Welcome to Dark Rebellion, a roleplay-focused total conversion for Star Wars Galaxies, utilizing SWGEmu's Core3. Dark Rebellion seeks to create the ultimate environment for roleplayers, both veterans of Star Wars Galaxies, and newcomers. Dark Rebellion operates differently from other servers, as it is completely dedicated to roleplay. Custom worlds, turn-based combat, and unique systems to focus on playing a character, immersing in the world, and having an actual impact on the galaxy have been integrated into the game.

Featuring no grind, Dark Rebellion has done away with elements that require you to constantly maintain elements to stay in the game. Experience is passively and actively gained by roleplaying. An extensive Dungeon Master system allows for detailed and interactive events, with fully controllable NPCs and world construction.

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Hello there!

Welcome to Dark Rebellion, a total conversion for the Star Wars Galaxies Core3 Emulator that reimagines the game into the ultimate immersive table-top style D20 roleplaying game. Inspired by nearly two decades of roleplayers making use of SWG's unique sandbox features, Dark Rebellion strips off the limitations of the game to bring more accessibility, customization and freedom to roleplayers.

With no need for grinding to progress, Dark Rebellion allows you to focus entirely on playing your character, joining factions, and accomplishing goals like taking down the Empire, becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith, or ruling the criminal underbelly of the galaxy. Instead, passively roleplaying on the server will grant experience, as well as participating in missions and events led by a Dungeon Master.

That's right; Dungeon Masters! Inspired by Neverwinter Nights, Dark Rebellion brings in a detailed DM system into the game, allowing Dungeon Masters to create and control custom NPCs, speak and emote through them, and even enable them to fight in Dark Rebellion's custom turn-based combat system. Dungeon Masters can spawn structures and creatures on the fly, and create interesting events off the cuff if desired.

Finally, Dark Rebellion features a detailed D20-based rulebook that allows for special interactions and turn-based combat. Many of the details of this system has been scripted out to run automatically, so players can experience the depth of a D20 game system by only pointing and shooting. Beyond that, however, the skill system has been supplanted with a new skill point system that allows you to not only customize your character to greater nuance, but allow you to take more detailed action through roleplay!

Come join us today as we work to take Dark Rebellion to new heights, develop new systems, create new worlds and content, and introduce novel and exciting new features to Star Wars Galaxies in the name of Roleplaying! Check out our Website and join our Discord!

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