My second custom story with same theme like my previous one. Okay maybe technically better and maps looks more decent than in first one but still. Don't expect any story line. It's like jumpscare simulator. Well some people enjoy these kind of customs...

AndrewAllStars says

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You have talent, that's one positive thing i can pull from this Mod. You show this through the creativity you've put into the actual mod itself, albeit you've gone about it in the wrong way.

What i liked about this mod:

- You show future potential as a good modder
- The creativity of the mod
- I want whatever you were smoking when you made this

What i didn't like:

- Constant jump scares were not scary and pointless
- Some parts were childish and that really didn't appeal to me I'm afraid.
- No ending, albeit you did say there was no story, but no ending?
- No real involvement of monsters and there was no scare factor. The player was given way to much oil and resources, would have been better if you had toned down what the player could acquire through the mod.
- Lacking of music throughout the mod meant no real atmosphere was built up, also i found the game was too bright, even with the brightness toned down quite abit.

My conclusion:

You show really strong skills as a modder, just put those skills into a real mod that is serious, with a good storyline and good scares, and you'll definitely have yourself a better score.


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