2 1/2 of the makers of the L4D(2) mod Dead Before Dawn went solo and created THE CORE.

Dom44 says

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Nice mod, but there are few things that I have to reproach:
Firstly bad optimalization, especially in the first map, that was something horrible, although I have inefficient computer I run portal 2 quite good, and some other custom maps too, but I never had so massive lags as in first map of this mod, I really thought that I will stop playing because it was almost impossible, but fortunately I did it somehow to end and rest of the mod was from optimalization point quite good. Then I had problem in last map, I just couldn't figure out what I have to do, it was quite confusing and hard to figure out, at least at me, well to be honest I'm not master at solving puzzles, but I don't think that I'm bad, that puzzle was actually good, but as I said hard to figure out even that it's actually easy, and somewhat confusing. This was the only minuses, and rest of the mod was fun, good, and other puzzles were good, funny and quite interesting, like that one in second map, and I liked the idea of putting ball into tubes.

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