I made this because the regular crysis AI just werent cutting it. They werent aggresive or smart or used cover right. My AI are different, they are way more aggresive, smart, and use cover more efficiently. They arent like the old Crysis AI where they stay back and fire off some rounds and run. No, mine will hunt you down and corner you until you are filled with lead. Dependin on their AI charcter class, they will do specific things that the other classes might not do. I basically edited and added new lua scripts for the Crysis AI lua and made them better. The AI will flank, fan out and supress you with lead. You cant stay at the same spot for to long or you will get cornered or have a grenade down your back. You also cant stay out in the open for to long either, unless you like lead. You now need to use your suit functions such as cloak and speed to get out of those situations, also the silencer is now a key attachment. If they cant see you, then they cant hit you. Adapt, Survive

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The Advanced AI is Fully Released Contains core AI stuff and 2 optional custom content. Adapt.Engage.Survive

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This is the full release of the AI. It includes the core AI files and 2 of the custom content you can choose from during installation.

This basically Enhances the already good crysis AI and makes them react and act differently in battle situations. They will do whatever it takes to kill you. No longer will they run away aimlessly or be cowardish. They will react to what you do with some sense of dignity and meaning. The AI are deadly in groups(read the first page of my thread for more info on it) You are no longer safe when not moving, you cant stay still for too long or they will find you. You may think that taking on a group of enemies infront of you is easy, but you might not notice the guys flanking and sneaking around you. You must be aware of your surroundings and where you are. In the Jungle you will be dead meat unless you keep moving or play it stealthy. The AI will work in any combat situation basically, they even work in a completly empty map with few trees or nothing at all. Though to utilize the AI to its best, a good AI navigation and AI setup map is recommended.

You can now play the Crysis SP again with much tougher AI. To some, they still may be a piece of cake, to others, they will notice a huge change and will love the Crysis AI all over again with my mod.

All you have to do to play the mod is simply run the installation and your good to go, it replaces most of the Crysis AI scripts.

This mod to me is still WIP so you may encounter some bugs. Do not complain about them, jsut simply state them in my thread. Some may not be bugs, they may just seem like them.

Radcliff for awsome gun models and support.
Sideshowbob for building models
Bgavran for his undying support
Ornagy and Jlim for their support and awsome Grenadelauncher
Madscientist: For his support and c++ and helping me
Death By Design Team: Thank you guys so much for you support, you guys made me go a long way
Mcginge: for his support, help, and many suggestions and super testing
Fortran: for his help and support and models
VAGB: For his community models
Pepper: Thank you for some awsome new sound effects which add more deph in my opinion.
Dark Shadow: For his help and many many suggestions
Cargo: Thank you for your awsome models and support.
Wolfi For your help and models
zygurt: for his sounds editing
ror-shak: weapon model and support
DICY: support and suggestions that worked out and map
ben72227: For your extreme testing, and unimaginable feedback towards my AI which drove it to be so much better.


  • Havoksages Gore
  • Wandering Idle AI
  • Updated AI Characters, see the first post on thread for details.
  • Incredible new campaign experience!

Go Here for More Info (Remember post feedback)


Oh ! He released now :D

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