The Dark Angels stand first amongst the Space Marine Chapters, as they have done since their very inception as the I Legion. They are a proud Chapter, with traditions and rituals that date back to the earliest days of the Imperium of Man.

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this is a great mod!


Lord_Cylarne says

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I'd honestly have to say I was very impressed with this new faction.

10/10 Race dynamics/uniqueness

9/10 Gameplay

9/10 Replayability

10/10 Learning Curve

10/10 Balance

10/10 Tactics

2/0 (extra points) sounds and voice acting

1/0 (extra point) polished and looks finalized.

10/10 AI

9/10 Graphics/animations

Worth the download? 10/10

This mod really gets your attention from beginning to the end. It is easy to play with the race and the sounds.... THE SOUNDS are incredible. The new music, the voice acting, uggghhh..... immersion through the roof! The race seems balanced as well, the content is incredible and the amount of Terminators to field is fantastic!

If I were to complain about anything, small as it may be, it would be the lack of turrets and mine fields, and the fact that scouts are put on melee stance... NUH UH. Because without base defenses, like Dark Eldar and Tau... you gotta really make your squads a force to rekon with and a defensive playstyle faction at the same time. Otherwise with the scouts, I understand that they got their melee daggers showing, but they are meant for ranged attacks because of their upgrades. It just gets slightly annoying to make Scouts and set their assault stance to ranged stance each time. Sniper Rifles especially would be useless.

Other than that, this mod deserves that 10. I can't think of anything wrong with it besides those two things mentioned. I understand how to play the race very quickly, I love the choices of tier 2s, and I especially love the Terminators and bikes. Thunderhawk as well and MANY special characters. Did I mention sound? :p

Some models do glitch in animation, though, but that is it. :)

Army painter was also fun to go into.

Amazing job on some of the FXes, too.

Loved the quality of this mod.

Loved the sounds.

Loved the finished feel.

Excellent. Do this for every mod and consider this a GEM. :D


awesome one

Sakura's Ultra Mega Delayed Dark Angels mod review!

Well I finally got around to reviewing this even though I said I would ages ago *whistles* But Sempai has kept me busy as of late so here it is!

Balance. 10/10 This race Mod is built around Vanilla balance with Vanilla Gameplay in mind. It works well and seems to co exist with the other Vanilla races as well perfectly fine.

Modeling, effects, art etc. 10/10. Well done models as usual, with seemless movements and flawless shadowing. It was quite Impressive, one gripe I did had was that sometimes the bolters looked as if the muzzle flash was to far back, but hardly noticeable over all and not a big deal. The banners and colors are very authentic and was quite pleased.

AI. The Ai seems to work well and I have noticed it behaves much like the vanilla races. It does what it is meant to do. Since this isn't a huge mod and the AI works fine with no flaws I will not give it a numbered rating as this mod is not a total overhaul.

Bugs glitches, etc. 10/10 Not much game breaking bugs or glitches I saw. besides the usual engine issues that may arise like screen tearing, or bad shadowing and lighting..but that isn't the mod's fault.

Content. 10/10 Although I am not usually a fan of race mods, I find this teams work very good. If you always wanted to play the Dark Angels you won't be disappointed. It seems very authentic to the Codex and lore from GW and had a blast playing my favorite Space Marine Chapter. ((although not a big fan of marines lol))

Support and future. 10/10 This mod has accomplished what it was set to do so I don't think you will see add-ons to it so to speak. Although Patches will be likely I am sure for bugs when discovered, it is also possible to add this mod into other mods with a little work but I would not advise it unless you know what you are doing. In the future I am quite sure the team will release another race mod in time but they take their time on it because they belive in quality :)


Excellent as always!


Luntek says

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Great mod! Awesome music, stunning voices, beautiful icons and taskbar... And the mighty Dark Angels!!! Thank you :)

I love the dark angles and this mod is everything i wanted :D

The only thing that would make this mod better is if the Dark Angels were playable in the campaign


the most polished race voice acting is top 100%
everything its a master piece

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this is a great mod!

Sep 26 2013 by moddlord1