Eastern Europe present day, a post war asylum is overrun by it's war-crazed soldiers and is host to a battle between a medley of stylized characters. Following a storyline in which, assassins, evil cults, and gruesome experimented humans, all collide in violent fashion.

Title: Crimzon Slaughter (TBC)
Genre: Top-Down Multiplayer Action Shooter
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Target Audience: Aged 15-30

Crimzon Slaughter is a Top-Down Multiplayer action shooter on the PC, set in Eastern Europe, present day. Characters of vast diversity are chosen by the players to be pitted against one another in engaging weaponry combat.

  • Non Stop Multiplayer action shooter from a top down perspective.
  • Diverse choice of characters with their own individual story path which leads them to battle within the asylum.
  • Range of high quality areas of play throughout the halls of the asylum.
  • Follow through the online Multiplayer campaign or straight into action against your friends online.
  • Compelling character specific story lines.

Game Types

This game type revolves around the idea of a chamber that was used to extract the gas from the asylum has been opened and poisoned the air. Each player's life is slowly depleting and in order to keep the players energy topped up they must pick up adrenaline shots that are generously scattered around the map.

The poisonous gas isn't the only thing they must contend with, the other players pose a simultaneous threat. The player must keep him/herself alive to the very end in order to win. There are no respawn points.

This game type effectively is a stylized Capture the Flag system, however each player does not play for a team - but for themselves. The idea is that the adrenaline shots from the AdrenaRun stage have started to wear off, and in that a new vaccine needs to be created. Each player is required to pick up 3 parts of a Vaccine, and then taking them to an empty “Medi-Blend“ machine. The Medi-Blend machine will act as flag bases, where the parts of the cure must be returned to. When a vaccine part is taken, a new one is created, in order for someone else to also collect their parts. Furthermore, being shot whilst carrying the vaccine part will force the player to drop it. It then can be picked up by another player, or by the player originally carrying, should they kill the opposition, or escape more fire.

Similar to AdrenaRun, the player’s health is slowly going down. However this time there are very limited pickups in which cures the intoxication with only one pickup. However, the “Cures” that are dotted around the map, are limited so that there aren't enough for all players. The player who survives last is the winner.

This is the game type which is likened to the standard Death match, however it acts as an elimination game also. This works, as the player with the most frags after a certain time, is then asked to vote off the player that they choose. This may be the 2nd best player within the game, or the worst - forcing a choice between fairness and tactical advantage.

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Game Design Document - Completed & Submitted (80 Page)
Technical Document - Completed & Submitted (65 Page)
Art Bible - Completed & Submitted (70 Page)

Process of Designs:
Audio Design Completed
Level Design Completed
Art Direction Completed

Completed Assets:
2 Core Maps - "MeatHook" and "Lockdown"
Characters Models - "Boss Crahn"
4 Music Tracks - including Menu Intro
Programming Infrastructure- Top-Down Angled Camera implemented

The Game is set in Eastern Europe present day. After the Revolution of 1989, war-crazed soldiers were sent to psychiatric asylums, to lock away their obsession for killing - long after the fighting had stopped.

Less than a decade later and one of the asylums was overrun by its residents. Few soldiers fled the asylum and remained - torturing the doctors and councillors that worked there. Shortly after, a Dr. Zenikov escaped the asylum unnoticed and warned the government of the takeover. The asylum was gassed by the Russian army, and had supposedly wiped out all remaining life at the prison.

Later that year the asylum was re-entered by military personnel, and soon after those that entered suffered fatal brain haemorrhaging and were found dead less than half a mile away from the site. In 1996 the asylum was deemed unsafe and was never again breached.

However, unknown to the Military, the Asylum's main occupants had fled only for them to return to the site and use the deceased and barely alive, as experiment subjects.
Lead by a highly infamous patient named Boss Crahn - a man who strongly believes they are still at war.

The setting is a desolate location somewhere near Russia, where a purpose built safe house used by the Spetznaz during the Cold war, lent for use as a mental asylum in later years. Surrounded by acres of forest to the south, there is nothing but an abandoned shipping yard north above the asylum.

