C&C Generals remake, built on Red Alert 3 engine, featuring great performance, no lag, no desync, new maps, new units and more cool stuff!

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Generals Evolution - Map Updates& recent news.
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you guys are awesome

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impressive work on the graphics!

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this is such a beatifull mod, i am a generals fun but this this is evolution to generals, GENERALS IN RA# GRAPHICS! YOURE MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey there guys, i've been really busy IRL last time, it's really hard to focus on much things at one time, but i still have something to show you for now.

I'd like to show you some of our new maps/remakes of classic C&C Generals maps made by Sgor00 :


Still i've made some modifications in them to make them look more realistic.

So if you like this maps - thank him for them. He made it happen. As for other things :

I've tried to port C&C Generals Structures to RA3, as you probably know they consist from shitload of separate texture files. Porting them all is one pain, but the other one is that they are HUGE fps killers, i am expecting huge fps drops from like 30 to 8 when looking at them, this probably caused by somewhat engine limit responsible for loading materials on models. So from now i really trying to fix this problem, this may cause the delay of release date but i am trying to not make it happen. Also if someone care to retexture and re unwrap classic C&C Generals structures for me it will be really awesome since i am not a modeler nor texture artist. So let us all hope i'll find a solution to this.

I really wanted to include remodeled infantry to this "update" today, but sadly i can't since the guy who offered his help is no more responding to my PM's. Welp, that's not a first time when i got silent fuck you in my face.

The other thing is i have ported all C&C Generals units, only aircraft is left, i will show you them as soon as possible.

That's all for now, hit me up if you have some kind of serious question/help offer.

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