Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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One of the longest changelogs we have posted. Hope everyone enjoy the changes :)!

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Eastern Front Patch 1.60


* Fixed a bug where you were unable to reinforce recrewed soviet mortars.
* Fixed a bug that allowed an immobilized vehicle to move after getting a damage/destroyed engine.
* Fixed an issue with 25-pdr, Priest, Hummel, Firebase and ISU-152 that caused uneven terrain.
* Fixed a bug with smoke grenades criticals.
* Added new optional game type, "King of the Hill".
* Fixed some UCS entries.
* Removed Operation: Save Christmas.
* Normalized UI Stats for Soviet units.

* Added voices to Soviet HMG Dugout.
* Added a new warning sound for God of War.
* Added a new sound for the scoped SVT40.

Bugs Fixes
* Fixed a bug that caused Sniper Rifles not to deal correct damage to garrisoned units.
* Removed the Siren Strafing Run.

* Fixed a bug where Tank Guards couldn't enter some buildings.
* When purchasing Shock Guards or The Red Flag, the names of Guards and Strelky are now properly updated for squads already on the field.
* Fixed missing 4th man while recrewing a Soviet Heavy Mortar.
* Fixed an issue where flares could unintended be used in Enemy HQ Sectors.
* Fixed issues while recrewing HMG Dugout.
* Fixed issues while recrewing Panzer Elite Flak 88.
* Fixed a bug when capturing heavy weapons with Red Banner Strelky gave crew only Soviet Flags as weapons.
* Fixed a bug where Partisans could retreat while camouflaged.
* Fixed a bug where it looked like the Sniper Ace was changing gun when using suppressing shot.
* Corrected the range of Soviet HMG Dugout.
* Fixed a bug where the tactical map symbol for God of War and IL2 run was missing.
* Naval Infantry now can replace dropped equipment like intended.
* Fixed a bug where your own Armoury was able to be wired by Partisans.
* Soviet Heavy Mortar now has its own unique impact effect, to avoid confusion with artillery shells.
* Fixed various Sharpshooter issues. It now gives the correct amount of experience and swaps clothing as intended.
* Fixed a visual bug with PTRD where it was attached to the soldier when he dies.
* Fixed a bug where Heavy Crush didn't crush ISU-152 wreck.
* Fixed a visual issue with the burning of a Molotov Cocktail.
* Fixed a rare glitch with Sturmovie's health bar.
* Fixed Sniper Ace selection group.
* Fixed the missing smoke trails of Scoped SVT-40 Sharpshooter and Sniper Ace.
* Fixed a bug where Guard DP-28s couldn't be dropped.
* Fixed a bug where T-90 Rounds could bounce of snipers.

* Fixed an issue with Tiger Ace shot not having the intended damage/penetration values.
* Fixed an issue where supervise ability was not working with Bunkers.
* Fixed a visual bug with Stormtrooper camouflage ability.
* Fixed target priority over Soviet Sniper.
* Fixed a bug that caused Sniper Rifles not to deal correct damage to garrisoned units.
* Removed Christmas tree from Pioneers building selection.

Panzer Elite:
* Nashorn firing animation now match with projectile.
* Fixed Panther Battlegroup bug.
* Fixed a bug where Jagdpanzer IV had panther armor instead of Jagdpanzer IV armor.
* Fixed a bug where Tread Breaker ability sometimes not working on T34s.

* Soviet AT grenade now has a proper model, the RPG 43.
* Soviet AT mine now has a proper model, the TM-35.
* US Sherman now uses the old vanilla skin.
* DP-28 and PTRD have a correct dropped weapon model.
* Fixed a glitch on Naval Infantry skin.
* Fixed Danko's and Partisans glitchy hats.
* Soviets now have their own rally point icon.
* Removed US Engineer backpack from Ingenery portrait.
* Added new icons for some units.
* Added new icons for some abilities.
* Added new normal and doctrinal portrait images for soviets and missing doctrinal portrait images for Commonwealth and Panzer Elite.
* Added own Soviet portrait for the HQ and own symbol for the tactical map.
* Added new portrait for Firebase.

