "Gamey". You will notice that troops will tend to fire controlled massed volleys without your intervention.

Special New in v3.6 Full Patch
This version is dedicated to
daniu, DaFranker who helped enormously to upgrade the PFM Mod tool.

  • Almost everything from the previous DarthMod: Shogun v3.4 is now imported. The combat realism, the BAI, the CAI, should all be there as you wanted them to be. The special traits and characters upgrades are temporarily removed for the time being because they caused CTD in Campaigns, especially in Sengoku Campaigns (for example the +3 Character points). Additionally one important file that gave special character to Oda and other clans to be more efficient is disabled. When the mod tools allow the editing of these newly updated files, I will insert again.
  • Several other fixes that correct issues of the previous compatibility patches, for example the Super Lighting cannon smoke effect when HDR was on.
  • Some very strange official vanilla bugs fixed: The Parrot gun smoke is now visible, the Tosa have the correct reload rifle animation and not the muzzle musket, sounds for Sengoku matchlocks and Heavy gunners fixed. One bug that I could not fix was the broken Fatigue system which, in Vanilla as well, does not consider properly the fatigue related to projectiles, therefore missile units tend to tire much less and are fresh if they do not move. (Hoping for an official Fix).
  • Many new things were added to Sengoku and RotS gameplay to finetune (unit costs, musket balance, unit behaviour etc. which you will notice especially in battles.)

Now the more special improvements:

  • New Darth AI Formation System included by default which is specially designed for FotS battles as it uses better the Line Infantry units and does not "blob" as in vanilla. The new formation system improves the BAI overall and utilizes better attack/defend offsets, no gaps between units, new formation types and swaps efficiently according to circumstances, for example when the AI has a traditional style army it will use the classic Sengoku formations and not the modern Darth line formations. Additionally some bugs have been traced which possibly resulted in the known Passive AI siege bug and reinforcement AI passivity, but more tests are needed to be sure.
  • The Darth Effects which are enabled by default are by far, THE BEST AND MORE REALISTIC EVER. NO MORE WORDS HERE. YOU MUST SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES! All the smoke and cimematic atmosphere you get with these effects are provided with no additional FPS loss = Magic.
  • New Projectile Trails that replace those ugly white vanilla lasers with more subtle and gentle ones. Even if you never liked trails in Total War games, these, quite strangely, add to the atmosphere and should be tried out.

And finally FotS improvements to the Maximum as well! The most notable from the hundreds are:

  • Realistic Ballistics and Animations provide you a real feel of the gun warfare of the era. The units do not aim, load robotically and have applied 100% accuracy as in vanilla (my god) and have increased effective range according to weapon type. Each weapon type is very much unique and makes each unit having it special as well. For example you will really feel the might of modern breech loaders compared to old muzzle loaded muskets. The basic range increases are:
    Old muskets range=150
    Bows range=150
    Muzzle loaded Rifles=180 (increased to 250 with suppressive fire)
    Breech rifles=190 (increased to 250 with suppressive fire)
    Sharpshooter rifles (Muzzle or Breech)=250
  • Accordingly the Naval Battles are optimised with multiple ways as common logic required. No longer the ships will turn so quickly or shoot with 100 accuracy. Tactics matter more and you will feel the many changes right away once you play your first battle.
    -Massive Balance re-work for Land and Naval units. The changes are too many to type and you will notice them while playing and comparing units alike. In general, the traditional troops have the necessary armour and melee superiority against the modern infantry which should prevail with proper gun tactics. Other balance changes include historic adjustments, for example L'Ocean better stats than the Roanoke Class ship, and some fixes, for example Copper plated ships have now some armour (in vanilla they had not in the stats).
  • The BAI and CAI in FotS is greatly improved overall following the correct recipe of DarthMod: Shogun II. However, there is plenty of room to improve things and feedback is necessary, so head to TWCenter and supply your opinion, suggestion, ideas etc.

Special New in v3.5 compatibility patch

  • Included many fixes and improvements to make DarthMod settings to adapt fully with FotS. Some noticeable improvements are:
    -More realistic ballistics
    -More chaotic and cinematic melees
    -More realistic aiming procedure (not too rapid)
    -Less accuracy as realism requires.
    -Slower reload rate.
    -Improved movement rates for infantry and cavalry (FotS cavalry not Benny Hill any more).
    -Many more related to BAI and CAI.
  • Darth Effects re-created to show visually stunning and realistic, marrying both eras, medieval and 19th century era. Darth effects are now enabled by default in the launcher.
  • Some issues reported (Sengoku campaign CTDs, Shrapnel shots not working, Arrows sound like guns etc.) are now resolved. If there is any other Sengoku Campaign CTD, possibly it is related to the official patch and not DarthMod.

Version 3.45 compatibility patch (HotFix)
It includes all the improvements of DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 but some features are missing until the mod tools get updated so all available mod files can be tweaked as before. Specifically this patch DISABLES:

  • The special land unit statistics of DarthMod (for example units morale, attack, defense values etc.)
  • The special unit cost balances (for example unit costs and area recruitments)
  • The increased Garrisons.

But it includes EVERYTHING ELSE of DarthMod Shogun v3.4 (for example overall dynamic morale, gameplay, CAI improvements etc.)
For the full changelog of DarthMod Shogun READ HERE.
In addition this patch enhances Fall of the Samurai in many sections.
You get everything of DarthMod Shogun except the following:

  • No special FotS unit statistics
  • No special FotS unit cost balances
  • No special FotS naval unit statistics
  • No special FotS projectile statistics

However, you will notice all other usual improvements you get with DarthMod, such as realistic movements, more realistic ballistics, more chaotic and realistic melee mechanics and improved BAI and CAI. Once the mod tools get updated, DarthMod will complete the scheduled improvements for FotS as planned. Do not wait until then... download DarthMod Shogun v3.4 and this patch and play the game, enjoying the enhancements you ask with your feedback.

