Symbiosis Conquest: Frontier Wars and Conquest2: Vyrium Uprising

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because this mod adds many things that i thought where missing balances the game more and in my opinion makes this game alot more replayalbe than it was normally




Gaon94 says

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Well, I was never good at RTS games like these, which is why I never actually played many of them. But I enjoyed this game immensely and I actually beat the entire story for single player, even though these genres are usually not my forte. For me, it was one of the first games that i've completely played through, actually. I'm really glad there are people out there making it even better, than the gem that it already is. :)


Clol7 says

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To describe why I rated this game so low, I should probably describe my experiences with the game.

In my first game, I selected the 'initial' difficulty setting for both an AI on my team, and the AI who was not on a team, and using the All Visible setting, to ease me into whatever new features there may be. Besides my initial frustration with how long everything took (fixed by putting the game speed slider back to halfway), it was mainly tediousness of defending a base from constant attack from the enemy AI, while the friendly one... did nothing except build some resource structures. Nice one AI.

In the second game, which is still running, I upped the difficulty to Easy, feeling a little more confident. This had me constantly defending from multiple, massive fleets of Dreadnoughts, Missile Cruisers (which are now so overpowered, they can kill a Monolith if they're in packs of three or more, and the monolith is alone), and the like. My AI ally spread across the entire map with resource structures, built a huge fleet with them, and parked most of it at home, sending only a few at a time towards the enemy. And the kicker, neither my enemy, or my ally ever built any of their version of the harvester, and was blatantly cheating to the point that they never needed them. (I'll even get this on video if anyone requests it.)

On the other hand, I DO like the greater variety of units in the game, but it's nowhere near enough to forgive the blatant cheating.


nuketf says

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epic and one of the best top 10 mods here!

The mod is well done, but I hadn't any chance to test it in online games, since nearly all servers are dead on Gameranger. The new perks, units and admiral flagships are a nice addition. AI is sadly incapable of using the new features introduced in the mod, but it's really good to see the community is still dedicated to this dated, yet awesome game.


This game is one of the better space strategy game mods i have seen for a while. All the teams are balanced and their is nothing to unfair about all of the races, and their isn't a whole lot of improvments needed

Great game!!

the things added where realy cool, i like the new ship variety, and now with this 4.8 coming out most of the stuff that i thoght could be even better will be implemented! this game was one i realy liked and i was thrilled to see people are working on it. you have made this mod even better AllGrey ^^


william672 says

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