The description from NexusMods doesn't fit here sadly, but suffice to say:

Weapon AR, stamina damage, and Poise damage has been modified

Some armor stats have been modified, mainly light sets gaining Poise and heavy armor sets being updated to compete with the Giant set.

Enemies have different stats, though not a lot atm.

Item drops have been improved, mostly where Titanite is concerned.

Bosses also have different stats and are now susceptible to status effects such as Bleed and Poison (though their resistance is high)

Some major points:

Blighttown Blowdart Snipers deal 45 Toxic buildup instead of 80, though the toxic effect halves healing.

The Abyss Greatsword forged from the Soul of Artorias grants Abysswalking, allowing the Chosen Undead to spare Sif.

Starting classes have been modified.

Note that everything is WIP and subject to change.

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Developers of the famously difficult Dark Souls franchise, From Software, have wrapped up a closed network test for their next game, Elden Ring. Though it’s still a ways off from public access, here’s some Dark Souls mods to keep your skills honed in the mean time!

Dark Souls 3 Boss/Armour Weapon Mod

By Teemalak

Boss Characters

Chances are if you’re hyped for Elden Ring you’ve probably played - maybe even beaten - some of the previous entries in the franchise. Sometimes it’s entertaining to play a game again just to see how much better we are at it, but a different starting point can add an extra layer of newness and enjoyment to the experience. If you’ve shown the bosses of Dark Souls 3 who’s the real killer, this mod’ll let you start off as one of ten classes based off of the boss encounters, complete with skillsets designed to mimic those bosses. It can be a hell of a time going back over the game and tearing things apart as the very boss you were stuck on for hours of attempts!

Dark Souls Overhaul Project

By SageIchigo

Image 13

Whilst most of the Dark Souls games hold up pretty well today, the original, naturally, is beginning to look a tad dated. Great art direction does a lot of work, but for that extra level of fidelity, this mod has you covered. Compiling many popular graphical improvements together with the mod creator’s own set of revised textures, the Overhaul Project gives returning fans a facelift to the first (if we’re not counting Demon Souls) game in the Dark Souls lineup.

The Breath of the Soul

By FTRichter

Image 2

Breath of the Wild’s new approach to a Legend of Zelda game reinvigorated the franchise, and inspired many games
and mods to borrow from the elements that made it so unique. This mod tries to bring in mechanics that refer back to Breath of the Wild’s core gameplay loop, such as more common weapon switching, but also brings in new items and new boss encounters to put the revised mechanics to the test. A great way to experience the game in a new and unusual way.

Dark Souls: Rekindled

By lordofsandvich

Image 5

Dark Souls seems prone to many gameplay readjustment mods that hope to temper the eventual mastery one develops over the game, and Rekindled is no exception. New weapons and changes to existing mechanics, as well as revised balancing (particularly in regards to boss fights) mean everything old is new again in this mod. Whether a veteran or not, something is sure to catch you off-guard!

Dark Souls 3 First Person Mod

By Zulliethewitch

Image 1

The worlds of the Dark Souls games are richly detailed and gothic, with immense oppressive atmosphere and intensely refined art direction. It’s not a bad call, then, to bring yourself even closer to the action and check out things in greater depth than ever before with this first person mod. The gameplay difference will certainly take some getting used to, but to be that much closer to the lovingly sculpted world of Dark Souls 3 is worth a little growing pain.

Hype Restored

Elden Ring is the next hardcore game by From Software, whose infamously difficult Dark Souls franchise is the product of many memes throughout gaming culture. Not known to be set within any current continuities under From Software, Elden Ring’s narrative is bolstered by the writing support of George R R Martin of Game of Thrones fame.


Elden Ring’s artistic direction is very dark and very brutal - a hallmark of From Software’s games

Praise the One

Elden Ring was announced quite some time ago, with our first serious looks at the game only coming this year. The closed network test saw players getting to grips with the game for the first time, including classic shenanigans like tricking bosses off of cliffs and a look at how much (or how little) Elden Ring borrows from its predecessors..

With a release date slated for early 2022, it won’t be long until fans will get their hands on the game in full. If previous titles are anything to go by, anyone hoping to make good progress early on in the game’s release cycle would do well to begin practising now!

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Packed v2.012

Packed v2.012


For use with UDSFM. Heavily WIP, note that the content portrayed in the pictures is experimental and not yet released.

v2 012 Unpacked 1239 2 012

v2 012 Unpacked 1239 2 012


For use with UDSFM. Heavily WIP, note that the content portrayed in the pictures is experimental and not yet released.

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