Version 3.4

  • Even more improved melee mechanics for cinematic and stunning battles.
  • Morale tweaked so that Hammer and Anvil tactics to be rewarded more.
  • Battle Auto Calculation should be much more improved and will realistically simulate the deserved losses in Land and Naval battles. The player will no longer abuse AutoCalc to win difficult battles.
  • Several improvements to CAI to be more aggressive, more energetic in diplomacy, even more challenging overall.
  • In addition the CAI should calculate better the size of the army needed to beat the human player resulting to huge attacking stacks and careful defending.
  • CAI will no longer be baited by cunning players to leave settlements undefended. (it could occur).
  • Weird Broken Trade and Alliance agreements diplomacy bug should now be fixed.
  • Bow Ashigaru morale reduced so that they do not stand too much in melee.
  • Much more improved smoke effects that can be described by only one word->AMAZING.
  • Sad news: Elvasat mod had to be removed because TWCenter claims that it had copyright issues.....

Version 3.3

  • Matchlocks are now more accurate and powerful as they should be (improved the ballistics not the stats). Thanks to the multiple feedback about this matter.
  • Yari Ashigaru and Yari Samurai can now form Spear Squares. This makes them much more useful and also very handy when having units equipped with arquebushiers because you can handle them much more easily.
  • Naginata Samurai have increased attack to be more useful.
  • Yari Samurai have reduced Anti-Cavalry Bonus (was too high in vanilla) and +1 Defence. With their new Spear Square ability they are now very unique and useful.
  • CAI received some slight bonus in various sectors to be more challenging.
  • NanBan Trade ship is now available in custom and MP battles and also received a more realistic turning and movement rate. The Black Ship also has more realistic handling.
  • Ikko-Ikki Ashigaru can now be recruited in zero turns and are cheaper.
  • New super Darth effects created with extreme care to guns. Now you will enjoy playing with the weapons that changed the Japanese warfare and understand why they were powerful for their era not only by their impact but also from the stunning visuals. Furthermore, the effects have been optimised to use much less particles in some occasions (for example blood, ambient effects etc.) so that FPS is increased without loss of detail.
    (The Darth Effects replaced the Re-Texturing of Supeghostboy because of some blood issues and conflicts with the Darth Effects... I had to use only one. If you want to manually use the Re-texture mod of Supeghostboy please note that Darth Effects are not compatible with it).

Version 3.25

  • Many improvements to the CAI recruitment choices per clan character and fix of the Archer spam reported in the previous version. (Needs testing).
  • CAI should develop more and build more economical buildings, according to the clan character.
  • CAI should manage better its economics and not endanger itself to bankruptcy, which previously could result to overaggressiveness and inexcusable war declarations to the human player. (That was even more evident in vanilla).
  • Balanced better the Matchlock units as per user feedback.
  • Better Shimazu gunners balance.
  • CAI should recruit less ships than army units.
  • CAI should build and use more the trade ships.
  • Some diplomacy changes.
    • Inciting rebellions has more penalty.
    • Following an ally's aggression action does not give penalty (it should be the reason why you got negative diplomacy passively overtime).
    • More diplomacy bonus for trade agreements.
  • Replaced unit multiplier x2 with x1.5. Now the Yari Ashigaru Spear Wall should work correctly and you should notice much less battle lag.
  • Improved slightly the movement realism of units.
  • Made Naginata to have distinctly more mass which helps them in melee.
  • Increased ship mass for enhanced physics effects.

Version 3.2+ (HotFix)

  • Fine tuned the new cinematic melee system. You asked for more penetration (I am talking about melee).... THERE YOU HAVE IT!
  • Experience should now not drop so much while reinforcing a unit (a bug that probably the new patch created to the mod).

Version 3.2

  • Fix to the Naval battles CTD.
  • Fine tune of the new morale system.
  • Fine tune of the new melee mechanic system to show more animations and to create good challenge for the human player.
  • Fine tune of mass and physics for violent and realistic pushes between troops during melee creating havoc and tension in the battlefield as it should be. (If you thought melee in DarthMod was good before... what to say now!). The new physics system is creating REAL MASS effects. Horses get stuck between the mass of troops who push around and penetrate weak formations or stop against yari brickwalls. There is a complete revamp of the melee system which will astonish you. I guarantee.
  • FPS is increased more again (it should be as good as it can be).
  • Improved even more the realistic spread of arrows.
  • Made cannon balls to bounce and to have a much more realistic impact.
  • Added more crew to ships and fine tuned some aspects of naval battles so to be really interesting to play.
  • Improved the CAI recruitment (There were some vanilla issues). Now it should build less Bow Ashigaru and more Matchlock Men, More No-Dachi Samurai, more cavalry, more special faction troops and generally it should be much more reasonable when choosing which units to build.
  • Added Ambush deployment zone mod v1.0 (ROTS compatible) created by akp. This is already added in version 3.1 but was wrongly not mentioned in the changelog. (Credits will be given).
  • Fine tuned fire ignition so now the motherships are really strong and the light ships not "flamethrowers" as they could be before.
  • Launcher changes:
    • Now an asterisk (*) shows which settings are the default. (So you do not ask me zillion times).
    • Fixed script for option "Epic Retexture" which was not working.

Version 3.1

  • Many changes to the battle system ensure now that the player faces a very challenging AI opponent and the melees are chaotic and bloody as hell! Additionally FPS should be higher due to some adjustments (This game is very heavy in graphics indeed).
  • Fine tuned the projectiles to be even more effective and useful than before.
  • Revamped the morale system to be extremely dynamic and realistic. Flanking and targeted missile attacks have much more impact and the quality of the soldiers shows more.
  • CAI is now more mobile around the map (attacks/defends more).
  • CAI slightly more neutral than overly aggressive or friendly in some occasions.
  • Submod changes in the launcher:

Version 3.0

  • Melees improved even more by inspiration of the new blood pack. Now you will see more responsive troops to form small groups and to penetrate the enemy formations by creating a nasty blood path.
  • Repaired and updated the Epic Texture Mod of Superghostboy (only available in the DMS launcher).

Version 2.95

  • The melee system is improved even more. Battles are chaotic, heroic, cinematic, challenging (you should also get better FPS).
  • The overflow of trade income that could occur in some circumstances should now be corrected.
  • No-Dachi Samurai balanced better.
  • Genpei Levy have now higher upkeep cost to compensate their larger numbers.
  • Projectile damage system improved.
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    • Added option to use the very good mod Epic Texture Mod & Performance up to 50 % Version: 5.0 (Finial) which increases perfomance and FPS. It is made by Superghostboy and the button enables the mix of his mini-mods:
      Finial for performance
      Addon Performance fix
      FPS boost up to 50%
    • Added easy options to enable with one click the Default 2X Size units and the Default Normal size settings of the Mod. One of these two options must be used to play Multiplayer with your friends.
    • Now the default unit size is enabled automatically (no longer needed to enable a special unit size option in the game settings).

