Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

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Contains an unposted changelog of Contra 008 Final and the 009 Beta changelog.

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Contra 008 Final Changelog:

Fixed errors:

- Fixed upgrade cameos for some units (added missing ones, removed wrong ones).
- Super Weapon general’s Particle Cannon uses the wrong Particle Cannon cameo. Fixed.
- USA EMP Mines used ordinary China Land Mine cameos in build queue. Fixed.
- Jihad Warrior and Sentry Droid in “Fire at Will” mode did not automatically target enemies when idle. Fixed. To hold fire, choose “Hold Fire” mode.
- Some heroes automatically engaged enemies while stealth, therefore revealed themselves. Fixed. To make them engage, use Guard Mode on location.
- Azarakhsh (Anti-Radar Missile Launcher) repaired itself. Fixed. GLA buildings do not repair automatically.
- Azarakhsh (Anti-Radar Missile Launcher) did not spawn hole when destroyed. Fixed.
- GLA Airfield had selection problems. Fixed.
- Stealth General’s Worker Biker used Saboteur death effects (saboteur model flied off the bike instead of worker). Fixed.
- Seraph had a bug with his weapons which caused a game mismatch error. Fixed.
- Super Weapon Burton did not reveal himself when marking coordinates for Ion Strike. Fixed.
- Omega Cannon, Drone Controller and Phobos could be sniped by Jarmen Kell and cleared out by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Laser Turret had a shadow glitch. Fixed (shadows removed).
- Poisoned infantry died like normal infantry (instead of toxin texture and choking animation). Fixed.
- After attacking once, A.M.O.S. turret did not pack up before moving. Fixed.
- Toxin: Player could spam building Contamination On/Off by continuously clicking on the button very fast, which resulted in slightly increased damage. Fixed. Switching Contamination on and off has a 2 second delay.
- Toxin Tunnel Network did not have a “Stop” button. Added.
- There were difficulties when clicking on the two leftmost buttons next to the minimap because of their new positions in the command bar. For example, Power Plant could not be selected if you clicked on the left half of the button. Fixed.
- There were some conflicting hotkeys again. Fixed.
- World Builder gave some errors at startup. Fixed.
- CommandSet changes. Some button locations changed.
- Some Multiplayer Beacons used wrong housecolor. Fixed.
- When loading a Challenge map, “Versus” voice played. Fixed.
- Cybernetic General used China Boss portrait and taunts in Challenge mode (victorious and defeated screen). Fixed.

Balance changes:

- All: Super weapon requirements removed for all super units.
- All: Enable small arms (infantry, machine guns, droids, etc.) to fire at vehicles.
- All: Unit build time and cost similar to 007.
- All: Supply sources have the same amount as in 007.
- All: Economy same as in 007 (removed limits for Black Markets, Hackers, etc.).
- All: Super units rebalanced. Changes to range, firepower and health. Some of them regenerate health slower.
- Super Weapons: Saturn firing range increased by 25%.
- Super Weapons: Burton Ion Cannon firepower increased twice. Reload time decreased by 1/3.
- Air Force: Burton’s A-10 Thunderbolt has more health.
- Air Force: Avenger is available at rank 3.
- Air Force: King Raptor cost decreased to $1200.
- Air Force: Comanches can fire at aircraft as well. Firepower reduced.
- Air Force: Sparrowhawk has 10% more health.
- Air Force: Combat Chinook health reduced.
- Laser: Burton weapon is slightly stronger than other Burtons’ weapons.
- Laser: Microwave general’s power brings damage.
- Cyber: Leech is now stealth when idle. Detection range increased.
- Cyber: Cylon firepower slightly reduced.
- Cyber: Terminator has slightly more health.
- Cyber: Cyborg Commando general’s power does not require 3rd Level Data Upload anymore.
- Cyber: Cyborg Commando firepower increased.
- Cyber: Removed Automatized Production and Advanced AI upgrades.
- All China: Jammer Trooper range increased, ECM disabling time reduced.
- All China: Gattling tank armor is slightly less resistant against aircraft.
- Nuclear: Removed Neutron fire mode for MiG-31 Interceptor, Nuclear Tank Hunter and Yan Wang. Kept for Nuke Cannon.
- Nuclear: Carpet Bombing brings 35% less damage.
- Nuclear: Battlemaster fires nuclear shells at heroic level.
- Nuclear: Black Lotus’ nuke charge is slightly more powerful.
- Nuclear: Nuke Cannon range decreased by 15%.
- Nuclear: Hadron Collider (Apocalypse Device) build time decreased.
- Infantry: Feng Yong rebalanced.
- Infantry: Black Lotus is built slightly faster than other generals’ Black Lotuses (23 < 25 seconds).
- Infantry: Red Arrow is stealth while not moving.
- Infantry: Minigunner’s upgraded weapon is more effective vs. anti-infantry vehicles.
- Infantry: Neutron Cannon range decreased by 15%.
- Infantry: Minigunners are now as fast as Red Guards. They move slower after Minigun upgrade.
- Infantry: Dragon Tank from 007 returned with all its parameters (less firepower, more range – less effective vs. buildings, more effective vs. fast units). Has a fire launcher instead of a flamethrower.
- Flame: Huo Qi Lin (Immolator) firepower increased by 25%, health increased by 15%, cost decreased by 20%.
- Flame: Fuel Truck cost reduced to $500 (was $800) and is always stealth unless taking damage.
- Flame: Dragon Tank cost reduced to $1000 (was $1100).
- Tank: Black Lotus uses ECM power faster.
- Tank: Engineering Crawler now has bigger mine clearing radius.
- Tank: Sniper Cannon cost reduced to $1200 (was $1400). Firepower increased by 10%.
- All GLA: Scorpion tank does not have rocket upgrade by default now.
- All GLA: Scorpion Rocket upgrade is slightly stronger now.
- All GLA: Aladdin health reduced by 25%. It is now equal to Quad Cannon.
- All GLA: Elbrus Storm super weapon firepower slightly increased.
- All GLA: Terrorist Bikers health reduced. They die from one tank or one rocket shot. They are still effective (the player must send a group of bikers at enemy units, just issue move orders at the enemy’s location for more effectiveness).
- Demolition: Rebel Biker costs 50% more (as other generals' Rebel Bikers).
- Demolition: Terrorist Biker and 4x Terrorist Biker are built slower now (15%).
- Demolition: Technical (full of terrorists) now costs $1200, build time is 13.5 seconds.
- Stealth: Bomb Truck costs $1200 (was $900), also built for 12 seconds (was 9).
- Toxin: Brought toxin sprayer weapon back. Removed Toxin Pump upgrade.
- Toxin: Toxin Tractor cost reduced to $750 (was $950).
- Assault: Obstacle armor changed. Tanks and infantry rockets can deal small damage to obstacles.
- Assault: Alshain unit removed and replaced with Rebel Biker. Alshain had bugs such as enemies targeting the area below him.
- Tech: Oil Refinery health increased twice. Discount increased to 30%.

Other changes:

- Text fixes for English and Russian localization.
- Stealth: Added “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” weapon modes for RPG Trooper, Toxin Tractor, Rocket Buggy, Mortar Buggy and Anti-Radar Missile Launcher (not added for all units because of bugs with multiple weapons).
- Toxin: Added “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” weapon modes for Toxin Tractor and Scolopendra (Acid Tank).
- Flame Dragon Tank model from 007 given to Flame general, new Dragon Tank model given to Tank general.
- Nuclear: Added weapon switch to Nuke Cannon (Nuclear/Neutron Shells).
- Changed Saturn crushing physics. Saturn no longer climbs over tanks when crushing them.
- Omega Cannon now has sounds when going in and out of stealth (like Sentry Droid, Listening Outpost, etc.).
- Lancer now uses the robot move start sounds (same as Crab and Spider Tank) instead of Sentry Droid sounds.


- Assault general’s cartoon portrait was replaced with a normal one.
- New models for burned, poisoned and squashed infantry.
- Inserted radiation effect from 007.
- Some regular infantry cameos appeared different compared to their x4 versions. Fixed.
- Rescaled Cockroach's destroyed model to fit its other model.
- Rescaled Command Truck's destroyed model to fit its other model.
- Sturm-S' destroyed model was larger than normal model. They must be equal. Fixed.

- Male Ranger cameo was changed.
- Chinook cameo was changed.
- Combat Chinook cameo was changed.
- Comanche cameo was changed.
- Comanche Reinforcement general’s powers cameos was changed.
- RQ-9 Dark Star cameo was improved.
- Air Force Burton cameo was improved.
- A.M.O.S. cameo was changed.
- SSM Site cameo was changed.
- Super Weapon Burton’s Ion Cannon Strike cameo was changed.
- Super Weapon Burton’s Cancel Power Disabler cameo was changed.
- Laser Defender cameo was changed.
- Cyborg cameo was changed.
- Red Guard cameo was changed.
- Minigunner cameo was changed.
- Flame Battlemaster cameo was changed.
- Flamethrower infantry cameo was improved.
- Bunker addon cameo was changed.
- Mass Production War Factories’ cameos were changed.
- Mobile Supply Stash cameo was changed.
- RPG Trooper cameo was improved.
- Acid Carpet Bombing general’s power cameo was changed.
- Toxin Technical (anti-air) cameo was changed.
- Demo Technical cameo was changed.
- Dana cameo was changed.

- Cyborg Factory 3D model was inserted.
- Underground Command Post 3D model was changed.
- Mad Mob (Suicide Squad) 3D models were changed.
- USA flying drones 3D models were changed.


- Some GLA units still played English voices. Fixed.
- New voice sets for Thor, Harbinger, Heavy Construction Dozer, Bixi and Fuel Truck (English version).
- New sounds for Thor: ambient, autocannon and missiles.
- New ambient sounds for Bixi.
- GLA Factory now uses Command Center preview sounds (used Barracks).
- Worker Bikers and Demolishers used “out of breath” voices which didn't fit vehicles. Voice kept for workers on feet only.
- Dong Feng (King of Fire) speaks when launching incendiary missile.
- Brought back firing sound for GLA Anti-Tank Defense Site from 007 and added one more similar sound for more variation.
- New sound effect for Efreet explosion.
- New preview sounds for Communications Center (Strategic Bombing).
- New sound effect for Earth Shaker and Rig Launcher digger impact.


- Changes to Observer interface. Uses its own command bar (edited USA command bar). USA faction logo removed. Player statistics coordinates now properly match the interface. Icons now display generals instead of vanilla factions. As an addition, the general's portrait can be seen when a player is selected.
- Changed Cybernetic, Flame, Assault and Demolition Generals’ icons in Challenge mode General selection screen.
- Updated Challenge interface (selection and loading screens).
- Fixes for some buttons and text colors.

Challenge mode:

- China Boss removed from challenge rotation.
- All: Updated old object lists scripts (each unit falls into an Object List group).
- Demolition Challenge: Elbrus Storm now takes some time before going live (time depends on difficulty).
- Demolition Challenge: Added a Neutral Bunker on the bottom side near the Oil Derrick and Artillery Platform.
- Demolition Challenge: Added an Artillery Platform on the upper side near the Oil Derrick (only for Easy difficulty).
- Demolition Challenge: Small visual and balance adjustments.
- Laser Challenge: Fixed win\loss conditions.
- Laser Challenge: Added activation timers for Particle Cannons (time depends on difficulty). Particle Cannons are now delayed.
- Laser Challenge: Added missing soundtracks.
- Laser Challenge: Added General Townes missing taunts.
- Laser Challenge: Replaced “General, our opponent has a stronghold in the middle of the city…” taunt with other taunts and deleted its strings. The reason is that General Townes does not divert his power to one point of defense at a time in Contra.
- Air Force Challenge: Fixed the crash that occurred ten minutes into the game.
- Air Force Challenge: Removed the FPS Control button as it was not functioning.
- Stealth Challenge: Removed “===” strings which appeared when Prince Kassad was laughing.
- Toxin Challenge: Defiler no longer activates when you have aircraft in its area. This prevents Tank Drop from activating Defiler (cargo plane reaches the area).
- Assault Challenge: Ambush general’s power removed.
- Assault Challenge: Temple of Jihad countdown start delayed.
- Assault Challenge: AI attempted to rebuild some Demo Traps in the combat zone unlimited amount of times. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: Karkadanns were moved away from Demo Traps as they would deal great damage to them if detonated.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Removed the unneeded neutral Particle Cannon countdown timer
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added Leeches on some places. They detect stealth units.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Patriot Missile Systems have scout drones now.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added various enemy units around the map.
- Super Weapons Challenge: The player and General Alexander had the same colors. Fixed. Alexander is now yellow.
- Super Weapons Challenge: GLA players could not use Sneak Attack on islands. Fixed.
- Tank Challenge: Guan Yu removed from attack waves (was on Hard difficulty).
- Tank Challenge: Base Guan Yu attacks delayed.


- Freezing Rain and Downpour: Removed lightnings as they could sometimes cause the game to freeze.
- Football Pitch: Details are now visible on minimap (map does not appear plain green anymore, white field markings have been added).
- Flash Effect: Fixed a small impassable area in the middle, flattened terrain near southwest player’s supply docks and updated visuals.
- Cairo Commandos: Sun reflection on water is no longer visible out of map boundaries.
- Fallen Empire: Deleted some parts of the wall because passages were too small.
- Golden Oasis: Fixed terrain showing over bridges and added impassable areas underneath bridges, so that units don’t get stuck under bridges.
- Fixed shores on Seaside Mutiny, Tournament Continent and Bombardment Beach. Amphibious units could not enter water.

Contra 009 Beta 1 Changelog:

Fixed errors:

- Text fixes for English and Russian localization.
- CommandSet changes. Some button locations changed. Fixed “Evacuate” buttons disappearing when different Troop Crawlers were selected. Removed Security Systems upgrade icon from Blackout Missile System as it was not buildable.
- Music did not replay after all soundtracks have been played. Fixed.
- In multiplayer games, all players heard the music of the host’s faction. Fixed.
- There was a bug with Nuke Cannon and Neutron Cannon deploy ability. After clicking on “Deploy”, the unit would move backwards and fire a shot on the spot it was when “Deploy” was clicked. Fixed.
- USA Super Weapon general’s Thor hulk (debris) did not appear. Fixed.
- You could not order Thors to attack infantry. Fixed.
- You could not order Drone Controller to attack Stinger Sites. Fixed.
- Omega Cannon automatically fired at enemy base buildings. Fixed.
- Terrorist Bikers often got stuck while attacking. Fixed. They are more reliable now.
- When crossing water, Chinese Dozer and Builder Mech went below the surface. Fixed.

Balance changes:

- Global: Ranking up requires less experience.
- All: Changed transport slots requirement for some units. Mobile Barracks can no longer enter transport helicopters. Cybernetic units require less slots. Bomb Truck takes 4 slots.
- All USA: Increased health of Command Centers.
- All USA: Valanx parameters from older versions returned. It’s weaker again.
- All USA: TOW Missile cost increased by $400 ($1600 > $2000).
- All USA: Flash-bangs upgrade is built faster. Increased damage and attack range, decreased damage radius.
- Super Weapons: Patriot damage increased.
- Super Weapons: Saturn build time decreased.
- Super Weapons: Mine and Toxin clearing abilities reload time decreased (2:00 > 1:20).
- Super Weapons: Normal Dozer moves 20% faster by default.
- Air Force: Chinook cost decreased by $200 ($1200 > $1000).
- Air Force: Coyote cost and build time decreased ($900 > $600); (9 sec > 6 sec). Weapon damage slightly increased.
- Air Force: F-18 Hornets have non-retargeting missiles by default (as in 007). They are able to retarget after Frog Missile upgrade.
- Air Force: Combat Chinook removed. Bunker and grenade launcher assigned to Pave Low.
- Air Force: Dark Star available at rank 1. Removed ECM.
- Laser: Avenger damage slightly increased.
- Laser: Annihilator cost decreased by $500.
- Laser: Crusader speed and turn rate increased.
- Laser: Paladin cost increased by $400. Health increased by 25%. Point Defense Laser damage and range increased. Speed and turn rate increased.
- Laser: Laser Defender damage increased. Range slightly increased.
- Laser: MTHEL shoots down other small projectiles.
- Laser: Laser Defense Turret turns faster.
- Cyber: Exoskeletons upgrade costs $1000 less ($3000 > $2000).
- Cyber: Cylon firepower and movement speed increased. Health reduced. When killed, gives more experience to the enemy.
- Cyber: Terminator anti-tank weapon nerfed. Damage and rate of fire decreased, range decreased too, but slightly. Cost increased by $500 ($2000 > $2500).
- Cyber: It will be more difficult to target enemies while Cyborg Commando is in the air. This will make the flying mode preferable only when he needs to escape.
- All China: Increased health of Command Centers.
- All China: Increased health of Listening Outposts.
- All China: Heal rate of super units decreased.
- All China: Ionization is twice stronger.
- Nuclear: Red Arrow no longer requires War Factory.
- Nuclear: Nuke Cannon range decreased with Nuclear Shells equipped. Neutron Shells’ range remains unchanged.
- Nuclear: Hadron Collider (Apocalypse Device) costs $5000 (was $9001). Requires only Power Plant.
- Infantry: J-10s fire incendiary missiles.
- Flame: Starts with Flame Wall upgrade built.
- Flame: Vortex Tank weapon damage decreased. Vortex Cannon defense structure’s damage not changed.
- Flame: Thermite Shells upgrade moved to Propaganda Center.
- Flame: Dragon Tank costs $200 less ($1000 > $800).
- Flame: Immolator has less resistance vs. rockets.
- Tank: Nuclear Tanks and Uranium Shells upgrades moved from Nuclear Missile to Overlord Headquarters.
- Tank: Sniper Cannon damage decreased.
- All GLA: Build speed on everything decreased. To build faster as GLA, you have to capture a Power Plant as before. GLA built ridiculously fast in 008 final.
- All GLA: Tunnel Networks don’t spawn infantry when built and cost less.
- All GLA: Sneak Attack reload time increased by 1 minute (3 min > 4 min).
- Stealth and Assault: Aladdin range decreased.
- Stealth and Assault: Missile Silo Explosive Warhead damage slightly decreased. Reload time increased. Stats of Toxin Warhead unchanged.
- Demolition: Bomb Truck moves slower.
- Demolition: Changed countdown timer of each mine drop special power. AT Mines – 5 minutes; Demo Traps – 6 minutes; Cluster Mines – 7 minutes.
- Demolition: Doplhin (anti-ground kamikaze plane) weapon damage increased.
- Demolition: Technical does not come with Terrorists, costs less and has 3 sitplaces.
- Stealth: Radar Van’s Anti-radar missile range decreased by 20%.
- Toxin: Scolopendra range increased. Damage slightly decreased.
- Toxin: Toxin Tractor does not demoralize infantry.
- Toxin & Assault: Scorpion cannon damage increased.
- Assault: Marauder damage and health increased.
- Assault: Dana Artillery Cannon range decreased (increases with salvage levels). Damage decreased too, but very slightly.
- Assault: Demolisher (Battle Dozer) can be built from Arms Dealer too.

Other changes:

- Laser, Cyber and Super Weapon generals have new bombardment plans for their Strategy Centers – Railgun Turret for Laser, Shark Drone for Cyber and Ion Tower for SW.
- Super Weapons: New defense structure: Grendel. Effective vs. ECM.
- Super Weapons: New defense structure: Ion Defense Tower. Replaces Fire Base.
- Laser: Replaced Burton’s knife with a lightsaber. Effective vs. tanks and buildings.
- Cyber: New general’s power: Mosquito Swarm. The swarm attacks infantry only. Replaces A-10 Thunderbolt Strike.
- Cyber: Nemesis role changed. It’s now a heavy transport. Weapons nerfed. Moving speed increased. Has 16 slots.
- Cyber: Replaced all structures’ drones with a new Security Drone, which is effective vs. all light ground targets.
- Laser: Carbon Lasers upgrade attaches a blue laser turret to Paladin.
- Tank: New building: Overlord Headquarters. Reduces the cost of all heavy tanks by 15% and auto-repairs them. With one exception - Guan Yu does not auto-repair.
- Tank: Mass Production War Factories removed.
- Tank: Guan Yu Immortality ability removed.
- Infantry: New Troop Crawlers. They replace the wheeled ECM Tank, Feng Yong artillery, Assault Transport and Gattling Assault Transport. Introducing two new crawlers - Grenade Troop Crawler and Anti-Tank Troop Crawler. All Troop Crawlers are garrisonable by infantry who can shoot from inside.
- Flame: New addon for Huo Qi Lin (Immolator) – Dragon Tail. Effective vs. tanks.
- Stealth: New general’s powers: Hijacker Ambush and Jamming Field. Panic power removed.
- GLA holes are not stealth anymore.
- Rebels get “Hold Fire” and “Fire at Will” buttons after Camouflage upgrade.
- Saboteur’s special disabling ability no longer destroys Nemesis.
- Propaganda Centers and Palaces are now always limited to 1 (independent of Tournament Mode).
- GLA Command Truck weapon upgrade removed.
- TOW Missiles no longer fire at infantry.
- Added reload indicator to Drone Controller. It allows the player to see reloading process and select targets to attack.
- Hedges don’t block units from firing over them anymore. They were very annoying in challenge vs. Laser and Cyber.
- You can now click through a SoccerStadiumField object. It was very inconvenient when you clicked on it when moving your units, because this selected the field instead.
- Seraph has different weapons.
- Added missing weapon recoil to many units (visual effect).


- New scorch marks.
- New water texture for tropical maps.
- Animals inserted in Contra. Added on popular maps.
- New textures for GLA buildings (in progress).

- Marauder 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Bomb Truck 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Scorpion and Scorpion II 3D models and cameos were changed.
- Zhu Rong 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Cyborg Commando 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Old Flamethrower cameo brought back with small changes.
- Scorpion Rockets upgrade cameo was changed.
- Stealth Angry Mob cameo was changed.
- Flame Battlemaster cameo was changed.
- Drone Controller cameo was changed.
- Laser ARV cameo was changed (made by Damfoos).
- Tank Hunter cameo was changed.
- Red Guard and Minigunner cameos edited.
- Fafnir used Seraph’s cameo. Fixed.
- Some cameos had incorrect coordinates. Fixed.


- New voice set for Medic Droid.
- New explosion sounds for Bomb Trucks.
- New firing sounds for Huang Zhong (Manticore).
- New preview sounds for Colossus, Blackout Missile System and Grendel.
- New turning sounds for GLA Boss Canister Cannon and GLA Stealth ARML (Azarakhsh).
- Laser Defender: Replaced “Got my missile launcher right here!” voice with “Laser systems online.” and removed “Let me launch one, huh?” voice.
- Added one unused China soundtrack (part of our “New” music).
- All units and buildings with speaker towers play ambient sounds.
- Added ambient sounds for some animals.
- Adjusted the volume of some sounds.

Particle Effects:

- New particle effects for Bomb Truck explosion.
- New particle effects for Oil Derrick explosion.
- Replaced Supply Drop Zone’s beacon effect with a better looking one.
- Testing new smoke effects. They can be seen mostly on Power Plants.
- Other WIP effects can be seen on big vehicles’ destruction and Juhziz’s Demo Bikers explosion.


- Built-in localization fix. Users with non-English version of Generals should no longer have missing strings, images and voices. (Native voices conversion is still in progress. It is recommended to use Standard (English) voices in this version.)

Challenge mode:

- Brand new Challenge map: Infantry general.
- All: New music rotations.
- All: Super weapons and super units limited to 1 at a time. This prevents the player from spamming lots of SW and super units to win easily.
- Assault Challenge: Workers didn’t collect money with Mobile Supply Stashes. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: AI did not build Scorpion Rockets upgrade. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: AI did not garrison Palace. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: Added Obstacles and more Tunnel Networks.
- Assault Challenge: Possible fix for Hijacker Bikers getting stuck.
- Assault Challenge: Added speech scripts to the AI. General Huchum will now speak.
- Demolition Challenge: Time between attacks delayed with 1 minute on Easy difficulty. Also, the AI attacks will consist of less units on Easy.
- Demolition Challenge: Command Center structure replaced with a Factory (making a total of 2 Factories). They will produce 2 Command Trucks.
- Stealth Challenge: Attacks consist of more enemies.
- Toxin Challenge: Defiler will activate if you have aircraft in its vicinity again, but this time it will ignore only Cargo Planes.
- Air Force Challenge: Added Communications Center. The AI will start Strategic Bombardment countdown as you gain higher ranks.
- Air Force Challenge: New Global Lighting settings.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added speech scripts to the AI. General Ironhand will now speak.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Fixes to passable and impassable areas.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Some cybernetic units around the map were sleeping and never fought back. Fixed.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Changes to attack waves.
- Cybernetic Challenge: AI will now use Cylon Drop general’s power.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Replaced Web Defense Systems with Ion Defense Towers.
- Tank Challenge: Fixed strings, saying that Kwai is sending his Guan Yus on you, which appeared even after Guan Yus were destroyed.
- Tank Challenge: Added Overlord Headquarters building in his base.
- Nuke Challenge: Fixed challenge getting stuck on intro.
- Nuke Challenge: Yan Wang should now go aggressive.

AI (CPU bots):

- AI did not build War Factories in some occasions (very common with GLA Toxin and GLA Demo AIs). Fixed.
- Laser AI could sometimes run out of power when producing many units, but did not build more Power Plants. Fixed.
- Nuke AI will send units around buildings in order to compensate for the lack of defense structures.
- Flame AI built two airfields which were clipping with each other. Fixed. AI will no longer build more than one airfield.
- AI used interceptors to guard enemy inner perimeter even if there was no enemy aircraft, which usually resulted in sacrifice. Fixed.
- AI did not build some new units and buildings. Fixed.
- AI did not build some upgrades. Fixed.

World Builder content for mapmakers:

- Added Tech Obstacles (Tech > STRUCTURE > TechObstacle). Used to block paths. Hard to destroy. Uncapturable.
- Added Sequoia trees (Civilian > STRUCTURE > Sequoia). When they take enough damage, they fall like towers and destroy anything below them.


- Tournament Desert: Fixed pathfinding issues when entering bunkers on flanks. Inspired by the famous mapper ReLaX.
- Freezing Rain (a remake of Tournament Desert): Fixed pathfinding, added Sequoia trees and Tech Field Bunkers. Made some visual improvements.
- Winter Wolf: Inserted Winter Wolf Balanced by ReLaX. Terrain is more flat, so it’s easier to construct buildings.
- Fallen Empire: Units could not pass through the far right entrance. Fixed.
- Fixed shores on North America. Amphibious units could not enter water.

Contra Launcher:

- New launcher design.
- Launcher was not compatible with Windows XP. Fixed.
- Launcher now saves and loads your preferences. For example, if you used Russian language setting last time, it will be selected automatically.
- Launcher is more compact. No batch files used. The nasty console window does not appear.
- Added minimize and exit buttons on the top right.
- You can drag the launcher window from anywhere.
- Multiplayer Info button added.


Wow, I didn't really expect you will use my ARV cameo ^_^ I hope people will like it, or at least like it more than the old one.

Good to hear about some challenge changes, esp. Demo one - I only managed to complete it with AFG, because Burton's A-10 strikes also disarm AA mines. The attack waves constantly blowing my base up still were annoying.

So, the release is near?

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ThePredatorBG Author

Yes, we are preparing the next release.

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sir im a big fan of this game please i want to know how and what i need to do to play this game on my loppy, this the specs of my loppy 4gb ram 1 gb grapic card 64 bit operating system windows 10 500 gb hard dish core i5 second generation thank

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Long live BEST MOD EVER!!! <3

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Yaaayyyy! ^^

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It's on!

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You sure must've added a lot of sequoia trees to Freezing Rain since you had to mention it twice. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Just kidding, these changes seem really good and I look forward to trying them out.

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ThePredatorBG Author

That was d-ce's fault. He told me to mention it but none of us noticed that it was already noted down. :D

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- Air Force: F-18 Hornets have non-retargeting missiles by default (as in 007). They are able to retarget after Frog Missile upgrade.
Don't think it's a good idea. These Hornets are replaced with F-35 at rank 3 imho. So their finest hour is 1-2 rank and their auto-retargeting missiles were the only thing, that'd made them useful.

- Air Force: Combat Chinook removed. Bunker and grenade launcher assigned to Pave Low.
Not bad really. And do they still have long ranged missiles?

- Air Force: Dark Star available at rank 1. Removed ECM.
Hmm...and what is the purpose of having them now?

- Laser: MTHEL shoots down other small projectiles.
Like F-117 bombs? Nice)

- Laser, Cyber and Super Weapon generals have new bombardment plans for their Strategy Centers – Railgun Turret for Laser, Shark Drone for Cyber and Ion Tower for SW.
So Air general sucks right?)

- Tank: Mass Production War Factories removed.
Good shot, that sh*t was bad)

- Tank: Guan Yu Immortality ability removed.
The same)

- GLA holes are not stealth anymore.
Wow...awesome, at last.

AI (CPU bots):
- Sometimes AI (GLA mostly) doesn't rebuild War Factories, that have been destroyed.
- Assault general provides the only one attack at 1-2 rank, then he just stays passively at base.
- GLA AI prefer to dispose units in Network tunnels and then to put them out from tunnel in case of danger...but this tactics has tragic consequences - when all the pack of units is destroyed easily with an AOE damage. So such actions of AI are silly)

So what about these fixes?

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d-ce Creator

- it is actually good idea, at rank 1 with old retargeting missiles f18 was kinda op unit. You didnt need to do any micro with them, not even assigning teams. Your attack to group of tanks was just click on all f18 units and send them. They didnt wasted missiles. At rank 3, yes, you get F35. But f35 is great vs group of r1 units. While fighting overlord type units, they are useless. In this cases f18 is better, he has direct attack. Frog missiles improve his firepower a bit, and makes him not to waste missiles. It is tested in online games, and it is much better than before.

- Yes, pavelow still has long range missiles, flashbang grenades, and bunkers. It is really good heavy helicopter.

- dark star is now excellent scout unit. Doesnt need to land on airfield, he is stealth and you can move him on map. AF general needs better scouting for his attacks.

- air generals strategy will be done, this is why it is beta, its not finished

- AI is under development, its not an easy work. We lack of people....

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somewhat of an Issue with the Launcher. i have the Origin Digital version of Zero hour (C&C TFD box "vanished" during a move years ago), and i cant launch the mod via the launcher (origin force-starts, and makes me select either vanilla generals or zero hour in a stupid little mini-launcher). where should i move the data files to force it to launch contra without the launcher again? i haven't done this in ages XD

English language and with the new music

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ThePredatorBG Author

Manual installation instructions for those having problems with launcher:
1. Put all files from Contra009Beta into your Zero Hour folder.
2. Rename !Contra009Beta.ctr to !Contra009Beta.big.
3. Rename !Contra009BetaEN.ctr to !Contra009BetaEN.big OR rename !Contra009BetaRU.ctr to !Contra009BetaRU.big if you want Russian language.
4. Rename !Contra009BetaVOrig.ctr to !Contra009BetaVOrig.big OR rename !Contra009BetaVLoc.ctr to !Contra009BetaVLoc.big if you want English unit voices.
5. Rename !Contra009BetaMNew.ctr to !Contra009BetaMNew.big OR rename !Contra009BetaMStandard.ctr to !Contra009BetaMStandard.big if you want vanilla soundtracks.
6. Rename Scripts folder to Scripts1 (which is located inside Data folder).
7. Start the game from generals.exe.

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День добрый объясните 6 пункт в данном списке обязательно делать ? и если да то как я понял прост в названии папки надо добавить цифру 1 ? Спасибо .

Good day to explain the 6 item in this list have to do ? and if so then I realized just need to add the name of the folder number 1 ? Thank you .

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above was me sorry, forgot to sign in >.< reposting:

somewhat of an Issue with the Launcher. i have the Origin Digital version of Zero hour (C&C TFD box "vanished" during a move years ago), and i cant launch the mod via the launcher (origin force-starts, and makes me select either vanilla generals or zero hour in a stupid little mini-launcher). where should i move the data files to force it to launch contra without the launcher again? i haven't done this in ages XD

English language and with the new music

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ThePredatorBG Author

Contra runs with Origin and it's confirmed by many players. Look here: it could be an installation error on your end.

You can also do a manual install.
Instructions are here:

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Hello, i'll try to post every bug / glitch / errors i will encounter playing 009 beta.

- Seraph can't board Nemesis, even in the description it says it can. Y.Y

- (correct me if i'm wrong) Cyborg and missile cyborg are 1 hit by flame gen flamethrower ( red guard) when in bunker and/or buildings

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d-ce Creator

- ok, we will check description
- yes, all infantry units dies with 1hit when in structures, and hit by garrison clearing weapons

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Great idea who the removal of panic attack!!!! I really dislike uncounterable powers!!! But I'm not sure about the improvement of coyotes, as an air force general it should not be able to build tanks cost effectively. Tanks, infantry and airforce general follow special rules . Ah and I'm not sure about scolopendras too, they are just too good at killing infantry, eroding toxin tractors role

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finally, some AI changes :D

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What ever happened to the dozers for "boss" generals. There was a map in I think it was 007 that had it, I miss the ability to create the super mech, the canister cannon, and the multi barrel inferno cannon. Was this removed due to balance issues or for some other reason, I could see the super much being used as an alternate to the serpham and the canister cannon as a long range toxin artillery for the toxin general.

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ThePredatorBG Author

We know the community loved these Boss units. They will make an appearance in special Skirmish maps and Boss challenge maps in the future.

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That is great news to hear. I have noticed that when creating custom maps that they have some issues with being made neutral and hijack able though. I hope that it is something I have done wrong in the world builder and not something wrong with the builder itself

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U sure about the changelogs? I've seen ingame bugs stated to be fixed

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ThePredatorBG Author

Which bugs?

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OMG YOU GUYS! after formatting my computer i wanted to play generals with some awesome mods, Contra was my favorite and now i see that there is a new release?! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYZ! <3

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Will the Nuclear Storm ever fire on the Nuke General Challenge? And if not, why?

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ThePredatorBG Author

It will start counting down when you reach max rank.

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- Air Force Challenge: Fixed the crash that occurred ten minutes into the game.
still not fixed for me ?!>

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