A massive rip in the in the very fabric of reality was caused inadvertently by the Scrins use of their rift weapon. This anomaly would eventually be known has the Dimensional rift. The effects were devastating, the time line was shattered and suddenly people, events, vehicles even buildings suddenly ceased to exist. Suddenly both GDI & Nod had vastly altered armies. Old technology was mixed in with the new, briefly the war was suspended, has both armies struggled to come to terms with both their loses and their new additions. And what of the Scrin? completely unaffected! It was 3 weeks after the dimensional rift that the first skirmish occurred. Nod forces destroyed a relief convoy that was moving to assist a small GDI outpost, all personnel were lost. Belatedly GDI declared war on Nod, the tools of war may have change, but Tiberium was still present, Kane still alive and mankind's future still uncertain.

Tiberian History: Release 1 *(Obsolete)*
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Adds a few new Items. Command & Conquer Tiberian History Beta 0.01 This is a small unit mod. It adds a few new units and that's it! New models by me GDI Repair bay Nod Turret Changes/additions list Nod infantry = Kane's wrath style skin + cameo Repair Bay = Controls powerful repair drones Predator tank = Now gains rocket pod when it reaches the heroic rank Titan = Tier 2 walker. Gains a weapon upon reaching the heroic rank Reaper tripod = Kane's wraths Tripod! Can use conversion beam. Replaces the normal Tripod Nod Turret= unpowered anti-tank base defense. Replaces the laser hub/turrets The Avatar= Now only available has a Reinforcement power, comes with all standard upgrades. Requires Temple of Nod + an engineer!

Tiberian History:  Release 1 *(Obsolete)*

1st download!

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is it great? WHAT's the new units? I DOWNLOAD IT AND I TELL MY IMPRESSION!

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GDI: They could use some new support powers, since they have so few now. I do like the EMP grenade launchers though...

Scrin: Bug or intentional that harvesters create ion storms when destroyed? I actually destroyed a base by rushing it with those things...

Nod: Artillery spam = win :)

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Madin Author

Thanks for your comments.
Good news, GDI are getting 2 new attack support powers.
The first is a classic napalm strike Tiberian dawn style. I've just finished unwrapping the A10 model and will start to texture it soon.
The second will be a resource denial bomb, delivered by plane to make it semi fair.

The Ion storm was reintroduced by me, I did not realise it could be so powerful. The main thing is that such a tactic would not work against a competent human player.

The Nod artillery is brutal. Once I've completed a long range tier 3 weapon, the Nod artillery will be stripped of its power.

Continue to provide useful information, thanks!

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Seems the ion storm does squat if the harvesters are sent through a wormhole, but a wave of them will still cause considerable damage to the front line of defenses while buffing the air force.

And the Nod artillery is fine as is, considering it's incredibly fragile and dies immediately when targeted. If anything, it could use a longer minimum range, though.

As for support powers that could top napalm and resource denial, give me a few to think :P

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its no bug, the scrin harvesters dont have weapons or stealth, so when its destroyed an ion storm is created

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The greatest mod I ever played.Makes my lovely nod so cool. I like it so much.I suggest artillery's color turn more red. Beacuse when I gather my army.artillery's color is so larruping . it's so green.. and could Nod Turret change more moderm ?To compare with others structure,it looks so classicality,and when I sell it,some GDI infantry appears..althougth they join my army,but still feel... - -!
Hope Madin Release next new version.I'll all along expect it and support you.~~

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