Cosmonaut is a Half-Life Two: Episode Two mod that recreates the style of game-play from the Half-Life series whilst providing a variety of locations to explore as you encounter Combine Soldiers, Antlions, and a wide range of other enemies. The mod sticks to the formula that worked in Half-Life Two in the hope that it is fun to play, and brings about many nostalgic memories. The mod is set on earth with a very loose premise. You play as a cosmonaut who has had to abandon their space station, but upon arriving back on earth, discover that the place has been overrun by the combine. What happens next? Do you give in to the Combine army, or do you resist and use your skills to find some way of escaping? The mod was initially made for a mapping challenge that took place on, called NostalgiaVille. After the challenge had been released, the current maps where updated and new maps where created to give some closure to the mod.

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THIS VERSION IS OUTDATED. Please download the latest version. I would like to thank Peredice, the mod leader of "Lost Industry 2" for helping me with this update by optimizing the maps and making adjustments. Thanks!

Cosmonaut 1.0.1

Thanks the frame rates is increase but sometime is low but is nothing.

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I played through it and wanted to give you some bug reports if that's alright. I just saw you released version 1.0.2 and I haven't played it yet, but I see that you're dedicated to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible so I'll comment on this version;

- You can get ran over by the APC and die at the start of the game without you being able to move out of the way. This is also inconsistent with the APC during the chase sequence that can't run you over but just pushes you aside instead.

- You can crawl through the vent in front of the cop before he starts typing and he isn't going to react to you.

- When you blow up the first barrel, you can go back to the cop and he will just stare at you.

- Right after the first manhack fight, you can turn the valve through the pipes so you don't have to go around the pipes.

- The first time you encounter the turrets and have to open a door, there's a turret facing you immediately and you're forced to take damage in order to progress. There's a vent that could indicate you have to throw a grenade into the room to disable the turret before entering it, but I haven't been able to find a grenade.

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I think you miss grenade at the Health & HEV suit changer here is image.

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Set the starting health value to 35 instead of 34. - Is this a thing?
Removed the torture sounds as there was too much confusion surrounding it. - Aww (
Removed some props in the first outside section to make movement easier. - Like it was hard in a first place.
Removed 6th metro cop from the canals section as it was in a silly place! - I couldn't even find 6th!
Removed creepy invisible dead citizens in super secret vent. - Aww (
Added a sound cue to the wooden plank in warehouse as a hint it can be broken. Too many players were backtracking to find barrels to stack. - Oh, fix dedicated to me.
Widened doors during elevator/antlion finale so the antlions can attack the player in the sheds. - Hm, they did it before.
Made it possible to do the generator puzzle in reverse as I am too lazy to rework it! - Thanks to Dredile podcast I find out this puzzle wasn't broken.
Clipped the infamous “difficult ladder”. - If this what I think it is, I cant believe it's "difficult".
Remove "Oliver the Gnome" from conveyor belt. - Why?
Remove barnacles for the underground so the mod will no longer crash if the zombie is picked up. - I replayed that part just to find out will mod crash. Yeap.
Tried to give a few hints around the locations of Gnomes. - Thanks, I found only 12.

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