Version 2.9+

  • Repaired a bug that caused overflow of Trade Income after raiding (Needs testing).

Version 2.9

  • Improved the battle animations. (Now the troops will not step back so often and will push forward and knock down more).
  • Removed the collision model "Dynamic Ellipse" and replaced it with "Ellipse". It should have been responsible for FPS decrease. Now the battles look more fluid and the melee much more thrilling.
  • Fine tuned the morale due to the new melee setting.
  • Increased the Genpei ships campaign movement points to encourage AI Naval Invasions and to follow the plain logic that ships should travel faster than the "turtles" (thanks to valky for continuous feedback and help).
  • Replaced the bow model of Ashigaru and Levy with the DarthMod Special weak bow model (to reflect their lack of training...).
  • Cost of Attendants lowered to compensate the increased unit numbers of the Levy.
  • Increased the minor faction base income to make the Genpei small clans valuable allies or worthy enemies. (Affects Sengoku campaign too).
  • Raiding has now much more impact to trade route income.
  • Added uninstall option before installation to prevent conflict of old files with new.

Version 2.85

  • All units adapted to the newest DLC "Rise of the Samurai" and several repairs made that were needed (units_stats_file corrupted, double index entries making buildings not buildable, new projectiles, many new entries in many files added etc.). Also some old settings were removed:
    -Spot distances preserved as they are in vanilla.
    -Yari Ashigaru animation made again vanilla because the previous change (to use only yari) caused lag and spear wall not to work correctly.
  • Several changes in the battle gameplay make battles more intense and difficult for the human player. Watch the melees to be as chaotic and heroic as ever. The new realistic melee system of DarthMod creates extreme charge penetrations, instant unit interactions and 1vs1 confrontation in which the better man prevails. You will not be able to control a unit easily once it is engaged, as it was in real life. The troops are ferociously entering the fray of the battle at every corner and do not hesitate.... in a few words the battles now are cinematic, violent and spectacular to watch but not easy at all to win.
  • Ashigaru and Levy troops have increased size to compensate correctly their lack of fighting ability against samurai and elite troops.
  • Unit untidyness made more realistic and not as razor straight as in vanilla (Improved the previous version).
  • More dynamic morale changes during battles (projectiles and artillery fire affect more, winning or losing a battle make morale to get high or low etc.). The battle can now turn very quickly with decisive tactical manoeuvres and momentums.
  • Daimyo fighting abilities now vary per character (in vanilla all are the same).
  • Ancillaries reworked from scratch. Now they are more useful.
  • Skill points increased from 2 to 3 for Genpei units.
  • Skills for characters have been improved.
  • In Sengoku Campaign, all agents except Ninja and Geisha need now less points to reach a skill level. This was done because they mostly gain level by passive tasks, and this is coming much slower, so Ninja and Geisha with much more star levels could easily eradicate them in late turns.
  • Changes for the Launcher:
    • Ashigaru Boost option removed (It is on by default now)
    • Realm Divide Mild option removed (It is on by default now)
    • Demokritos mod option removed (I was not able to collaborate with the creator: he asked me to frequently request permission everytime he created his ABCD1234 version of his mod.....)
    • Gallus Domesticus Oda-Tokugawa alliance mod updated by me (he is absent a lot of time so I had to do this alone, but full credits go to him for his very good mod)
    • Every other setting is updated as necessary.

Version 2.8+

  • Income Boost option not working fixed.
  • DMS Launcher updates:
    • Demokritos mod updated (thanks Freiherr von Hahl for reminding).
    • JFC unit cards option bug when Demokritos mod was enabled fixed (it would make JFC unit crads to not work). Thanks bender30 for reminding.
    • JFC Unit Cards updated to include the Sengoku DLC Units (Please rep CoconutFred for his work here).

Version 2.8

  • The Realm Divide comes much later (after wide request) and your allies will stick to you because of the positive diplomacy effects I have set for the effect. Unfortunately the remainder clans will still all attack you as this is a hard coded feature of the game.
  • Generals will not start with 2 loyalty but with 3 as previously, however there will be harsher penalties after defeats and alliance dishonours so it will be more difficult to control them.

Version 2.75

  • The Sengoku Jidai DLC is adapted fully to DarthMod (various changes to stats and other projectile related things make the new units more useful according to their type). Also their secondary prerequisites have been changed so that the AI can built more of them and also unit limits have been set. Specifically, the new units remain exclusive to certain factions and need certain dojo buildings but now the secondary prerequisites are:
    • Hand Mortars: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 4, MP Unit Limit 3.
    • Mounted Gunners: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 6, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Fire Cavalry: Region Speciality Horses Level 1, Unit Limit 5, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Heavy Marathon Monks: Level 3 Fortress, Unit Limit 7, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Missile Bandits: Level 1 Sake Den, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Daikyu Samurai: Level 1 Region Speciality Craftwork, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 6.
    • Heavy Gunner: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Long Yari Ashigaru: Level 3 Fortress, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Yari Bullet Proof Samurai: Level 2 Armoury, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Wako Raiders: Level 0 Coastal Village, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.

    In addition, their stats have been changed a lot, for example the Yari Bulletproof Samurai have now armour 10 and not 9 which was the same with Naginata Samurai (They must have the best armour), the Long Yari Ashigaru have big attack and minimal defense to be very good at frontal defense and weak at flanks, Missile Bandits have more ammo than the usual, projectile factors balanced to create more realistic effects for the new gunpowder weapons etc.