Sofia, half Korean, half Ukrainian, is the leading female assassin in the world. At age 13 Sofia witnessed the brutal murder of her parents, who were shot down by mercenaries of "Crimzon Corp" - an illegal weapon manufacturer, whom are to blame for over half a million deadly weapons to be leaked onto the streets.

As an agent working for D.S.B (Dark-Sky Bureau) (An assassination squad, formed by vengeful victims of terrorism and modern politics) Sofia tracks down Dayton Roth (the son of Crimzon Corp founder, Samuel Roth) on his way to Kiev to finalise a deal with Russian Gangster Luka Vadim.

Sofia poses as a call girl sent by Luka to accompany Dayton on his travels, after disposing of the real prostitute twenty miles earlier. Sofia travels with Dayton to the meeting point, but before they reach their destination Dayton's car is rammed off the road by a truck. Knocked unconscious by the collision, she reawakens in the Asylum, bound to a cold steel chair. A faceless character stands behind her and starts to shave her head with clippers.

Once she is left alone, Sofia manages to free her legs from the chair, and upon the same faceless character entering the chamber she is held, she grabs him with her legs and breaks his spine. Fifteen minutes later and Sofia has freed herself from the chamber, taking the weapon of her torturer.

Dayton, a Bulgarian businessman who found his wealth in the Eastern European weapons market. His real name is unknown but likes to use the Americanism of Dayton Roth, as does his father, Samuel. Dayton has big dreams of increasing the lead as the largest weapons dealer in Europe that is Crimzon Corp.

Dayton makes the mistake of dealing with a Russian Mobster's bitter rival - Luka Vadim, finding himself entangled within a war between two Russian mafia families. Luka offers Dayton a final pay-check for a very ‘special' weapon, promising him to be free of hassle from both sides of the war, once the transaction is complete.

Dayton accepts the offer, and is told to meet up with Lukas female friend Rosa, who will lead him to the eventual whereabouts of the transaction. Upon Sofia replacing Rosa, Dayton suspects nothing as he is guided through the empty roads of Russia.

Sofia's eyes water, as she removes a Desert Eagle from her side and points it at Dayton's head. Dayton in shock remains wide eyed as he expects death. His car is then rammed off the road and he is knocked unconscious. Upon waking up in extreme agony, he realizes that his ‘package' has been misplaced, and so has Sofia. Although his right arm is dislocated his fingers broken, Dayton picks up the desert eagle left by Sofia, and limps off into the Forrest. Dayton eventually is faced with the asylum in which he is lead to believe his package is located. Walking into a gun fight, Dayton is forced to join the battle of survival.

Luka is a Russian gangster, who had plans of wiping out his rival with the help of Dayton's special weapon. Upon waiting at the meeting place, Luka is betrayed by his other mafia associate, and is kidnapped by the rival family. The Russian gangsters take Luka into the forest not far from the Asylum, and dig a hole ready for him to be buried alive.

Hit over the head with a shovel, the gangster kidnappers start to pile soil on top of Luka. Not far after Lukas whole body is completely covered, the soil stops being poured onto him, as disturbing screams come from the kidnappers as they are dragged away by dark figures. Upon waking up, Luka climbs out of the hole, and starts running through the forest, spotting blood trails along the way, followed by severed arm and legs being hung by branches. Luka sees the Asylum, and enters it, in the hope of getting the money back that was meant for Dayton.

Manikin, the most notorious patient of the Asylum, in 1990 he was submitted for brutal murders
that took place shortly after the revolution, where several Russian soldiers
had their limbs dissected and reassembled on other bodies, obsessed with
creating the perfect soldier, alive or dead.

A few days before the Asylum was gassed, Manikin wandered out through the
forest towards a desolate outhouse where the groundskeeper had previously stayed.
He remained there for weeks, stood motionless in the corner of a room.

Manikin awoke upon hearing the terror leading to the Asylum, and followed the
path of carnage back inside, for the excitement of the prospect of a new

If his name didn't give it away, Boss Crahn is the man in charge of the Asylum. He was sent there after he barricaded his house with the bodies of his own family, whilst convinced that all around him were spies.

Sizing up at nearly 7 feet tall, Crahn is a monstrous man, so it doesn't come as a surprise that his weapon of choice is an anti-tank machine gun that was once attached to a Russian Military Car.

