Courage is the name of a machine and a state of mind. This mod is not strictly set in the Half-Life universe, but it can be. You don't play as Gordon Freeman, but you can if you'd like. You might get the wrong idea if I said it reminds me of something that'd happen if L4D2 collided with Dear Esther, so forget I said that. You get to do stuff, I promise.


This mod requires HL2EP2 in principle, but on my test machine it runs with just Source SDK Base Singleplayer 2013 (look in the tools category of Steam). Who has access to this? Maybe everybody!? Maybe that's all you need. Extract the archive into your Steam mod directory, most likely

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\

Thanks for visiting!

Btdubs, if you happen to be one of the people who played my first effort all the way back in 2008(!) thanks for your awesome comments.

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Audio Interview!


Hey guys!

Thanks for playing so far and leaving reviews and comments. Phillip from PlanetPhillip was kind enough to offer to talk with me on his audio podcast. We chat about the making of this mod, how apparently it shares similar themes yet is completely different from my last one, and a whole bunch of screenshots from older and test versions of Courage. Head over to his site to take a listen/gander and also check out all the other nifty mods being released by the community.

Click here to listen to the interview.




I've squashed as many bugs as I can find. This first version is now out in the wild.

Tips on working with Source SDK 2013

Tips on working with Source SDK 2013

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

If there are any beginning modders or those like me who started pre-Steampipe in the crowd I have a small list of high yield info, as they say in my industry...

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Courage release

Courage release

Full Version 2 comments

First release - requires Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer to play. Should be available for free to all Win, Mac, and Linux users! Comment if it doesn't...

EddAdrian - - 141 comments

the download is not available

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EddAdrian - - 141 comments

nevermind now it's working

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norton2 - - 320 comments

Really liked the premise, altough rather confusing at first, I admit I died a few times before figuring things out. Still felt very life like when arriving at the Simulator and doing what there was to do as you would in a real life forest environment. Gardening, cooking, liked the guitar tune too. Very nice work.

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aereton - - 35 comments

Well this looks interesting! Downloading...

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Fast_Train - - 601 comments

Very interesting.

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