RUS: кремация - это русский мод, восстанавливающий оригинальный сюжет игры half-life 2, описанный в книге Raising the Bar. ENG: кремация-это русский мод восстановление оригинальная история Half-Life 2, описанный в книге “Raising the Bar”.

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While you did a good job on providing the maps themselves. I found many visual errors that could of been corrected. I found the brush pipes to be impressive and bad at the same time.

The fake ladder present in cremator killed me while being stalked by a cremator. If I moved the mouse cursor around I could hear additional weapons, so trying to swap to them I found I was wasting pistol ammunition.

The combine soldier on that map took way to many hits to realistically assume it was 'hardcore'.

I refused to load the dx9 shader dll with hopes of not repeating the same mistake any vac-banned hl1 modders suffered.

I believe a lot of elements in this mod still needed polishing, the release build candidate itself being a crucial part.

You submitted this mod as a backbone for all your future releases, how can you expect it to be a strong one with all the junk in it?

6/26/15: Your have yet to address any of the problems I have stated

To keep it simple, the mod has potential, but ends up just being a complete and total mess. As far as the mapping is concerned, I think a lot of the detail and brushwork is really nice, though some of it is really not, but it's overall well done. However, the maps lack lighting in a way that the maps are very bland and tend to be very, very hard to see in even with the flashlight. The level design itself is not so great partly because it is either uninteresting but mostly because the player pathing is absolutely terrible and give a player no real indication of where to go or what to do. There are also a lot of problems that I can't really explain so here is a long-winded list of them. The maps don't blend together and they end unexpectedly then boot me to the main screen, the console is full of constant errors which indicates serious issues, models glitch out, the lack of a HUD is a miserable game design choice, the maps can be easily glitched out, inst-death is also a horrible game design choice, and overall it's not fun to play.
I'm pretty sad because I liked a lot of what I saw, and think this has great potential, but it was so sloppy and poorly done, then plagued with awful game design choices that it's hard to give this any higher of a rating.

I'm the kind of guy who values gameplay over graphics and/or visual appeal (sometimes..) and in general, this wasn't really that fun at all...the maps are really nice, but the gameplay is absolute ****! I mean seriously, why would they would disable HUD and confuse me? After 5 minutes of playing, I immediately ended up using cheats. Not cool devs, not cool...


How the **** do I disable this stupid "hardcore" no HUD ********? I just want the ******* Half-Life 2 beta, not with a bunch of retarded twists added to it.

Overall, it's a ******* clickbaiting waste of hard drive space.

I really don't understand this mod. If this is a demo, it is not impressive, but OK for demo. If this is a final release... It is disappointing. While showing some potential and good stuff, it contains only 4 maps. Canals, despite being somewhat rough, probably, is the best of them. Cremator is good enough, but too monotonous and complicated, like a labyrinth. The other two are just slightly fixed recompiles, already seen in Leaked build. It is not actually a mod, rather just a mappack. Therefore, I can't rate this higher.


1. Design. Well, it is not something special, but I like it. IMO, canals is the best level of the mod.

2. Sound. This mod has pretty good work on ambients. Unfortunately, weapons are a bit too loud.

3. Models. On canals just from the start we can see some cut npcs and weapons. It is really good to see them and even have some fightings. Though, I must admit, they still do need some additional polishing.


1. Gameplay. From the very beginning of canals we're taking warning about HUD missing and tough hadrcorness of this mod. Seeing this, I thought: "LOL OK", and then choosed "easy" skill in game options. At first, there wasn't anything extrahard, but then I met headcrabs. They kill player instantly even on easy skill! It's just like Half-Life Alpha. You can't hear the enemy, and when you finally hear the scream, you're dead in a moment! With the same result the author could, say, make some deadly lightnings randomly strike. In both cases you could neither predict, neither prevent the danger. This is totally wrong.
I understand, the author wants to make his mod somewhat interesting and challenging. But these are not the right ways.
Yes, newer games tend to omit HUD. But they usually provide some other ways to display vital information (e. g., see Dead Space). IRL you know, when you're sick or feel bad. In Cremation there is no way to know, are you near-dead, or full of strength. Also, it's just contrary to Half-Life story, because Gordon has the suit, which indicates all the necessary information.
Well, you can make some instantly killing monsters, but you should provide something instead. Right now it's just unfair. If you could, at least, hear headcrab's movement (I really don't understand, how they could run in water and make no noise), and if they not magically appear behind you, the gameplay will be fair enough.
Also, if you care about realism, it requires not only player be easily killed, but his enemies too (at least, most of them).
On cremator we have another message which advises us to move "stealthy". All these messages are very casual, you should not tell to players, what they should expect or do. They should figure that by themselves. If players take wrong decision, then you should think and rework something, until players act right.

