In Dark Magic you take on the role of a magic user or "Mage". As a mage you have the ability to cast a number of magic spells based on the type of Circle and School chosen. These spells grow in power and ferocity. You must battle your opponents to become the ultimate Mage, to become "The Wizard". Experience: You begin each game as a low level Mage with only a small number of spells, as you play your experience and knowledge grow, giving you access to bigger and better spells. You gain experience by destroying your opponents and casting spells. New spells are acquired as you gain experience in the game. The Experience system in Dark Magic works on a "sliding scale" this means the more you cast a spell the more experienced you will become with this spell. You will gain less and less experience for casting spells, the higher the spell level. Spell Level Experience gained for casting 1 - 1000 2 - 700 3 - 500 Also, spells get more powerful the longer you keep them....

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