Emperor Palpatine's new Galactic Empire swallows up the remnants of the Galactic Republic. Forcing entire species to be slaves. The Republic Remnant wages a losing battle against the Sith Lord's unstoppable forces. While Gizor Dellso unleashes a new droid war against the Empire, with both new and old technology found from a mysterious wreck on Mustafar.

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this news is about the mod's "Blooifacation" and other things a'happening (changes to the mod)

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I know, I know its been ages since i last updated Darktimes so heres some of the things I have been fixing in the last 3 or so months.

BLUE LASERS for republic ships
Blooifacation of DarktimesBlooifacation of Darktimes
as you can see The Venator has finally been fixed up with appropriate Blue lasers
List of other "Blueified" ships

  • Assault Frigate MK 1
  • Pelta
  • Republic Corvette
  • Republic Interdictor
  • Dreadnaught
  • Republic light Frigate
  • Acclamator

And anyother big republic ship that i forgot to list.
I'm working on the Blueification of fighters and bombers now

In other news some of you may have known that i introduced good ol' Peallon to the Empire to replace Thrawn:
don't mess with my homie Peallon Mutha' F'
Don't mess with my homeboy Peallon Mutha' F'er!
Here we can see Peallon's barrage ability completely decimating a Mark 1 alliance Assault Frigate
Other heros that will be replaced are:

  • Mara Jade----------Starkiller
  • Luke Skywalker----?
  • General Veers--------Clone commander of some sort (Bly? Rex? Cody?)
  • Admiral Akbar--------?
  • Kyle Katarn------------?

Issues relating to how underpowered the Rebels are in space have been fixed. They can now easily stand up to a CIS force equal in size

Also i am thinking about adding new music to the mod those of you that have played the other Petroglyph game Universe at War: Earth Assault may remember these:

New CIS battle music?

New Empire or CIS music

New Rebel Battle Music


also I am going to add the new HD models by thomas39120 you can see more of his work at:

and that in reality is most of what i have done in the last couple of months. I'm not proud that i've post-poned this update to my birthday---again. (One year ago i was making the TOR mod :( *sniff* *sniff ) and that i haven't worked on the mod with too much vigor in the last few months, But DARKTIMES is back on track!!

Jeedai Author

Also the reason why i wasn't modding was that i was making a personal mod, and i was playing Universe at War, which is surprisingly a very good game.

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universe at war is a great i play that game once and w while when i get bored.i like the new lasers up there looks cool

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Veers - Rex
Ackbar - The guy who owns a venator in clone wars (don't know his name)
Kyle - Kota
Luke - Anakin
I suggest this line up.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

Ackbar - The guy who owns a venator in clone wars (don't know his name)

Yularen ?

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