The Purpose of this mod is to add the forgotten faction to Command and Conquer, currently, I have only managed to completely add the Forgotten Faction. Besides that, very little balancing has been done, and nothing has been edited aesthetically with the HUDs and the shellmap.

The Forgotten Scout, my pride and joy, this is probably the unit that has gotten the most attention out of me, script-wise, he's able to run fast, cloak, deploy into a prone position, and acts as a legitimate scouter for his allies, here's some lore written up on him by AgentAAA.

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Almost every single soldier in the Forgotten ranks has, to some extent, abnormal physical capabilities. The "Scout" units, however, are the Forgotten's special forces and anti-infantry division, and they are considered to be the most notably enhanced by their mutations. Wielding SV-98 sniper rifles, the Forgotten Scout is an excellent sniper, as they forego any telescopic sight on his gun in favor of simple iron sights. The Forgotten scouting and reconnaissance regiments are, in all reality, the most highly trained regiments of the Forgotten forces, combining Tiberium enhancement and harsh physical training to create a super-human soldier capable of running at speeds of forty-two miles per hour. This is almost twice as fast as Usain bolt, and they can do so for protracted spans of time as a result of their training. This allows them to outrun most enemy opposition in record time, leaving their pursuer's frustrated in the dust.

The Scout also combines high-level camouflage techniques with specifically tailored uniforms to allow them to blend into the landscape. While their advanced suits incapable of true stealth like Nod's Black Hand soldiers, it does allow their colors to blend in with the landscape far more easily than others. As a result, until the sniper gives away his position by firing the unfortunately loud weapon, he is able to conceal himself from the view of most forces.

The combination of the camouflage suit and the rarity of a Forgotten soldier making it through such rough training, however, makes them a very limited and expensive resource, and the frequency of inexperienced commanders losing valuable officers to counter-attacks from Nod buggies, GDI Humvees, or air attacks from either, has caused Command to only authorize the deployment of a Scout into the area after conferring with the commander of the field base via radio communications.

Unlike their commando counterparts, Scouts tend to be very duty-oriented and goal-minded, and often advise commanders in the field on how to best use their talents. They are respected veterans and often work as an attache to a new or inexperienced commander.

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