The World is at war. Who's or what is the technology used? ... ... Mega Corp. A sinister Corporation bent on continuing the war efforts of the UN and the shady faction 'Last Settlers'... The UN hatches a scheme of scanning over Mega Corp's Head Locations, slowly destroying the corporation's roots. Will the UN Succeed in reuniting the world? Will 'Last Settlers' get what they want? Will Mega Corp succeed in enslaving Humankind with Danmaku Technology?

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This will list the things I'll probably do next... Just read the content already there's no sense in reading the rest of the summary. I'm just typing this for the requirement.

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AirForce General: (FINAL SETUP)
Has Gattling Cannon
Will have a Tomahawk Storm(SOON)
Will re-work Rocket Rangers as Comanches.

1-star Powers
Spy Drone
Vehicle Training
Aircraft Training(?) - maybe(SOON)

3-star Powers
Cruise Missile Strike
Pointer PathFinder(SOON)
Improved A10 Strike

5-star Powers
Airborne Troopers
Shock 'n Awe

Superweapon General: (FINAL? SETUP)
Will Replace Models for Nuke Silo(switch with ICBM) and SCUD Storm(with Tomahawk with different Missiles, of course)

1-star Powers
Infantry Training
Spy Drone
Vehicle Training

3-star Powers
Cluster Bombing
Bunker Buster Artillery Barrage(SOON)
Killer Strike(?)(SOON)
Urban Support Drop(SOON)

5-star Powers
MOAB Carpet Bomb
Armored Division Support Drop(SOON)

Laser General: (FINAL SETUP)
Will replace PB Tomahawk with it's own model.
Will make damaged models for Laser Tanks.

1-star Powers
Particle Blast Unit Training(SOON)
Spy Drone
Avenger Drop

3-star Powers
Laser Equipment Drop
Flash Storm(SOON)
Ion Strike
Laser Spectre Gunship

5-star Power
Ion Missile

Tank General: (FINAL SETUP)
Will change model for Efreet Missile Silo.
Will fix Emperor Overlord Model.

1-star Powers
Infantry Training
Marauder Tank(If I fix the prereqs)
Paladin Tank(If I fix the prereqs)

3-star Powers
Artillery Barrage
Tank Drop
Extensive Vehicle Training
Blast Cannon Drop(SOON)

5-star Powers
Shell Shock
Shell Fountain Spectre Gunship(SOON)

Infantry General: (FINAL SETUP)
Will replace Nuke with 'FUTURE PORTAL'
Will make new model for Guardian Drone.

1-star Powers
Artillery Training
Blast Cannon

3-star Powers
Infantry Paradrop
Triple Chevron MG Strike(SOON)
Drone Ambush(SOON)
Artillery Barrage

5-star Powers
Heavy Paradrop

Nuke General: (FINAL SETUP)
Will replace default nuke silo model with New WipeOut Missile one.
Will re-work Nuke Overlord.

1-star Powers
Nuclear Weaponry Unit Training
Critical Repair(SOON)

3-star Powers
Nuke Cluster Bomber(SOON)
Nuke Carpet Bomb(SOON)
Nuke Artillery Barrage

5-star Powers
Uchiseki Dome(SOON)
Self-Sustained Nuclear Reaction Missile(SOON)

Demolition General: (NEEDS MORE General's Powers)
Will replace Scorpion tank model.
Will reskin or totally re-work Nuke Silo.

1-star Powers
Vehicle Training
Marauder Tank
SCUD Launcher

3-star Power
Terrorist Ambush

5-star Powers
Mine Storm

Stealth General: (FINAL SETUP)
Will Need inspiration for Unique Superweapon...
Will add missing animation data

1-star Powers
-Vehicle Training
-Infantry Training(SOON)
-Spy Eye(SOON)

3-star Powers
-Demo Trap Placement
-Stealth Rebel Ambush
-EMP Quad Ambush(SOON)

5-star Powers
-Hijacker Ambush
-Sneak Attack

Toxin General: (Needs more unit inspiration...)
Will change Scorpion Tank model
Will maybe have a unique model for the Annhilator Death Storm

1-star Powers
-Toxin Unit Training(SOON)
-Critical Repair(SOON)
-SCUD Launcher

3-star Powers
-Toxin Barrage
-Toxin Rebel Ambush
-Crop Duster Contamination(SOON)

5-star Powers
-Rainbow Storm(SOON)
-Disposer Missile(SOON)


Loving the mod but names are little confusing with the generals , and the promotional powers seem a little mixed up , for example the emp "Flash Storm" for lasers , would best suit Super weapons , but love the fact your doing things different and not copying others work :D Thumbs up from me , i want to learn how to do this becuase i have my own ideas that i want to put into motion. :D

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precision_bomber Author

I was intending to bring all the High-Technologies to Laser General. Since SuperWeapons General's Support Powers are more on Firepower now, also the original name for the Flash Storm was supposedly Aurora Light Beam Storm. But I didn't want to use 'Aurora'.

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Flash Storm sounds great dont get me wrong :/ , i just meant the names for your generals sounds a little funny and the fact that lasers have emp ? not super weapons , i would have thought that the laser general would have like , For example Laser Satalite Strike or Something , where lasers shoot down from the sky destroying many targets , like artillery barrage for china , and the flash storm would be for super weapons. ?

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