Presenting the CornCobMod or the CornCobMan's FunMod (I'm really creative and original with names you see).

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AI tweaks, new unit for Chaos, Fury Squads, Greater Warp Spawn and separate Daemon Princes for each mark. Also has a bunch AI fixes and others misc fixes.

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Download the 1.77 Attributes file here

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.77 Attributes

Download the 1.77 Art file here

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.77 Art



Fixed a few missing units for Heroes
Fixed various AI errors
Noise Marine Sonic Blaster firing sounds are now beefier
Noise Marine Noise Grenade ability sounds are more awesomer
Khorne Berserker slow aura reduces enemy movement speed instead of increasing it - DOH!
Khorne Berserker Chainsword damage increased slightly
Added team colourable Screamer, Plague Bearer skins (thanks to RMX)
Added team colourable Keeper of Secrets, Lord of Change, Great Unclean One and Bloodletter skins (thanks to That_One_Bruvva)
Added Fury squad (Thanks to Warsmith / Dark Prophecy mod team)
Undivided mark no longer has Daemonettes/Bloodletters/Screamers/Plague Bearers available and only has Fury Squads and Horrors similar to other marks
Added mark specific Daemon Prince models (Thanks to Warsmith / Dark Prophecy mod team)
Added Greater Daemon Spawn (Thanks to Warsmith / Dark Prophecy mod team)
Slaanesh Sorcerer Doombolt ability changed to Cacophonic Choir ability
Slaanesh Sorcerer Domination ability changed to Field of Pleasure and Pain ability

Imperial Guard:

Fixed a bug in the AI that could potentially cause a crash
Stormhammer now capped properly with Baneblade / Stormblade
Leman Russ Heavy Stubber firing angle increased from -30/30 to -90/90
Hellhound, Chimera and Basilisk Heavy Stubber firing angle increased from -30/30 to -60/60

Miscellaneous fixes here and there

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