  • The melee penetration is fine tuned and now the battles look and feel more real. The unit density values have been altered and the result is that the Yari Ashigaru will fight en mass (as they should be) while other units will fight more independently.
  • Garrisoned units will not have so much zone of control which can cause in some rare occasions a bug that traps units (cannot move/cannot attack).
  • Archers have reduced charge values so that the AI will not prefer them as much to built them in some occasions (Charge values affect CAI recruitment in my mod).
  • No Dachi have more attack strength and a new battle entity model special for them to make them swifter and more agile.
  • Probability to capture artillery is increased a lot.
  • Probability to have wife and children increased.
  • Diplomacy bonus and prestige gained from battles is increased and the penalty after losing a battle is much bigger.
  • Loyalty begins from 2 instead of 3 (so it is more important to monitor your generals).
  • Prestige values changed so that the Realm divide effect will happen sooner but other values should make it milder a lot. The Realm Divide will create a positive diplomacy effect to fine tune the hard coded aggressiveness of other clans after it. The option of DMS launcher to make it milder gives an even bigger positive effect.
  • Lethality factors increased slightly so that the new melee penetration and dynamics are more evident (for example the No-Dachi clear their path inside a unit more easily) and also charges are more decisive, cavalry is not over-enduring and the battles are more difficult for the human player.
  • DMS Launcher Changes: The MP Heavy Settings now enable among others the Oda-Togugawa Allies instead of Oda Boost.

Version 2.7

  • All Ashigaru bows archer units have lower charge value, not higher than 2. All Yari Ashigaru gained charge 3 instead of 1. This not only changes their battle value but the CAI recruitment (as I have set it) because now the AI should not prefer bow ashigaru so much instead of yari ashigaru.
  • Yari ashigaru have more tight formations by default.
  • Yari ashigaru in Ashigaru Boost mode have 1 more deployed rank so as not to stretch too much because of their increased size.
  • Unit formation "untidyness" increased for more realistic visuals and more chaotic melees.
  • Ikko Ikki incite revolt cost halved, so to make it more worthy.
  • Rebellions will be slightly more favoured to happen in a province because of new policing costs and caps.
  • Bow ronin unit values finally "Darthed" and balanced for the mod. Thanks a lot to Jaccez for the feedback.
  • Changes in the DMS launcher:
    • Unit Variety mod fixed to be compatible with Horo Removal mod and to show correctly the recruitment unit card of Loansword ashigaru. The JFC Unit card is loaded together with unit variety mod and the only side effect is that some ashigaru units have vanilla unit cards.
    • Elvasat Mod updated.

Version 2.65

  • Turning rate of infantry increased and base density lowered to 1 for all. This creates penetration and chaotic melees to the maximum level possible. The base density column is the next to the left of Anti-Cavalry bonus column in unit_stats_land db file.
  • Battle Auto calculation is improved so that missiles have a more important role: affects castle storming which now has much more casualty cost and battles vs archers. Special balance has been made so missile troops do not have overpowered results in auto calc battles.
  • Traits gained much sooner. (Affects more the idle generals which cannot get bonuses unless they fight battles... wrongly balanced by CA).
  • Ashikaga will do much more balanced army recruiting.
  • Each infantry type will have a distinct melee penetration effect ability creating for example situations were katana break yari ashigaru formation and start to butcher them easily.
  • Some fine tuning in CAI recruitment choices.
  • Experience bonuses per building updated in many cases.
  • Date can build No-Dachi from 1st tier Swordsman Building (to give them the edge they required).
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    • Some script fixes which in rare occasions would cause Multiplayer incompatibility between DarthMod and even Vanilla players.
    • Realm divide option reversed (On enables the mod, off disables it).
    • Elvasat mod updated.
    • Added a new Boost option: Income Boost which is ideal for players who want to play very large battles and are not very good in economics.
    • Added new Multiplayer options. The MP Light Settings are the old Default Settings. The MP Heavy Settings are recommended by me for a very good battle experience. All players must use one of these settings to organise Multiplayer matches with DarthMod.

Version 2.6

  • An urgent update which generally improves CAI and should correct some CAI recruitment choices.

Version 2.55

  • More cinematic havoc, melee penetrations and destructive charges in battles.
  • Yari Ashigaru Shield Wall braking prematurely fixed.
  • Cannons made more powerful.
  • Naval battles improved (turning rates optimized a lot).
  • Trade ships crew lowered (possibly the increased crew made them overpowered in autocalc).
  • AI clans not so unfriendly against the human player and between them.
  • Certain AI clans have been set so that they are more aggressive or defensive, to use funds more military wise or balanced with result Mori, Date, Tokugawa, Uesugi, Shimazu to have more survival possibilities and Takeda to build more balanced armies.
  • Hojo should be more aggressive and build more quality armies.
  • Oda should build more ashigaru.
  • Some new diplomacy settings lower the possibility of illogical break of treaties of the AI.
  • Fatigue affects more the troop abilities during battle.
  • AI should send more trade ships to trade nodes.
  • War negative diplomacy effects will diminish more rapidly and will have a minimum of -60 instead of -80 so that AI will not insist so much for war after many turns of continuous hostilities.
  • Realm divide will come sooner not only because of annexed territories but because of prestige effects (thanks to zowrath for sharing the relevant information in his thread here
  • -1 attack for light cavalry (because cavalry stable experience bonuses compensate enough).
  • Back stabbing penalty minimized (maybe this fixed the hard coded dishonouring treaties penalties that is applied).
  • Ships will have much more collision strength, especially the heavy ships, so now the ships with large size can curve their paths through enemy ship formations and provoke havoc, as they should do.
  • Sengoku Bune turning rates improved so that they are now much more useful light and medium ship hunters.
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    Oda-Tokugawa Alliance mod of Gallus Domesticus (updated).
    Elvasat's mod(updated).

