CQB: Close Quarters Battle, is a mod about Japan Self Defense Forces in modern day setting, fighting terrorism. Shows the streets of Japan and the natural landscape, and continues to be developed for the purpose of expressing the atmosphere of urban Japan. CQB Mod hopes to bring a unique experience.

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This review was written under the latest version 1.9 of the mod with not further addons installed.

Let me say first that CQB is a one of a kind mod. Why? Well, the first reason is is it features the Japanese Self-Defence Forces. Not many mods or even videos games do that, it is super rare nowadays. Second reason is it weights just about a half of a GB. For a game which average full mod has a weight of 2 gigs. Still being a lot of fun.

This mod is modern setting Japan under a terrorist attack (or really an large scale training exercise if you squint) which hits several urban and non-urban locations. The emphasis is on Close Quarter Battles. There are two main factions, “JPN” and “TERRO” which stands for the whole of JSDF and the terrorists which are op4. Black-clad, with red flags sewn on the back of the uniforms, using mostly Eastern military equipment and speaking in mixed English accent. Not much imagination was put into the creation of them, I believe. The 'good guys' are the Japanese of course, they are a mixed force in most maps. Ranging from regular infantry troopers to the actual SOF like the Marine operators which appear from time-to-time on some combat engagements. They all use Japanese gear specially made for the mod, have very good recorded voice overs and are the only team to make of armed APCs in support. The maps are very detailed and they are great, the desire to reconstruct actuals place in Japan is very well done. Had a blast driving around the streets of Katsura Town in the Type 96 WAPC blasting tangos away with the M2 HMG while my buddy vehicle commander with shooting away at the creeping terrorists from behind with his MP5A3 from unhatched position. This is a high graphical quality mod.

Onto the technical aspects. I haven't notice any serious bugs, crashes, wrong animations or other anomalies. This is a solid production. Custom sounds and models are working good. The only problems that I noticed is that there is a bug with missing names in displaying the kill messages when someone kills someone with a certain weapon in game. I must the AI is good, even surprisingly so. A lot better than in vanilla. It can advance slowly and cautiously, defending key objects and placing demo charges on enemy vehicles it cannot openly destroy.

Overall, this is a very good mod. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something new for your BF2 copy and like to play some SP matches too. Number 1 urban combat mod.

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