Kill as many waves of enemies as you can, with friends online or take fight alone.

soegel says

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The mod is well playable already, but there are bugs to be worked on:

- I get a lot of sound bugs. Mostly I hear monster sounds at places, where I killed monsters in the previous combat phase - kinda annoying.

- Monsters can attack through placed structures, especially antlions. Since a player often positions himself right behind his structures, I think a fix for this is of high priority.

- If two players stand at the same spot (playermodels can intersect in this game), at least one of them can't shoot. There are no projectiles coming out of the weapon (tested with crossbow). That's probably a source engine problem by default, but nonetheless it's annoying in this mod particularly, because your often fortifying in tight spaces.

I'd like to see some more weapons, maybe even custom models, different shells for the pumpgun, different turrets, and more structures to place. Also new models for the players. I can't stand the default halflife2 player models anymore.

Also the mod needs better maps - but you already know that.

But I don't want to scare off anyone. This mod already has substance, and is a lot of fun. Try it out.

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