Version 2.5

  • CAI has less repression bonuses so it can not blitz as easily and cannot overwhelm the human player as decisively. This will make it to leave some units in castles so the human player will have difficulty in attacking the AI as well. Also the Ikko Ikki will have significant disadvantage in conquering different religion provinces but also the advantage of fanatic resistance against those who attack them.
  • Warrior monk Naginata cavalry no longer requires a lot to be built just Ikko Ikki temple tier 3 and above.
  • CAI will not built so many samurai but will also built Ashigaru after middle campaign game.
  • Light cavalry not so strong any more.
  • Mori, Uesugi, and Date clans more defensive, and Tokugawa more aggressive. This should change the campaign balance and the survival ability of these clans.
  • Ashikaga no unit spam mod is less strong (The Ashikaga need more powerful armies).
  • Realm divide effect negated (will be put as an option in the launcher)!
  • Matchlock Samurai can be recruited sooner (Need now "Siege Powder Maker" building).
  • AI should send more trade ships in trade nodes.
  • Many diplomacy changes to calm down the CAI over aggressiveness against the human player after middle turns in the campaign game.
  • The realm divide effect is much softer: initial diplomacy effect is -1 and increased by -1 until it reaches the max=-25.
  • CAI recruitment balanced better than the previous version of the mod (The target is to force AI to recruit more Ashigarus and balanced armies).
  • Imported matchlock ashigaru cheaper (now cost only 450).
  • Changes in the DMS Launcher:
    -Toon Light graphics pack no longer includes the loading screens (shows samurai pictures of ancient, early medieval era).
    -Elvasat mod updated.
    -Replaced the Clan Color Mod of Jane with Alternative Clan Colours - over half of the game's faction uniforms plus the ronin and banners recoloured of Demokritos. It is a quality work and you can use it as an alternative of Unit Retexture mod of Ftmch if you notice fps drop downs.

Version 2.45

  • Much better penetration and melee effects (fine tuning of changes made in 2,4 versions).
    Battles should feel even more realistic. The charges will be more effective, melees will not create stagnant fronts but dynamic areas inside-out of the main battle line and many 1vs1 duels. As a result, cavalry charges will be very powerful but will be more vulnerable to prolonged melee.
  • CAI should support with armies their vassals/allies more (Needs testing).
  • New submod updates in DMS launcher:
    Repaired the Clan retexture mod unit icons not showing correctly in some occasions (empty white). I included the CoconutFred's unit icons especially adapted by ToonTotalWar.

Version 2.4

  • Events and missions more frequent (needs testing).
  • AI armies with general no longer teleport to human player borders. This was assumed as army spawn (needs testing).
  • Human player AI rivals will no loner get bonuses (Insane Vanilla setting). This caused madness in mid turns to AI clans against the human player who had to straggle against many (needs testing).
  • Ashikaga will no longer spawn too many units. With the Ashikaga Boost on, the Ashikaga will not spawn units at all because they behave as normal major clans. Thanks to The Hedge Knight for the tip.
  • Hattori now built their naginata in 1 turn and not 2, as they build their yari samurai.
  • Imported Matchlock Ashigaru are now much more expensive but have much less upkeep and can be built in zero turns, to be a better recruit option for both the player and AI.
  • The Japanese matchlock Ashigaru are now even more cheaper in cost and upkeep, to encourage the AI to build them more.
  • Warrior monk matchlock men no longer require level 3 siege building. Historically the Ikko Ikki monks favoured guns a lot so this simulates the early usage. The Uesugi warrior monks matchlock men have also this ability.
  • Takeda cavalry are now built in 1 turn instead of 2 to encourage the AI to build them more.
  • The radius of units is increased to lessen the clustering between troops, especially in sieges. This setting makes them slightly more vulnerable to projectiles. Charge and melee penetration is maintained.
  • New submod updates in DMS launcher:
    -Corrected the Oda-Tokugawa allies mod not working.
    -The Oda Boost mod is enhanced. Now Oda and Tokugawa start as friends instead of enemies. The conflicting mods Oda-Tokugawa alliance and Oda boost are disabled automatically according to the one used. Full credits go to Thorn.
    -New Ashigaru Boost option. The Ashigaru have increased size to make the AI recruit more of them and also to be a tougher opponent against the samurai. Thanks to diadok for the feedback.

Version 2.35

Version 2.3

  • Mangonel trajectory improved and this was done for other projectiles as well.
  • Ship turning rates improved and balanced for successful boarding attacks.
  • The new Ikko Ikki special monk agent gains 3 upgrade options instead of 2 (was done in previous version and was not mentioned).
  • All foot soldiers without spears/naginatas gained +2 anti-cavalry bonus to withstand better the powerful cavalry charges of DarthMod. No-Dachi still have +5 bonus.
  • Melee strength of archers/skirmishers improved because it was too low from vanilla:
    Ashigaru Matchlockmen +1 attack
    Ashigaru bowmen +1 attack
    Samurai bowmen +2 attack
    Samurai matchlock men +1 defence
    Warrior monk bowmen +3 attack
    Warrior monk bowmen +3 defence
  • CAI should built more fortifications than markers (needs testing).
  • Updates of the following DMS submods:
    Clan Retexture Project
    Elvasat's Mods
    by JFC
  • The Oda Boost Mod gives now the Oda enhanced version of Ashigarus.
  • New option in the launcher:
    Ashikaga Boost On/Off = The Shogunate will behave more aggressively in the map and they will try to retain their empire with their own army (Needs testing).

Version 2.25

  • Unit recruitment changes balancing the new patch: Ronin troops without unit limit but with even more high cost to make them resemble their "mercenary" character. Warrior nuns have higher cost/upkeep and unit limit 2 instead of 4, so that the CAI will not spam them. Ikko Ikki Warrior Monk hero no longer available to Uesugi.
  • Katana ashigaru now recruitable from Ikko Ikki temples (Vanilla had this disabled).
  • Tokugawa warrior ninjas cheaper to recruit and maintain to help the Tokugawa to build them more as the Hattori.
  • Experience bonuses from buildings reduced a lot (Vanilla had them too high). Now highly experienced troops are derived from the battles and not from the high level buildings. Chosokabe archers and Oda yari ashigaru and matchlock men maintained the previous building bonuses because of historic specialities.
  • Onna Bushi and Warrior nuns use now a new battle entity model. Because they are female they are fast, agile and light but their small mass makes them vulnerable to penetration effects by heavier troops.
  • The diplomacy file renamed to vanilla because, maybe, it was not read well by the game so it was overriden by vanilla. Those who reported weird diplomacy and heavy realm divide effects must test if now it is better.
  • Oda Boost mod gives now +1 yari samurai more, so that Oda have even more possibilities to withstand the other clans attacks in the first turns.
  • Added as an option the beautiful mod Elvasat's Event Minimod v.03 + Portrait Minimod v.04.