2. Perfomance and bugginess. It is playable on my pretty old PC, but sometimes fps drops significantly without obvious reason. When I open console in such places, it is filled with a lot of error messages. I suggest you to ensure, there is no any warnings and errors you're able to fix, before releasing anything.
Also, my game got crashed once on cremator.

3. Color-correction overdose. CC is an interesting feature, I like to play with it too, but it requires some care. It is too easy to get unrealistic and strange picture. Most of the maps looks good, but e3_c17_01 looks so strange and irreal... I am not an advocate of total realism, but in this case it's just too much for me, I dislike it. This map already looks good enough for me in its original form. I want rather too see its continuation, expansion, than another boring remake with changed lighting and colors.

4. Level-desing issues. On canals I easily managed to leave area intended for player, and was able to see level borders and nodraw areas. Well, for someone this could be even a plus (there are some neat areas out there), but not for the author, because it makes player path unpredictable. In this case I easily could to shortcut much of the level.
Also, almost on each map there are brace ladders. Player could not interact with them, and this is really strange and, once again, unrealistic.

5. Size. This mod is huge. There is about 1.5 GB of data! And it contains only a couple of maps with short playtime. There are some leftovers. Why do we need this "media" folder with 200 MB of videos from Ep1? A lot of empty folders, copies and obviously unused stuff... Probably, there are unused textures, models and sounds too. When you packaging your work for release, be sure, you neither forgot something, nor put something players will never need.

P. S. Also, I hate this stunstick. If you're going to fix it, do all the work required to make it cool, and only then put into mod. If not, just give us the crowbar, we'll be completely happy with it.
P. P. S. Industrial is just a recompile, even not properly fixed.


Medicore mod with poor gameplay and optimisation overall. Some of the levels look pretty cool, but the visuals are regrettably let down by awful neon green and puke yellow lighting.
The English translations could use some work, and there are a few questionable design decisions here and there too.

"Cremation" warns you as soon as you begin a new game that there 'is no hud' nor 'crosshairs' present in this mod. It also warns you of that this is a very difficult mod -- on 'hard' level of difficulty taking a single shot will result in instant death.

Taking these.....*ahem*.....'warnings' into account, I began this mod on 'easy' level of difficulty.....and tried 'in vain' entering 'cheat commands' into the console to get a hud and crosshairs onscreen, anyways -which not surprisingly was to no avail: Cmon' "****" (*ahem*.....I mean, 'Richard'....*ahem*....)'s fine if you make a mod extraordinarily difficult.....but to 'offset' this level of difficulty at least give a player a HUD and crosshairs (at the very least a HUD -- so he/he knows how much ammo/health, etc. he has at all times)...

Even though I aimed and shot well during the first 5-10 minutes of this mod....I still wasn't able to find 'healthpacks' on EASY level of difficulty.....and didn't last very long as a result. What could I have done differently in hindsight? The only way I believe I would have had ANY chance at playing this mod even on EASY level of difficulty is to have utilized a GOD (invincibility) cheat throughout this entire mod.

I rate this poorly-executed mod that did show much potential a 2/10.


This little mod was a nice touch of mystery as is involved into the atmospheric and mythical aura of the HL2 Beta. Indeed I think the original HL2 Beta project was even more darker and sinister than the HL2 we all have played. Well in this mod through its all 4 maps you can see that darker aura, a strange but cool oppressive superb dark environment, even scary environment.

Overall i liked the whole dark environment in all the maps, though i felt this mod more like a mapping demonstration than a complete piece of work with plenty of combat in there. Combat is very scarce indeed, so I guess the charm on this mod is about exploration, also I have to mention the overall difficulty of this mod is really hard, so be warn about it.

I think this modder could do a better mod with a bigger team on his side, as I think is kind of sad not many modders are willing to do a HL2 beta style map, i think because is hard and actually many HL2 Beta mods have been cancelled. Actually we only have the great Missing Info. And as far as i know this one.

All in all, I think this is an OK mod to play latter, and if you're looking for mods with a Beta scenario well then You will have to try this one, I also think this is special because we can actually fight a Cremator, that's a rare enemy on HL2 mods and it would be really nice if some other modders could introduce it in a creative way into a more complete HL2 Beta mod.


This mod does what it wants to do, recreate the atmosphere of 2001 and concept art.. well i think it its..

Great mod! Play it!

Rebuild the true atmosphere of HL2 beta.

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Great, atmospheric yet short recreation of old maps from WC Mappack. Maps are well made, nicely detailed, and generally look great.

The only complaints are forced "hardcore" mode ( which eliminates all the fun, but it's not worth to decrease a score, because it can be avoided with cheats ) and the second one is performance issues, which are not critical, so not a huge downside.

So yeah, great effort guys, hope you'll be working on this mod even more, because you have a lot of skills to do so.

Feb 25 2015 by Gunship_Mark_II