Gameplay plan so far; Each Great Battle in the books will be waves of stacks, some of which will have awesome generals (Glaurung, Gothmog, Balrogs, Sauron, Battle Trolls maybe, etc.) but most will be crappy Orcs and such that are easy enough to mop up if there are still enough ally factions around to help out. Helping allies survive these waves, and surviving yourself, as best as possible and rebuilding inbetween these waves to survive the next will be a major point in gameplay in Beleriand, or obviously allying with Morgoth. In the expanded map/restricted map campaigns running away and hiding in Middle-Earth may be wiser unless you ally with Morgoth. The Host of Feanor is always at war with Morgoth and whomever owns a Silmaril (one will be floating around after Beren dies). I will need gameplay testers soon so I am posting here.

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