Conflict 2142 is a premier conversion for Battlefield 2142 providing multiple fixes to the game play as well providing new content to the game. We are proud to finally showcase the public release of the modification. The development has ended, and no future versions of CF2142 will be released.

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Battle 3 of campaign 6 at Conflict using the CF2142 Mod v 3.02

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War tears apart new grounds as the superpowers of the [CRE] and [BOS]
wage war in new territory this week. [BOS] momentum has built up and
with the new leadership of General WJBird, the [BOS] has had some minor
victories across their campaign. Conflict broke out today on the
straits of Gibraltar as Colonel Rarius pushed troops into the [CRE]
controlled encampment and rushed for a swift victory. However, the
[CRE] quickly mobilized troops to the defense of Camp Gibraltar and
held out as long as they could. [BOS] took heavy casualties in the
siege, however in the end, after many pushbacks, the [BOS] troops broke
through and stormed General Snipe’s quarters finding a lone officer
with a pistol in hand. As troops began to flood in, a violent explosion
shook the building sending [BOS] troop’s sky high. As new troops began
through the doorway, many met their fate with a bullet from Lieutenant
General Tholozor’s pistol. However, after minutes of fighting Lt. Gen.
Tholozor used his last bullet and was caught by the glancing blow of a
stun gun.

With custody over the [CRE]’s Lieutenant General, [BOS]’s Colonel
Rarius promptly issued an interrogation team to get as much intel out
of the captured officer as they could. However, Lieutenant General
Tholozor’s will was far too strong to break, and the only words to
leave his mouth were the condemning of the [BOS]. The reluctant officer
was hauled away in a transport where he would no doubt spend the rest
of this Conflict in the confines of a cell.

Colonel Rarius, furious over the lost opportunity to end this Conflict
and capture General Snipe found a rage to search out and find where the
[CRE] high command had regrouped. Rarius sent out scouting gunships to
search for any ion trails that may be the cause of escaping transports.
Within half an hour Indigo 3 reported faint traces of ion in the air.
The Colonel mustered as much armor and troops as he could and lead his
regiment on towards Oman in an invasion that would be known later as
The Oman Intrusion.

As the [BOS] came to the base of a bridge, they began to set-up base
shields in preparation for their invasion. However, the [CRE] had
detected their ships on radar and dispatched a squadron of Wraith
bombers to wipe them out. The dreaded sound of Wraith bombers was soon
heard by the [BOS] troops. Just as the Wraiths began pounding the
Colonel’s newly-arrived armor, a group of GCSI mercs came to aid the
[BOS] at a price. The GCSI swiftly erected the [BOS] shields. Many
Wraiths were caught by the shields as it formed a bubble and were
immediately incinerated. The remaining Wraiths returned to base to
replenish and repair.

As [BOS] armor and infantry pushed into Oman, many [CRE] troops found
themselves surrounded and quickly capitulated. As the Conflict raged
fiercely across the landscape, a small strike team snuck behind enemy
lines and commandeered one of the Wraith bombers on its landing strip,
using it against its owners. Although both sides fought fiercely, the
momentum built up by the [BOS] troops overwhelmed the [CRE] forces and
[CRE] was forced to fall back out of the combat zone to fight another

Will the [BOS] continue their counter attack or will the [CRE] put them
to a stand still? How long will this war of attrition last? What
territory will be caught in the crossfire next? Will I ever stop asking
so many questions? You decide!

Help decide the next battle! Pick up your gun and join the Conflict today!

Writer: thegreenslime

Editor: thegreenslime

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