Modern Combat transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and U.S. militaries. Incorporating all-new factions, units, doctrines, gamemodes, artwork, music, maps, and singleplayer missions, we aim to craft the most immersive and enjoyable strategic representation of 21st-century combat possible on the PC.

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In preparation for the approaching CoH: MC 1v1 Tournament II we have solved some of the small bugs and balance issues. Additionally there are new rules for the Tournament and new maps!

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In preparation for the approaching CoH: Modern Combat 1v1 Tournament II we have decided to add a new patch to try and solve some of the small bugs and balance issues left over from 1.008. In addition we have prepared the vanilla CoH maps that will be used in the tournament for Modern Combat. This means that the HQ area has been adjusted to ensure that there are no objects that may get in the way and cause retreated units to get stuck.

New screenshots from Patch 1.009 New screenshots from Patch 1.009 New screenshots from Patch 1.009

We are excited to see how this tournament will pan out, especially with the mod completely restructured from the 1st tournament and much more balanced. Will Sandland be able to retain his title as the Modern Combat 1v1 Champion? Or is it time for a new talent to take up the title? Only time will tell!

If you would like to participate sign ups are still open! Please read the Tournament Rules and ensure that you have Mumble installed and setup.

The sign up thread is located here.

Additionally we have added several new custom competitive maps to MC. They are still in the WW2 setting for now, however with time you might see them evolve into Modern settings. Anyway I would like to personally thank the mappers that allowed me to add these maps to our mod:

2p_Argentan_Crossroads - By White_Flash
2p_bayeux - Created by Spankyy
2p_bourdon - Created by Janne252
2p_D913 - By Playmobill
2p_Saint_Quentin - By IplayForKeeps
2p_Sottevast - By IplayForKeeps
2p_Forest_Town - By GenPtah

For all the people that have signed up to the tournament happening this weekend on the 18th and 19th, there have been some changes to the rules! The tournament will no longer be held as a Single Elimination, but instead as a Double Elimination Tournament. This means that generally the schedule will be kept the same, but it will allow players that have dropped out from losing their first game still have a chance to compete in the final. However all games played in the losers bracket will not be best-of-three games, instead it will be a single game where the winner progresses to the next round. Please read about the details of the extra rules, they include information about how to decide who gets to pick what team they will be playing with during the match.

Here is the current schedule for this weekend:

Schedule (all times GMT)

Saturday, 18th August

  • 5:00 pm - Round 1 : [MC] Angoville (2)
  • 6:00 pm - Round 2 : [MC] Langres (2)
  • 7:00 pm - Round 3 : [MC] Semois (2)
  • --------Losers Bracket--------
  • 6:00 pm - Losers Round 1 : [MC] Bourdon
  • 6:30 pm - Losers Round 2 : [MC] Forest Town
  • 7:00 pm - Losers Round 3 : [MC] D913
  • 7:30 pm - Losers Round 4 : [MC] Bayeux
  • 8:00 pm - Losers Round 5 : [MC] Saint-Quentin

Sunday, 19th August

  • 5:00 pm - Semi Final : [MC] Yangxin (2)
  • 6:30 pm - Finals : [MC] Senlin Lukou (2)
  • --------Losers Bracket--------
  • 6:00 pm - Losers Round 6 : [MC] Argentan Crossroads

As always, all the best, and good luck to the contestants!
~The CoH: Modern Combat team

Patch will automatically be updated by your launcher, otherwise use the manual link here and extract into your CoH root.


Someone wrote: General
  • New modernised Refinery Map added for public play testing - [MC] PLA Refinery 6p
  • Added new backend to the launcher and mod to prepare for future of MC
  • There are newly packed vCoH Angoville, Langres and Semois for the Tournament. The only change was to make sure there were no objects in the base to block the big US HQ and cause stuck retreated units. These are called: [MC] Angoville (2), [MC] Langres (2), [MC] Semois (2)
  • Yangxin map has been updated so that the center Type 59Ds have flame fx and objects so that they do not look like enemy tanks.
  • Added new Default map loading screen (for maps that don't have a custom one)

US army

  • Took off the delay on the smoke grenade and the release of smoke
  • Javelin horizontal base penetration decreased to 1.0, so that it will be affected by the penetration values in the target table
  • Horizontal and vertical javelin damage increased from 120 to 137.5
  • Increased javelin vertical deflection damage to 0.35 (from 0.1)
  • Vertical javelin now has had its reload time shortened by 1 second.
  • Javelin vertical no longer leaves a yellow crater at impact point.
  • Stryker MGS now has a 1.25 dmg multiplier versus PLA tanks (Type 59D, Type 96, Type 99, PHZ89), so now it deals 81.25 instead of 65 dmg. However its penetration has not been touched, so the only way this is actually going to do damage is through rear armour hits.
  • To support Stryker MGS rear attack rush tactics there has been a reload modifier added for short distance to be 0.8, to reduce the long 6 second reload.

People's liberation army, Ground Force:

  • Spec Ops call in changed to require 8 pop
  • The M82 tread breaking ability sound bug should now be fixed, but now there is a delay between the shot and the sfx, this is an unfortunate drawback to the fix
  • Adjusted the Type59D to have a 0.9 accuracy modifier versus moving Strykers.

Model, Sound and Texture changes:

  • PLA Spec Ops given the new infantry texture, and their UI icons have been updated
  • Fixed issue with the WZ752 wreck showing the marine texture on death
  • Marine camp on Type 82 MLRS updated so it looks better on the correctly smoothed model
  • Type 96 has now been updated with proper model shading and no more bad geometry
  • Changed the Humvee to recieve its mesh change (uparmored state) after achieving vet 1 instead of vet 2
  • Added the missing Tan skin to the Crows found on the upgraded Humvee


  • English UI text updated
  • Czech translation updated

when i try to update at the end it comes up could not create file wtf and then i cant use it? help please

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Darkbladecr Author

You have to run the launcher as an administrator. Or you can download the patch and apply it manually from the link in the news post.

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very good

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Hey guys,i got a damn question.i cannot update my client to 1.02,do u got patches or sth else to help me,thanks a lot!

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i cant download the 1009 patch. neither via the launcher nor via any website, its says file could not be downloaded, update cancelled. the link for the manual patch is not working also. what happened to this update?

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Does it work with the Steam version ?

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A lot of my friends are having issues patching to 1.009 from 1.008. The auto patch errors out and manually applying the patch leaves the game in a state without a mini map and unresponsive players. Any suggestions anyone?

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Why is it that when I already killed all the enemies in the map and destroyed all the structures the game stills goes on and on and on like it is never ending. I need to quit the game just to finish it even though I have already defeated the enemy

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