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Company of Heroes World at War is a total conversion mod for Company of Heroes. This mod will have over 100 new units and 4 new faction 2 for allies and 2 for axis. The realism factor is high and the Command Tree is more extended from the original 6 perks to 25 perks. The resources are much more balanced with the fuel all ways at 25 and the munitions at 35 and the manpower is going to be at 350. I currently need some modelers and some skinners willing to help with this mod so i can get the downloads out.I am currently on the Japanese right now making there units and doctrine etc.. if you have any suggestions for any factions or units message me with them. US Airborne will now have Airborne engineers, they can repair and make basic defenses like sand bags, barbed wire, and tank traps and construct trenches and cap points they are a 6 man squads with Thompson SMGs and and M1 Garands.

Scenario Base Defence (view original)

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