Version 2.2

  • Archers should be slightly more powerful as requested.
  • Troops react better at first contact creating more lively melees.
  • Mangonels more accurate.
  • Missile troops can defend themselves more effectively (No unit stats changes).
  • Charge bonuses last more.
  • Ikko Ikki warrior monks no longer recruited in 1 turn but 2 so that AI Ikko Ikki do not spam them and become invincible.
  • CAI major clans more expansionists and effective than the minors who are now more defensive but not easy targets at all. This should correct the problem that came with the patch that some major clans fail to expand.
  • CAI eager to cycle war and peace through negotiation procedures.
  • CAI Agents a lot more active.
  • Renamed some CAI related files because there is a possibility that some of their values are overriden by vanilla (for example the Realm Divide Effect does not come sooner).
  • Chosokabe samurai and ashigaru archers slightly more powerful.
  • Katana samurai and hero got a slight +2 anti-cavalry bonus so as not to be so vulnerable to cavalry.
  • Oda yari, bow and matchlock ashigaru require now 0 recruitment points. This will make the Oda capable to raise quickly powerful Ashigaru armies, up to 6 units per turn per castle. (Needs testing if the Oda CAI understands that and can finally survive... new campaign needed for testing).
  • -1 defence for cavalry to balance it against infantry
  • CAI should examine better when to attack a castle.
  • Ship Movement points all 100 because the previous 120 movements points of trade ships may have favoured them too much in autocalculation of battles.
  • New DMS launcher addons:
    Option to enable/disable increased projectile damage.
    Option to enable/disable more starting units for the AI Oda (made by Thorn). This 2.2 version makes the Oda powerful and by enabling this it may make them invincible (have not tested the effects).
    Option to enable/disable ToonTotalWar graphics enhancements (Better looking bows, unit interface, loading screens)

    Many thanks to all the people who have participated in the open beta of this version 2.2 in this thread.

Version 2.15

  • Religion spreads with lower rate (from previous version 2.1 this has been done and now it is mentioned).
  • Inserted the updated Atmospheric Sounds Mod : Shogun II (v.1.2 PATCH 5 COMPATIBLE) of pisoiasul.
  • Updated the Clan Retexture Project: ALL playable clans retextured and released! (Updated for latest patch!) of Ftmch. It is now removing effectively the Horo (Thanks to Toon Total War), has some fixed Textures for Hattori (Thanks to Ftmch) and also includes the Less_Gloss Mod of Ftmch.
  • Increased the unit size of some Ikko Ikki units as it has been done from the official patch and made also some other slight adjustments (Thanks to Mr Kami & Radius for the feedback).
  • Projectile Reload rate at walls lowered to realistic rates (it was like ultra-laser repeaters before). Now projectiles can be more effective because their ammo is not wasted so quickly and volleys are better aimed.
  • Administration penalties for human player slightly less in high difficulty rates so to give a better chance to weak players to raise better armies against the efficient CAI.

Version 2.1

  • Melee more penetrating. You should witness even more cinematic battles.
  • Some changes in battle entities which also affect slightly the archery damage as requested.
  • Cavalry balanced for new CA patch. (Stat changes and battle entities changes).
  • Projectile damage balanced for new CA patch. (Changes in Kv_rules).
  • The new units of the patch balanced for DarthMod.
  • Morale basis +1. Morale also is affected more when army and unit numbers fall above 50-60%. The new changes in morale create battles which are more dynamic and their outcome is more fragile to timely charges.
  • All the optional graphics&sound submods of DMS updated for the new CA patch.
  • Ronin units are more expensive to build and to upkeep and have limit 4. This will prevent the CAI to spam them and also give their true nature of being something like elite mercenaries.
  • Ashigaru archers more agile.

Version 2.05

  • Retinue abilities increased in some occasions that were very low.
  • Some low character abilities increased.
  • Yari Ashigaru fight with their pike and not with their sword.
  • Sengoku Bune cost and upkeep increased because it values more (has large boarding crew) and the CAI preferred it too much due to this.
  • Wako medium Bune gained more crew.
  • A new melee mechanics system which creates more chaos and 1vs1 fightings. The soldiers can penetrate formations in small teams and fight realistically back to back against their enemies. Battles last more and are more enjoying to watch that way. Morale has been tweaked for compensation to the new system.
  • Inserted option of the Sashimono removal mod which is created and first introduced by Radius (compatible version with the latest AUM).
  • Inserted an option to custom edit your mod script.
  • Lowered the diplomacy penalties when not accepting to follow a war or break an alliance (possibly affecting the hard coded diplomacy bug positively).

Version 2.0

  • Realm Divide appears sooner (it needs aprox. 13, 14 annexed provinces instead of 18).
  • Mangonels more effective.
  • Cannons more effective by far (vanilla had not enabled explosion effects for them and I enabled them).
  • Increased ammo for cannons and mangonels.
  • Multiple changes to projectiles for realistic trajectory improvements which affect also their lethality.
  • Projectile and artillery shots affect morale more.
  • Fire arrows provoke ignition with more probability (affects naval battles).
  • Ships have gained more crew (This was from 1.95 version as well but not mentioned) and there are some changes affecting their boarding behaviour especially Sengoku Bune.
  • Combat animation mechanics improved together with new combat lethalities making battles more lasting and the visuals more realistic and cinematic.
  • Horse archers can now evade and run away more effectively.
  • War monks have even better physical abilities than before (run and accelerate faster than the average) to help them win their 1vs1 battles more.
  • Cavalry charge penetration enhanced.
  • Several changes to mass and battle models to create more prolonged melees, better battle behaviour of the units, more powerful charges.
  • Uesugi and Ikko-Ikki can now build their warrior monks without the dojos, so that they can finally unleash them sooner.
  • Takeda can build sword cavalry and cavalry archers without the dojos, so that they can build them sooner.
  • Kisho Ninja are cheaper for Hattori so that AI can build more of them.
  • CAI should build more heavy ships and less light and medium ships.
  • +5 Anti-cavalry bonus for the No-Dachi.
  • Mass and radius of ships lowered for better behaviour, ship pushes and less stacking around.
  • Mass, radiuses and some other physics values changed to make melees more realistic.
  • -1 morale for frontal attacks to improve the dynamic morale system. (Ashigaru should waver or get shocked more but not break too soon).
  • New mods for the launcher:
    Clan Retexture Project by Ftmch (Much better unit visuals).
    by Ying, Duke of Qin. (New portraits).
    Better In-Game Encyclopedia Map by ordinary.

