Commander is a simple AI mod bringing a harder to beat AI. It's currently only available for GDI.

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Tiberium_Exposure says

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Good mod, but it will take more work to make it better, and some fine-tuning. the commander AI tends to rapidly construct structures and several of those structures tend to over-lap (collide) to the point that the skirmish matches lag, furthermore the harvester:refinery ratio is way off. simply destroying 2 refineries owned by a commander A.I. in the early-game sends the A.I. into a harvester & refinery spam spree to over-compensate for the slight lack of resource collection. 1 refinery = 1 harvester +3 from war factories, and continues on from there, ignoring production of other main units. ( i used a Trainer to fully test this Mod, and it still ended up beating me, matching structure for structure, unit for unit, and then some at the same "instant" pace the trainer allowed me. there is a helluva lot of potential here, and it would be a shame for it to die out too early)

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