2 1/2 of the makers of the L4D(2) mod Dead Before Dawn went solo and created THE CORE.

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This mod offers an imaginative take on many unexplored aspects of the single player campaign. The use of spheres adds a new level of complexity. The voice acting enlisted delivers great GLaDOS commentary and put-downs. The maps are very well made, featuring breakaway views of the chamber exterior. The progression is nice and well-balanced; never reaching a frustrating level of difficulty. It demands more problem-solving skill and less well-timed jumps- which is always a plus! If you enjoyed Portal 1; you'll love this- back in a single-player test-chamber based experimental facility. You don't break out, but with chambers this well-made why would you want to!!!

OK upon reflection that's not the most balanced review. It's a great mod, that I'm not debating; however it is a bit short. Additionally the final sequence seems a little hurried; I found myself swept into the lift duct while still trying to listen to glados and enjoy the moment.. Also some of the new techniques explored were poorly explained. Granted part of problem-solving is deducing the relationships between things. I did think Portal 2 went a bit too far in explaining everything- hell it was covered in arrows in case you stared too long at a piece of wall! The shallow pool in Chamber 6, for example, I originally expected to be deadly as is all other murky water in the game. It took my a while (and indeed was a fluke) for me to discover it was safe..Those aside however; Great mod!!

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