Version 1.95

  • Infantry deceleration optimized for more human like responses and better battles.
  • Important naval ship tweaks to make the ships more responsive to boarding attacks and to not stuck when too many ships are together.
  • New unit cards by JFC (without the loading screens).

Version 1.9

  • CAI should be more careful, defensive and generally more challenging for the human player (New setting... check if the clans defend better and if Oda is affected positively.)
  • Bowmen and musketmen should be better in fire response.
  • Naval CAI recruitment should be biased more to heavy ships.
  • Economy is more challenging for the human player (Income from trade less because it could get very high, some slight administration penalties per difficulty level).
  • CAI will not be so vulnerable by rebel riots.
  • Each special unit for a clan will have more distinct differences from the average. For example the Uesugi will built far more superior monks and also in less turns and much more cheaper, the same for the siege equipment of the Hojo, the cavalry of the Takeda, the katana of the Shimazu, the No-Dachi of the Date, the ships of the Mori etc. This should encourage CAI to recruit them more.
  • Ships have much more movement points (This should encourage more naval invasions and engagements). Naval zone of control increased to help the interception of the invasions.
  • Land battles morale base reduced -1 for more realistic/challenging battles against AI.
  • The turning rate of ships is higher in zero speeds. This should make them to board more effectively.
  • Melee lasts slightly longer (new setting).
  • Autocalc tougher for the player above hard difficulties, resembling more the losses he should have if he had played the battle.
  • New arrow model special for the ashigaru, to make them fire differently from the elite samurai.
  • Projectile damage fine tuned all around. Musketmen should fire more realistic volleys.
  • Marriage effect slightly more lasting (it was already high enough).
  • Food system identical to vanilla (a slight less food consumption for 3rd level market has been withdrawn). This should prevent greedy players to take advantage of markets.
  • Infantry movements have better reactions/decelerations as requested.
  • Mangonels more accurate (were too inaccurate in previous versions of the mod).
  • Ships boarding actions last longer and sail ships turn faster (There is an official bug that makes them behave weird I think, for example sails do not open according to speed).
  • Minors and rebels should raid more (needs testing).
  • Spotting distances reduced to make hiding more effective.
  • The Uesugi can build naginata monks from level 1 Temple, so they can take advantage of their unique units sooner.
  • New excellent unit cards designed exclusively for DarthMod by JFC. They should be compatible with all extra units of AUM-SHO as well.

Version 1.85

  • Projectile damage gained better physics and more realistic trajectories and miss factors.
  • Acceleration of ships increased so that they can board effectively.
  • Morale of naval crew increased so that they do not rout so easily.
  • CAI should now be better in handling its economy and agents (needs testing).
  • The Generals upgrade characteristics improved.
  • Muskets now unleash a devastating wall of lead and have more coherent formations.
  • +5 increase of bow ammo.
  • Melee now more penetrating and violent resulting in more cinematic and more difficult battles.
  • Traits gained more easily.
  • Projectile explosions now have more realistic effects (they do not launch the troops to space...).
  • Research rate decreased.

Version 1.8

  • Projectile damage finally optimised (I am sure).
  • Boarding actions should last longer.
  • Income from taxes became less about 10%. CAI has additional lower upkeep and cost of units to compensate.
  • Cavalry more enduring in melee.
  • Rebels should be quite more powerful.
  • Autocalc favouring archers finally resolved.
  • Naval ships accelerations and turning speeds taken to realistic levels. No more Motorboat and UFO manoeuvres.
  • Research rate increased signifantly for both human and AI.
  • Cannons and Mangonels have 50% more ammo (From 10->15).

Version 1.75

  • Archer volley spread is more massed.
  • Guns fire more massed volleys.
  • Loot money doubled. Turns of decrease in wealth turns lowered.
  • Base money lowered for minor clans to encourage the major clans conquering.
  • Policing cost increased.
  • Autoresolve favouring archers should be now resolved.
  • CAI more careful when planning invasions. Should raise bigger army to choose an invasion.
  • CAI should choose to built more armoured units.

Version 1.7

  • Removed the extra files that control CAI recruitment because they spoil the overall balance, as per your feedback. I have no time to test myself.
  • Archer minor damage tweaking to fit new settings.

Version 1.65

  • Food consumption/provision is mostly vanilla (tried a lot but this is the best setting it seems). Markets -1 Food except the last tier one which is -2. Fortifications consume according to their type. Farms produce the same. Ports no longer produce +1 food.
  • Many autoresolve fixes especially this reported about archers gaining too much power in autoresolve.
  • Archers finally being optimised due to the unlock of the crucial file. Reload faster, fire with spread and more random aiming (no homing)... many things added there to make them as they should.
  • Matchlock men have 120 range and their weapon physics and damage have been made more realistic.
  • Cavalry have +6 defence too make them last more in melees and be able to brake away without too many losses.
  • The CAI recruiting has been tweaked a little more to produce even less archers in the campaign and continue to recruit the strong types of each clan.
  • Naval ships turning speed and accelerations reduced to realistic levels. No more motorboat abilities. The Tool corrupted the file. Download the HotFix.

Version 1.6

  • Fortress and higher tier fortification demand +1 more food. This will prevent the very large expansion of castles around and the too much surplus of food.
  • The higher tier market demands +2 food instead of +1. It gives too much economic bonuses so it must cost more.
  • Less melee and projectile penalties in forests.
  • Slightly more handicap for CAI in upkeep of units per difficulty level.
  • CAI will use agents more efficiently (to counter the cunning human player)... needs testing.
  • Unit recruitment balance optimization effort. The Takeda will recruit more cavalry, the Chokosabe enough archers, the Oda more spearmen and matchlock men, the Shimazu and Date more swordsmen and heavy infantry etc. This is based on a very useful correspondence I had some days ago with Swiss Halberdier and I hope it works. Had no time to test... urgently see if the CAI builds better armies.

Version 1.55

  • Markets corrected. Now they have food consumption -1 all of them. In addition all ports have +1 food provision. This will strengthen the coastal provinces.
  • Projectiles effectiveness balanced to fit all difficulty levels. In legendary mode for example they were significantly weaker.
  • Naval guns accuracy improved because it was too low.
  • Turning speed of some troops increased (yari ashigaru, naginata, samurai) because it was lower than it should be.
  • Resistance to foreign occupation handicap reduced for AI. Maximum is -35% (In previous DarthMod setting it could reach -65% in legendary mode).... in vanilla it was -100% in ALL difficulty levels among with many other cheats around. This will normalise the challenge per difficulty level.

