Hello, This is a mod about crusaders and their era.With tons of new items(weapons, armours, horses,e.t.c.) and an original map of the Holy lands, this mod depicts with great accuracy the spirit of those times.Now, I must say that I am just the uploader of the mod, not the author and I don not want by any chance to be given credits about the mod. Credits and kudos should be given to Feyd(you will find him in mount and blade repository). I added some minor tweaks in the original mod to make my personal gameplay experience better(in my way).I added the "Improved Male faces" mod by Iboltax and the "Cinematic Compilation mod" for better graphics and sound. So,it is understood, I hope, that credits should be given to the authors of these mods. Thank you and enjoy!

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It's my first Warband mod playied, it's good, I liked it! Just it!


Not good but by today standarts of moding but its fun for what it is. Had a blast roleplaying as christian arab and waging war against crusaders.


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This is one of the best mods for M&B: Warband. The only thing that kills it entirely for me is that it is so unbalanced, the companions and the european troops are real war tanks (for real, almost all companions are level 50 or so with all skills at 10), and for the muslims, they are nothing but tramps with swords. That's the only complaint I got (alongside with not editing the texts for the mod, but that's a minor thing that almost all the mods got), but you can have a lot of fun with it, it's an great mod.


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I love it. Also, the two patches that make the mod 2.2 are on nexus as the summary explains. Thank you so much. Just wish 1257 would not randomly crash when I siege with around 8+ lords or I would play that for the next 100 years as well!

Absolutely fantastic mod. Feels complete. Detailed weapons and armour. Great combat system and overall very entertaining. I recommend this mod if you like the Crusades or even if you're just looking for a good mod to play.

Best mod 1.000.000 out of ten :D


another great mod from Antonis. this guy seems to have infinite energy for modding :o

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