“Evolution of Combat” (formerly known as Combat Evolved) is a mod aspiring to provide the best movie-like lightsaber combat ever seen in a video game.

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Jun 18 2009 Anchor

New Update
Guys.im looking for some beta testers for a mulyiplayer mod i have been develpoing with an exelent mod maker and coder know as "STOISS".Im sure many of you have seen his work on.www.moddb.com/mods/combat-evolved1.The project is still secret to within an extent.i can revieal the sabersystem will have blocking and is almost identical to mb2.Other features will be revealed to the testers only, until compleation of this mod.

This mod will be a multiplayer online so a good net speed is helpfull.

Requirements :
Only "known" members of the jedi academy community need apply.

people with experiance of moviebattles sabersystem will be given priority.(i will explain why to the applicants).

applicants should also be compitent with base jka sabersystem and ojp sabersystem.(experianced people only).

people with modding skills who can give constructive,helpfull hints and suggestions will be most welcome.

if you feel you are the person described above and wish to get involved as a tester in something new and cool,please send me or Serenity a PM .

Please "No offence " but NO NOOBS.We require approximatly 5 testers who can help in the final stage of development to ensure a quicker release.not people who need sabercombat training.THANKYOU

Features will include
New: effects ,sounds,weapon effects,animations,menus

single player and multiplayer mod total jka overhaul

Name:Evolution of Combat

Size:Approx 150mb



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