Version 1.5

  • Archers fire more efficiently massed arrow volleys (they were firing too much individually). Guns the same.
  • Research rate increased so that crucial weapon improvements become available sooner and not so much late as in vanilla.
  • Market buildings no longer consume but produce food (logically). Tier 1 = 0 Food, Tier 2 = 1 Food, Tier 3 =1 Food, Tier 4 = 2 Food. Together with the increased wealth that they produce they are now really valuable buildings and strategically important.
  • Many ancillary bonuses have been reworked because some were illogically low and useless.
  • The minister bonuses are increased more reasonably per upgrade.
  • Imported matchlock ashigaru require now 2 turns build time, cost only 500 instead of 900, and so they can be built more easily. This should help the CAI as well in actually recruiting them (I Need feedback on this).
  • The mangonel is now available first (in tier 1 siege building) and the fire bombers are available in tier 2 siege building. It was the opposite. This should encourage the AI to build this valuable siege equipment earlier and make the sieges more interesting.

Version 1.45

  • Radical change to the projectile system thanks to the quick and mass feedback of users. Archers finally balanced (horses no longer so endurable) and also everything around balanced to make the battle system complete.
  • Autocalc favouring too much archers fixed. Samurai armies will be stronger in autocalc now as they should be.
  • AI recruting too many "samurai archers" should be fixed now. Overall the AI will choose to build rather fierce armies.

Version 1.4

  • Quick update which optimised the increased garrison. The garrisons have strength 5, 7, 9, 11, 14 per fortification type and also the dojos give more specialised troops. The extra garrison consists of samurai as well.
  • Slightly increased the bow damage for armour as requested. Optimised.

Version 1.35

  • Increased garrison per fortification type. No longer will be the AI an easy target with unprotected provinces. This also creates a new more challenging experience for the player, as he will face massive armies from the AI clans which manage to control more provinces sooner. (thanks to The Hedge Knight for the encouraging tip). The garrison will not be visible in the encyclopaedia but only in campaign map and in battle.
  • Changed the Realm Divide event to cause a moderate negative impact and gradually to reach zero effect in 10 turns. More realistic this way.
  • Food consumption increased for low tier castles as in vanilla as a counter effect for the new garrison.
  • Income bonuses in technology slightly increased (1% for example was too low and became 4%)
  • Slight changes in CAI as a counter effect for the new garrison. The CAI will amass powerful invasion armies.
  • Autocalc optimised.

Version 1.3

  • Various changes to make the melees last longer and create a more cinematic atmosphere to the battlefields (Feedback needed).
  • CAI changes to make AI clans more efficient in conquering provinces (needs many turns testing).
  • CAI will prefer to build armoured and quality troops even more.
  • Slight increase of some handicap changes per difficulty level (resistance for foreign occupation and autocalc bonus).
  • Food consumption remained low for low tier castles but becomes as in vanilla for high tier castles. This helps the starting development but later it will be more difficult to develop.

Version 1.25

  • Reduced fatigue penalties.
  • Improved melee mechanics.
  • Many new CAI changes to encourage the AI to be more aggressive when attacking and more active in naval warfare thus to become more challenging. (needs a new campaign to see new effects but works immediatelly). The values are based from DarthMod Empire.
  • Improved installer to trace the program files in all systems.
  • Added option to play without the increased sizes.

Version 1.2

  • Optimised the CAI unit recruitment (Less archers+More samurai)
  • Fine tuned the projectile damage as requested.
  • Speed and melee reactions improved (More tense action around as a result).
  • Oda can finally survive and become a super power finally, because of indirect tweak of Major clan income comparing to small clan income, unit recruitment balance, auto calc balance, and the increased size of the units.

Version 1.15

  • Increased troop walking speed.
  • Decreased fatigue penalty for shooting/reloading.
  • Optimised income and food shortage (I think... needs testing).
  • Corrected the over recruiting of archers (Please test and see if the CAI armies are good quality now).
  • And... it was about size. DarthMod always offered epic battle experiences but with miniature armies this cannot be done. I have enabled from the user.script the unit multiplier x2 so you can have these epic battles you wanted.

Version 1.1

  • Increased the projectile damaged as it was too low.
  • Made the cavalry faster and also changed some mechanics which affect its effectiveness. Yari, Bow and Katana cavalry will have wider physics differences.
  • Reduced the campaign income to more proper levels.
  • The previous version included a "Realm Divide" mod version of mine among with many other diplomacy settings. Now I have made it to have even less penalty, as I have understood it is very much requested.
  • The factions will build even more quality troops. (Thanks Swiss Halberdier for pointing out the relevant file so to mod it).
  • Included the Horo removal mod of The Hedge Knight. Off it goes this silly balloon.

Version 1.0 (the first base of the mod includes the below and many more gameplay adjustments)
• Many tweaks in battle mechanics to create more lasting battles and better troop responses.
• Realistic speeds, accelerations, mass and physics for a more realistic battle experience. As a result more battle chaos and charge penetrations are generated.
• Removal of the “laser trails”. In combination with the reduced speeds there is a significant FPS increase.
• Improvements in fatigue levels (troops get tired and rest more dynamically).
• More morale resistance for more intense battles.
• Cavalry is more powerful, can last more in a melee, and can perform lethal charges.
• Reload rate of towers reduced slightly from 4 to 3.
• Projectiles less accurate and less effective against armour and generally are more realistic.
• More dynamic diplomacy attitudes settings.
• Improved auto calculation of battles.
• Removal of the most insane CAI handicaps and in compensation I made the CAI to use better the decision weight system so to develop more and coordinate better the attack/defense (needs testing).
• Trade is more lucrative.
• Tax rate from provinces is increased.
• Units gain experience more rapidly per battle.
• Character experience points per upgrade increased from 2 to 3.
• CAI will recruit less archers than before.
• Food shortages reduced by lowering the food consumption of certain buildings.
• Less tidy formations.
• General command radius increased.


but now the ikko ikki do not have increased unit sizes, thats too bad thats what i liked about them

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