CrateDM is a mod where all players are (supposed) to be crates. In other words, it's prop-hunt mode for Unreal Tournament 2004, if all the props had guns.

This mod was originally created by Nexx_Au in 2003.

--Description (taken from the Unreal forums)--

This is my version of the Quake2 / Quake 3 mod.

The basic concept is that players are in a map full of crates, and the players themselves are crates
Not to be taken seriously, it's just a lot of fun..especially at lans.
To add a little more lifetime, the crates spawn semi-randomly, it's not completely random but different enough each round so players doChanges to gameplay:
- No Double jump or Dodge jump
- No Decals
- No dead bodies, players just gib a lot
- Other stuff i've forgotten.

Known Issues:
- No Bot support..bots appear as normal players.

- Due to Player collision settings and my lack of coding skills , players appear to 'sink' into crates when standing on them by a few pixels, to stop this happening, crouch when on top of a crate.

- With random crates, grenades + goop pass through them, flak chunks to do not bounce off. This will hopefully be addressed soon :/

- Do not run it with ttm, ttm screws it up good, it resets the player model.

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CrateDM gameplay video


Here is some gameplay footage of this mod:

As you can see, the bots I'm playing against do not have bot models. I attempted to make them look like boxes by giving them crate textures, but that doesn't really do anything.

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CrateDM v1.81 beta

CrateDM v1.81 beta

Full Version

CrateDM v1.81 beta. The creator of this .zip file has no affiliation with the original author of this mod.

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