You woke up in an apartment high-rise building. You don't remember anything, even your name. You have deep cuts all over your body... you are bleeding heavily. On the floor and walls is lot of blood, obviously, not only yours. You need to find something to sew up the wounds, and then try to understand why this nightmare is going on...

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First thing I heard about this mod was that it is a strange mod.
They were right. It's strange but not in a bad way. It's also a bit scary.

First Try. I'm a bit lost. Where am I ? What shall I do ? Oh there's a plan. Other rooms. Ah the doors are locked. I can't find anything useful here. Maybe if I throw that box very hard on the door something will happen ?

Then I died. And died again. And died.

The first tries were really hard since I had no idea of what I could nor must do. But at a point it became a bit clear. Then I was stuck with another enigma and I died.
The game is not that hard but when you're lost it's hard to find your way without a clue. Once you start to get how it works everything become simple.

As a source mod it's not noticeable for it's graphics (even if some mods are) but the level design is interesting. I can't tell really about the scenario scince it's like the first short level of a game : not enough to tell if it's gonna be good, enough to tell if you wanna know more. Also there was some nice view, the openning and the ending were very well made for so simple ones. Guess it's all.

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The plot is this: You wake up in a pool of blood, not knowing who you are. You try to escape the building to find a corpse. You find a key and a gun, and go down stairs. You run in with the SWAT. You have two choices. Resist, or be arrested. I had fun playing this game. However this has more puzzles then combat. You need to find hidden items. I will give you a hint. Press E on the paintings. I had to load a lot of saves throughout the game. I think that the creator of this game put a lot of effort…

Feb 4 2011 by majorD2