Conflict 2142 is a premier conversion for Battlefield 2142 providing multiple fixes to the game play as well providing new content to the game. We are proud to finally showcase the public release of the modification. The development has ended, and no future versions of CF2142 will be released.

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Battle 4 of campaign 6 at Conflict using the CF2142 Mod v 3.02

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The battlefield was eerily quiet today, as the [CRE] and [BOS] faced
off against one another. A platoon of both [CRE] and [BOS] transports
had been shot down mysteriously, and the two factions found themselves
(according to soldiers' reports), "stranded in the middle of a box
canyon, no way in or out." Luckily, both sides managed to salvage their
base shield deployment emitters. Unfortunately, the fighting began
again once both teams learned of a communications array located in the
middle of the canyon, and so the fighting began. Heavy support fire
rained down from both sides, decimating any soldier unlucky enough to
be caught in the middle of nowhere without cover. Sniper tracers were
everywhere, flashing across the battlefield with deadly accuracy and
effectiveness, quickly eliminating soldiers left and right. While both
sides fought bravely, it was the [BOS] that came out victorious.

While the two platoons were missing, both [CRE] and [BOS] sides were
down on numbers, and required heavier support to further their
campaigns. So, to accommodate for the missing soldiers, both sides
deployed Titans to the battlefield. While these great ships have been
hardly used, being proven not as effective as they had been in the
great Battle of 2142, Titans have been mostly delegated to transport
duties. Few military-grade Titans remain. Dalian Plant was the perfect
place to deploy these famous machines, due to the wide, open waters to
the west and the high mountains to the east; both sides' Titans could
hide away from each other to deploy what troops were left. Within a few
hours, Titans began dropping from the sky. While still military in
grade, the Titan shields were still not as effective as the base
shields deployed by ground forces, and Dalian Plant had been outfitted
with ATM Mk.2 Silos (Anti-Titan Missile), a far superior missile system
to the large, cumbersome launchers from the great Battle of 2142. While
both sides' Titans were dropping like flies, it was one of the [BOS]'s
Titan that remained once the silos ran out of munitions, and so the
[CRE] were forced to retreat.

Despite the victory at the hands of the [BOS], General Lonestar
relinquished his position as the [BOS] Commander. With the army in need
of direction, Lieutenant General WJBird stepped up to the plate and
took command as the new General of [BOS]. Have the [BOS] finally begun
to push the [CRE] back? Or will the [CRE] return again to push farther
into [BOS] territory? You decide! Pick up your gun and join the
Conflict today!

Writer: Tholozor

Editor: thegreenslime

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