What you would do, if everything seems to be over and you are still alive? We are pretty sure you'd like to come home. The story takes place in Half-Life universe, after being a lab rat and death of mental ai system, you should make your way in the wake of last alive members of "Aperture Transport Systems", subdivision of "Aperture Science". They're barricaded in Institute Campus, which is located on volcanic island. However, after a while the portal storm has begun, which brought Combines, Headcrabs and Antlions...

camben24 says

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This mod was absolutely garbage. not only did it not have English voice acting, which isn't a terrible issue, it had bad voice acting in general, next to no comprehensible story, almost all the maps were broken, and the mod was far too punishing.

There were numerous issues with the maps and the difficulty of combat. None of the maps had a clear goal that was reachable by any means. The lack of health regen was pure pain as having low health would permanently tint your screen red.

the only upside were the visuals in SOME areas, which was too hard to appreciate when being flooded with antlions, which could only be killed using 1 weapon and kept coming back.

Low quality and bad all around. 1/10.

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