This mod (wip) re-images Halo Wars into what it should've been and go even beyond that. This mod will push the game to its limits and have new game modes, modified maps, units, buildings, mechanics and much more.

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Flood Firefight is a new game mode addition to Halo Wars DE.

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Flood Firefight is a new game mode addition that makes players fight against Flood AI until either all players are dead or all Flood Colonies are destroyed for victory. All Players (6 Max in 3v3 settings) are allied together, the only enemy is the Flood Team.

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Flood come in waves spawned from colonies. Each Wave Flood increase in numbers and strength.

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Flood have the ability to hotdrop units into battle. The AI is capable of rebuilding Flood Bases, building a Proto-Gravemind and build buildings (Flood Den, Nest, Launcher, Flood Turrets).

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Flood can control newly infected units.

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