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Not much longer after the release of 1.07, we are releasing this version which brings lots of fixes and a few important tweaks to the previous version.

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Not much longer after the release of 1.07, we are releasing this version which brings lots of fixes and a few important tweaks to the previous version.

Download it here:

Here is the changelog:

September 23rd, 2011 | BETA 1.08

Feature Additions

  • Added mp_autoteambalance
  • Added sv_deadchat 0/1/2

General Changes

  • Added blood fountain effect on headshot
  • Added flying ragdolls on death due to C4 and HE grenade
  • Made players dying in-air go straight to ragdoll
  • Improved spraying with all weapons by tweaking the random number generator
  • Improved spectator mode and fixed general jerkiness
  • Fixed and improved the death cam, it now follows the killer properly and switches to his point of view if the server allows it
  • Reduced network usage (can reduce choke)
  • Tweaked the spread of each pistol (Glock, USP, and Deagle)
  • Tweaked the rate of fire of all weapons to match CS 1.6 perfectly (except burst and zoomed)
  • Tweaked the scoreboard colors and transparency



  • Fixed a small displacement gap causing a visual glitch at bombsite A
  • Fixed palmtrees being rendered behind the 3d skybox


  • Fixed some displacements that allowed you to jump ontop of 64 units crates.
  • Added a clip on the sandbag model @ midd AWP spot CT side, you can no longer jump ontop of it without a boost.


  • Fixed a couple of train textures being backwards

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed flashbangs being too strong with mat_dxlevel 95 (DirecX 9)
  • Fixed crash occuring on map changes
  • Fixed bug allowing players to look through the ceiling when jumping in cramped areas (vents/under trains)
  • Fixed bug allowing players to jump and slide down in freezetime when spawning on a slope as well as during normal play
  • Fixed bug causing flash overlay to be carried over in spectator mode
  • Fixed bug causing crouching to look instantaneous in spectator mode
  • Fixed fall viewpunches not working in spectator mode
  • Fixed double reload sound in spectator mode
  • Fixed first person blood effects in spectator mode
  • Fixed knife damage from behind to a teammate
  • Fixed AWP sensivity issues with high latencies
  • Fixed bug causing round restart and other round states getting executed multiple times per frame
  • Fixed player names being visible through new smoke particle effect

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Added an option to default rate to 1Mbit
  • Added "toggle console" to the Binds menu
  • Added missing self nade icon deathnotice
  • Changed sv_maxrate to 131072 in listenserver.cfg
  • Fixed some errors showing in the console
  • Increased viewpunches when getting hit
  • Improved team selection bind (also closes team selection now)
  • Improved in-game menu handling (switching between menus)
  • Tweaked spectator speed
  • Started working on bots AI - improved navigation
  • Changed vtable layout of IPlayerInfo interface for improved plugin support.
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