I made this because the regular crysis AI just werent cutting it. They werent aggresive or smart or used cover right. My AI are different, they are way more aggresive, smart, and use cover more efficiently. They arent like the old Crysis AI where they stay back and fire off some rounds and run. No, mine will hunt you down and corner you until you are filled with lead. Dependin on their AI charcter class, they will do specific things that the other classes might not do. I basically edited and added new lua scripts for the Crysis AI lua and made them better. The AI will flank, fan out and supress you with lead. You cant stay at the same spot for to long or you will get cornered or have a grenade down your back. You also cant stay out in the open for to long either, unless you like lead. You now need to use your suit functions such as cloak and speed to get out of those situations, also the silencer is now a key attachment. If they cant see you, then they cant hit you. Adapt, Survive

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Advanced AI HUGE UPDATE on RELEASE AI: Aggressive, smart, EXPLOSIVE.

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I can safely safe the release of the FULL version will be in early august. There will be 2 main versions, the regular crysis version, and a tweaked version of solecists reality mod with my advanced AI and assets. There will be mini features that you can install seperately such as massive gore, new particles made by havok, tweaked suit functions and hud by madscientist.

Also Ornagy and Jlim have kindly made the M32 Grenade Launcher, it is modeled and almost fully rigged, all it needs to be done is to have a decent texture then i will post screens. The AI use it quite efficiently (their are some flaws like them teamkilling eachother or killing themselves) but it makes the crysis SP a ton of fun and EXPLOSIVE.

A video will be out soon hopefully, also included might be a tweaked version of wolfi's map with his models which are unreleased and some guns made by radcliff and cargo.

Now here is a list of features with AI:

Ok i will try to list anything i can think of lol.

Overall Features: The AI are better at responding to your certain actions, and they WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. You fire one gun shot and its in hearing distance, they will either hide and fire a bunch of rounds in the general direction for a few minutes, or go straight towards you, using cover and sneaking around you. They will use smoke nades if under heavy fire and such, but not alot.

Cover2: These guys use cover more, are aggressive and provide some heavy fire, these guys are more upfront and try to force you back.

Sneaker: These guys are also very aggressive, but these guys throw smoke grenades, to cover their advance, to confuse you, or just to cover the ass of their teammates lol. And just as the name says, they sneak and flank you. They will find the closest cover point behind you, or to your sides, and lay down a heavy amount of fire, these guys are effective in combat and they will catch you by suprise lol. In the singleplayer, they flanked the hell outta me in the jungles and villages, and even the beaches.

Camper: These guys tend to stay back abit more, they work best with a leader around (with the same groupid) They hang back and stay to cover and lay down a decent amount of fire, they usually make you come to them. But when there are alot of campers, they will eventually get you pinned down, so the only option really is to run or go cloak. They also do go up and close to you, they just take their time, and when under fire, you can expect them to go prone or crouch and give you a pocket full of lead (cover2 i believe also go prone sometimes underfire)

Leader: These guys stay back for abit and let his men go in, then he goes in for the kill, think of him as a mixture of a camper and sneaker(flanker) Now what i do suggest is to make a small squad, each with one character in them. Set them up with the same groupid and put em relativley close together.

Followernpc: These guys will follow you basically and fire at the enemy, i didnt really work hard on these guys, but they work decently

Stuff: These guys can work great in an literally empty battlefield, but half of their functions will be null. Good AI is also a good map, put lots of coverpoints and AI nav, and the AI will work BEAutifully, the crysis SP map work great with the AI, its a lot more challenging and fun (might also cause you to turn cheats on or just give up lol, i died like 20 times in one part) The SP became more intense, and made use of the destructable buildings and trees, now with the new nadelauncher, it will be ablast.

Now extra features you can addon after installation process
Extreme Gore: The name says it all, it uses havoksages gore particles for when the AI gets hit or dies.

Higher Quality Particle Effects: THese are made by solecist and havoksage to put a more atmospheric and explosive environment.

Hud and Suit Changes: These are changes that my good friend madscientist made that edits the hud so that only the health, ammo, and energy bar are their. Also makes some various changes to the suit functions. (the hud may cause some issues in the Singleplayer issue that i found)

Realism version: This is using a tweaked version of solecists reality mod with my AI and other things i put in.

Changes to the AI equipment packs for singleplayer: This changes what the AI carry in the singplayer and in SB2, like adding the grenade launch to the Grenadier and such.

Crazy Ragdoll on Death: This was made with the help of dark shadow, A single bullet depending on what gun can make a guy fly backwards 5 feet and kill any guy behind him.

Walking Around While Idle: This just makes the AI walk around randomly when idle, its a nifty feature but has its small bugs. (This may cause problems with flowgraphs and the Crysis SP)

Sound Pack: New sound pack made by pepper to replace some crysis effects and all weapon sounds.

Radcliff for awsome gun models and support.
Sideshowbob for building models
Bgavran for his undying support.
Ornagy and Jlim for their support and awsome Grenadelauncher
Madscientist: For his support and c++ and helping me
Death By Design Team: Thank you guys so much for you support, you guys made me go a long way
Mcginge: for his support, help, and many suggestions and super testing.
Fortran: for his help and support and models
VAGB: For his community models
Pepper: Thank you for some awsome new sound effects which add more deph in my opinion.
Dark Shadow: For his help and many many suggestions.
Cargo: Thank you for your awsome models and support.
Wolfi For your help and models

If i missed anyone just pm me or tell me.


Go to crymod for more info and support


Cool, very good news.

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