Daemons Mod - Official Stand Alone Race For Dawn of War Soulstorm Description: This mod will be adding the Daemons race to Dawn of War: Soulstorm. The Demons race will be created to bring forth the most viscous of demonic forces unlike Chaos, and their power of 100% daemonic domination will be witnessed in this mod. The Daemons race focuses on the creation of all demons, and all demons will be within this mod. All new units, structures, abilities, new design of gameplay (epic gameplay that's for sure), art, ai, upgrades, and a complete race alone will be forged by our hands. The Demons mod Team combined with the Apocalypse mod Team will bring you a final breath-taking discovery and demonstrate to you one of the final epic races of Dawn of War 40K.

Avott says

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I downloaded the 2.0 release.

Out of any "adding a race" type mod, this is easily one of the best if not the best and most true "new race" added. It stays true to what DoW is about and has all new characters. Clearly a bit of work has been put into this mod just by looking through army painter.

You can have a blast sacrificing foe and ally alike to khorne or setup a scenario where you need to wipe the daemons out. As in, they are a great army to try and destroy or be destroyed by haha.

Thank you very much man (and those that contributed), seriously. Awesome job.

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Main-menu art and UI-taskbar: AWESOME!
New Race Eco: WINNING!
Lots of gameplay solutions: VERY GOOD!

Dec 21 2012 by jONES1979