Balance Changes

* Increased starting fuel for Soviets to 35 fuel in normal resources and 65 fuel in high resources.
* Ingenery can no longer throw Satchel Charges.
* Added minesweeper upgrade that costs 35 munitions.
* Added Sturmovie upgrade that costs 100 manpower 75 munitions.
* Sturmovie upgrade grants:
- SN-42 Body Armour.
- 4 PPSH-41s.
- An increment of 30 health per man.
- Satchel charges.
- Double flamers if Street Fighting is obtained.
- Can only build barbed wire, sandbags and tank traps.
- No 5th man from veterancy 2.
* Reworked HP bonuses:
- Ingenery have now 32.5 health per man (130 per squad).
- Sturmovie Upgrade at armoury grants them 7.5 health more by entity (30 per squad).
- Sturmovie as stated above.
- Ingenerydon't get health bonuses with Street Fighting anymore.
Command Squad
* Reduced detection radius to 20.
* Reduced sight range to 35.
* Reduced damage of Light Artillery Barrage vs Buildings.
* Removed Heavy Artillery Barrage.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage initial recharge time to 30s.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage recharge time to 60s.
* Reduced damage vs bikes.
* Reduced Light Artillery Barrage cooldown from CS from 60s to 45s in vet3.
Sturmovie Ingenery
* Removed. Added as part of Ingenery (see above).

Soviet Mustering Tent
* Added a 35 fuel cost.
* Can now obtain veterancy.
* Reduced damage modifier of conscript mosins vs Soldier armour (Panzer Elite) to 0.55 and accuracy modifier to 0.9.
* Reduced base damage of Conscript mosin to 9.
* Lowered conscript reinforce time by 1 second per man.
* Lowered Molotov recharge time to 60 seconds.
* Reduced squad size by 1 man.
* Added 10% accuracy boost when getting full rifles.
* Added +6 range for Molotovs at veterancy 2.
* Added Red Flag as weapon slot.
* Squad size is now 6 man.
* Health is now 55 per soldier.
* Cost is now 270 manpower.
* Changed range table of Strelky PPSH to 6/15/32 (short/medium/long).
* Changed veterancy requirements to 7/14/24.
* Added modifier of 15% damage increase after Red Banner Strelky upgrade purchase (to match the loss of firepower from flag carrier) and available until weapon upgrade is obtained and while flag carrier is alive.
* Moved suppression bonuses to veterancy 3.
* Recharge time of Guards' Smoke and AT Grenades set to 30 seconds, AP Grenades to 20 seconds.
* Added shared timer for all the grenades assortment that Guards have.
* Changed Health to 90 Health per man as starting health and 100 Health after getting Shock Guards upgrade is obtained.

Soviet Support Barracks
Mortar Squads
* Medium and Heavy Mortar costs set to 260 manpower.
* Heavy Mortar Gunners' Health increased by 55.
* Lowered Heavy Mortar damage vs bunkers.
* Removed 5th man from Heavy Mortar at vetrancy 2, now have a 20% faster rate of fire instead.
* Doubled mortar barrage recharge time.
ZiS Support Guns
* Decreased None-Upgraded ZiS damage modifer vs Tiger armour from 1.2 to 1.
* Decreased Health of ZiS crew to 150 health and 200 health respectively.
* Replaced the received damage modifier for a received accuracy modifier when a ZiS is digged in.
* Increased Upgraded ZiS base damage from 125 to 145.
* Removed 5th man from Upgraded at veterancy 2, added an increment of sight radius of 10% instead.
* Now the None-Upgraded ZiS targets infantry properly.
* Increased None-Upgraded ZiS damage to match the Upgraded ZiS when Veteran Crew is purchased.
* Tweaked spotter artillery damage vs buildings.
* Rearrange Sharpshooter/Sniper/Observer veterancy to:
- Veterancy 1 - 0.85 reduced incoming damage.
- Veterancy 2 - 0.9 weapon cooldown, 1.2 sight range.
- Veterancy 3 - Camouflage smoke ability, +3 detection radius, 0.85 reduced incoming accuracy.
* Changed armour to sniper by default.
* Observe ability recharge time increased to 5 seconds.
* Sharpshooter now decloaks for 4 seconds when using Mark Target or Artillery abilities.
* Reinforcement of the Observers lowered to 40 manpower.
* Observe upgrade now costs 100 manpower.
Tank Hunters
* Health increased to 80 per man.
* Decreased Tank Hunter mosin's base damage from 12 to 8.
* Armour type set to Infantry.
* Decreased damage and penetration of the PTRD.
* Increased delay time for Tank Hunters camouflage to 10s.
* Cooldown at short ranged set to 0.5.
* Added first strike bonuses:
- weapon_penetration_modifier: 2x
- damage_weapon_modifier: 1.25x
* Increased recharge time of retreat to medic truck to 90 seconds.
* Normalized paths on this unit.
* ZiS-5 can now only be lock down in friendly territory.
* Retreat to and Healing from the ZiS-5 will no longer work if the sector lock down in is cut off. Additionally Retreat to ZiS-5 can only be done if it's lock down.
* Removed population cost.
* Changed ZiS-5 armour from M3 halftrack to Sdkfz. 250 halftrack.