Crahn spent months planning the takeover at the Asylum from within solitary confinement, and upon his release into general asylum population, he quickly gathered like minded patients to help with his plan.

After the takeover Crahn executed his most trusted followers after suspecting they would backstab him in the future. Crahn's unstable paranoia has led him to trust no-one, and is convinced he must kill everyone in order to save himself.

Experiment 11-A, real name unknown, is rumoured to be the disabled brother of Boss Crahn, experimented on by scientists under order by Crahn in order to make him well. Previous failed experiments on other bodies were thrown to F.A.C.E in his pit, where he then ate them.

Although successfully operated on Experiment 11-A, didn't quite turn out as planned, as parts of his brain were damaged severely, triggering inconsolable rage almost in every instance.

Crahn had 11-A restrained in a steel-room, so he could approach him. Upon approach, Experiment 11-A lunged forward as far as the thick chains would allow him, staring into Crahn's eyes.

Afterwards, Crahn was convinced that the "frosty stare" of Experiment 11-A was not that of his brother, but demons that had been trapped inside him.

With his real name unknown, F.A.C.E. gained his nickname from wearing the faces of the people he killed. During the ordeal he helped Crahn with his plan to take over the asylum, only later to be captured by him and held in the meat locker of the kitchen.

Failed experiments on subjects were fed to F.A.C.E., and as time progressed Crahn grew to trust him, releasing him from his cage.

When the other characters enter the asylum, Crahn accuses F.A.C.E. of bringing them and once again loses trust. This time F.A.C.E. doesn't stay around and fends off Crahn's attack and flees to another section of the asylum to hide.

Zenikov was a lead doctor at the asylum before it was taken over. Former Spetznaz officer, he volunteered his experience to the asylum when it opened to ensure the soldiers were properly treated.

After five years of studying Boss Crahn in solitary confinement, he gave up trying to solve his problems, convinced that there is no way to help him.

Shortly after and the Asylum was taken over by Crahn and his insane recruits, Zenikov was brought to Crahn and was badly tortured. So brutally, that a live claymore mine was lodged into his skull.

"As predictable, as a ticking bomb, an ironic circumstance we find ourselves in." said Boss Crahn as the mine was inserted.

Zenikov managed to escape his captivity during the night, running through the surrounding forest to the nearest town.

A week later and Dr. Zenikov had warned the military of the takeover, bringing them back to the Asylum, where it was heavily gassed. Zenikov was rumoured to be hiding in the forest, awaiting his chance to act revenge on Boss Crahn.

Crimzon Corp is the illegal weapons manufacturer ran by Dayton and his father Samuel Roth.
Samuel was a mercenary for many different groups during the 60s and 70s, siding with whoever paid the most. A while before the revolution and Samuel started up Crimzon Corp, selling weapons to terrorist groups and militia alike.

Crimzon Corp grew and grew, until due to its wealth, Samuel decided it was time that the company also made the weapons.

His son Dayton was later brought on board at the age of 20, learning the trade as his father fell ill with cancer.
With scientists and technicians involved it wasn’t long before heavy weapons were being produced, with chemical testing, organizations queued in their thousands, to get their hands on a special weapon known only as Black Spore – only to be denied access to the valuable weapon.

Dark-Sky Bureau is an assassination group that was formed by Sofia Hong after her parents were brutally murdered by Samuel Roth - during a violent raid on a town in Ukraine.
Previously Sofia and other victims spent years of training under the infamous political hit man Ken Natsume. The Japanese mentor, helped Sofia form the assassination squad, after teaching her all he knew.

In 1983 Ken attempted an assassination on Samuel Roth, without informing Sofia, believing her thirst for revenge would cast too much doubt over her success. Ken approached Samuel, who lay in his death bed, dying of cancer, only to be then captured and beheaded.

Sofia and Dark-Sky Bureau searched years for Dayton Roth as news had told of him moving close to Serbia. Eventually finding out information of a deal between Luka Vadim and Dayton, Sofia started her mission.

Project Update

Project Update


Project Update - project update summary, further detailed; - Milestones Completed - Target Milestones - Disciplines within the Milestones Outlined Project...


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