Conflict in Somalia, the Battlefield 1942 modification, takes you back in time to the events, tragedies, and bravery faced by soldiers in Somalia. Now, you and your friends can relive the event in a massive online battle that pits the American forces against Somalian troops. Command the arsenal and vehicles during that time and use precise teamwork to obtain your victories. This is no game, soldier, this is Conflict in Somalia! Information regarding the real conflict in Somalia below. On the eve of his departure from office, President Bush responds to U.N requests and orders Operation "Restore Hope" in December of 1992. The mission: to defend famine-relief efforts in the country of Somalia. For months prior, U.N officials and relief workers are thwarted by armed Somali clans in their attempts to deliver desperately-needed food and supplies to a starving country. Food is stolen from the docks and airport. Convoys are high jacked. And relief workers are attacked and sometimes killed....

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Mods of 2003

Mods of 2003

Feature 6 comments

With 2003 almost behind us, it is time to look at the year that was 'modification explode' and scope out what captured gamers imaginations, hearts and...

Download Removed


Sorry folks, we have removed 0.2 from the downloads page because we don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of us, simply because there are no...

Conflict In Somalia - New Renders


Conflict In Somalia is producing models and skins as fast as a speeding bullet (well almost). Anyways :

Lack of updates

News 2 comments

We are sorry for neglecting, you the user news postings on the moddb profile; we will continue this feature again. Thanks for your patience, Staff

Un-Annual News :)

News 6 comments

We have some treats for you! First off some new model renders, Modeled and Skinned by Elite : Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 And some in game images: Image...

CiS > New Renders

News 1 comment

We have two new great renders for you! Modeled and Skinned by Elite : Modeled and Skinned by Filmguy : The rotars are taken from another 3DS file, thus...

CiS Afgoy Released


For those of you who have CiS (BF1942 Mod) then you will enjoy this : We are releasing CiS Afgoy , one of many new maps to come to keep teh public intrested...

Conflict in Somalia

News 1 comment

This is a community update for the people who follow CiS < > ... CiS is still kicking , we are working on CiS 1.0 for public release , the somalian side...

CiS RC0.2 Released

News 1 comment

CiS RC0.2 has just been released , to download select one of the following mirrors , the meens how many FTP's , mirrors there are on that page so enjoy...

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