Tank Hall
Heavy Tankovy Upgrade
* Set normal cost for Heavy Tankovy upgrade cost to 105 fuel and 80 fuel if you purchased a Soviet Support Barrack upgrade.
* Removed from this building.
* Added to this building.
* Cost set to 320 manpower 50 fuel.
* Damage of 100.
* Range of 50.
* Removed AP rounds.
* Reduced accuracy of SU76 vs infantry.
* Health set to 350.
* Swapped camouflage detection from T70 to T90.
* Set base damage to 24 max and 18 min.
* Increased damage vs infantry, elite and airborne armour.
* Increased penetration vs Infantry.
* Accuracy vs soldier armour set to 0.8.
* Decreased damage vs sniper armor from 1 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs axis_sdkfz234 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs axis_sdkfz251 to 0.9.
* Set damage_multiplier vs PE sdkfz250 armor to 0.725.
* Set damage_multiplier vs PE sdkfz22x armor to 0.725.
* Reduced T70's accuracy against infantry by 10%.
* T-70 rate of fire slightly decreased.
* Removed camouflage detection.
* Reduced damage modifier vs Hetzer to match M18 Hellcat's weapon vs Hetzer.
* Reduced damage modifier vs Pz. IV from 1.15 to 1.
* Reduced penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 0.53. and decreased penetration modifier on rear armour to 5.
* Fuel cost increased from 70 to 80.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Reduced penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 1.05.
* Reduced rear penetration modifier vs Pz. IV to 5.
* Fuel cost increased from 80 to 90.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Tuned down accuracy and damage against infantry.
* Received penetration slightly decreased.
* Lowered Area of Effect damage and size.
* Decreased damage and penetration vs Tiger.
* Slightly decreased damage and penetration vs skirted panthers.

Propaganda War Strategy
Naval Infantry
* Reduced Command Point cost to 2.
* Naval Infantry now can purchase mixed equipment.
* Now Naval's PTRD is stronger than the normal PTRD.
* Naval's now get a buff of 20% more damage for PTRD when reaching veterancy 3.
76mm OBR.1927
* Lowered penetration vs Panzer IV.
* Lowered damage vs Soldier armour.
* Increased slightly accuracy vs infantry.
* Max range reduced to 75.
* Cost set to 300 manpower 40 fuel.
* Increased minimum range of OBR to 20.
God of War
* Duration time reduced to 50 seconds.
* God of War ability radius decreased from 45 to 30.
* Cost set to 250 munitions.
* Scatter of Katyusha rockets set to match Calliope scatter.
* Damage lowered to 55/33.
* Lowered veterancy 3 bonus to 1.25 damage.
* Normalized paths on this unit.
Red Tide
* Removed replace squad ability.
* Increased command point cost of Red Tide to 3.
* You get 2 NKVD Squads and more depending of your tech level:
- An additional NKVD squad, if no support upgrade purchased.
- A Strelky/Red Banner Strelky squad, if any Soviet Support Barracks is purchased.
- A Guard/Shock Guard squad, if any Tank Hall upgrade is purchased.
* A NKVD squad consist of 5 conscripts armed with regular mosins and a commissar armed with a PPSH-41.
* NKVD's Commissar has an ability called motivate that breaks suppression for 10 seconds.
* Motivate ability duration time can be increased by 2 seconds for each vet level.
* NKVD health set to 290 manpower (58 manpower per member).
* Reinforcement time of NKVD set to 8 seconds.
* Reinforcement cost of NKVD set to 20 manpower.

Urban Combat Strategy
* Duration set to 30 seconds.
* Lowered damage vs elite and soldier armours.
* Upkeep set to 1.4 manpower/minute.
* Increased cost of Partisans to 320 manpower.
* Health points set to 270 health.
* Increased set up time of fire trap to 8 seconds.
* Recharge time of Demo Charges set to 120 seconds.
* Damage of MP40s vs Soldier armour set to 0.65.
* Damage of PPSH-41s vs Soldier armour set to 0.55.
* Accuracy of PPSH-41s vs Infantry armour set to 0.8.
* Cannot be spawned in enemy HQ area.
* Tuned down KV-2 damage vs Panzer Elite light armoured vehicles.
* Changed penetration, area of effect damage & friendly damage to match StuH.
* Swapped position with Street Fighting.
Street Fighting
* Swapped position with KV-2.
* Removed Fire Barrage from mortars.
* Ingenery don't get health bonuses with Street Fighting anymore.
* Lowered damage vs Ostwind, