Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

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2 Cybernetic General Missions For Contra 009 Final

USA Cybernetic Missions 1&2


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the second mission is insanely hard. please post an update with tips or clearer instructions to get those sub objectives. i could not complete even one, i dont have a dozer so if i lose building, i'm slowly losing everything, and those emp shields are very tough. even the superweapons, with all your most powerfull arsenal, they are overwhelming and easily outpower you.

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SnowHiloX Author

Well the 2nd Submission says "Find the secret in the GLA War factorys Area that lead to the City." there is an arrow pointing toward the city and under that arrow there is mark, that mark suppose to be the same mark on that building that you need to garrison in to order to complete the submission and the 3rd submissions say "Secret Super Units" those units suppose to be secrets :P
First of All. use the Terminator to get the to East Base As fast as possible,first destroy the nuke launcher then the overload after that destroy the powerplants. destroy the Chinese particle Cannon after that destroy The 2 Dragon Tanks. then get out of the Chinese small base, no need to destroy anything else. when you get to the base destroy the nuclear bomb as fast as you can. use the black hawk and the long ranged helicopters (only 4 needed) to destroy it. Also purchase the upgrade that increase money from the strategy center.
Sub Objectives!
1-Destroy All superweapons except Nuclear storm and the weather control device. spam wayverns/Airforce superunits. use them to destroy all the superweapons before any of them launch. build one wayvern for each large Airfield. destroy the ones with the shorter time left. then destroy the rest. china and use nukes and the flamelab need 3 wayverns to destroy. destroy USA tomahawk storm first. also don't forget about destroying the Chinese particle Cannon. that will give all USA Cybernetic superunits in you base.
2-taking control over your superweapon, in the city south of your base. there is a building that look like small mall that have a red mark on it. there is a truck near it. Garrison it, watch out of the invisiable flame tower in front of the TV Station with a helipad.
3-Finding All the secret superunits, first there is 2 hangers near the nuclear bomb that is near your base, destroy those 2 hangers and the toxic missile in between them. destroying the hanger on the right will give you GLA Assault Superunit, the hanger on the top will give you USA Laser Superunit, and destroying the toxic missile will give you a free wayvern. Also capture the 3 tech buildings near the nuclear bomb but first destroy shaitan Cannon in the GLA War factory base and other defenses near those tech buildings. near the chinese War Factory Base that is near the USA nuke superweapon, behind one of the war factory there is a small area full of trees on the edge of the left side of the map. there is a reinforcement Pad tech building, destroy it and you will get China Tanks superunit protect it for shaitan Cannon. the last one is in the nuclear power plants in the middle of the map. destroy the nuclear power plants to get China Nukes Superunit. After all that, ALL the EMP towers will be destoryed!
Also destory all the war Factorys.
Notes:the Chinese Airfield doesn't build any units so don't worry about it And the main base doesn't build anything at all. Also Destroy USA superweapons General SDI so that it doesn't stop your superweapon's bombardment. there is also two iron dragons on the airfield in the middle of the map, and In the front of your enemy main base wall there is a hell of lot mines.
After All that the mission will be very easy.
if you can't beat submission 3 or wanna use the original way of disabling EMP Towers: (All the buildings are indestructible)
1- there is a radio station Building in the middle of map very near the Chinese nuclear missile ,capture the radio station Building.
2-in the city south of your base there is a building with Sign that say TV in it and have a Helipad, Garrison it.
3-There is a large building with 2 Satellites on both sides ,capture it.
4-inside your enemy main base there is EMP Tower (you will be able to enter the base if you Did The 3 steps above) behind it there is a Chinaese outpost ,capture it.
5-there is a GLA scrap Factory and Chemical Lab between them there is a Lab and 2 building, Garrison the one on the Right.
After that you will be to Destroy you enemy super Power Plants near the nuclear storm. and then destroy heroic leo in front of the Chinese HQ After that use a helicopter or any other to transport the Terminator to the HQ Drop him near it destroy anything that could destroy the transport or the terminator but if you lose the Terminator you will lose the mission so protect him.

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ok. i got you. but in the future make simpler mission. because its way better to make 3 missions that are easier, rather than one with so much to be done, in such little time. you put much detail in it and i appreaciate it, but i struggled 3 days to pass this mission, and i barrely accomplished those 3 submissions.

A mission should be fun and be passed, mostly in a couple of hours. that is just my opinion. thank you! :)

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lol very nice mission - didnt knew how to finish even the first one - i already killed all gla and those 3 seraphs .. and the 3 gla bases -- doesnt know what to do next - no strings what so ever had been notifying me lol.

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SnowHiloX Author

Well the First thing is that you Destroy the GLA CommandTruck and then Kill A Heroic GLA Rebel at the very North-east End of the map in the 3 GLA base, after that Kill the Cyborg Commando near the 3 seraphims and Widow after that Kill the 3 seraphims and Widow.

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the second mission is indeed so hard.

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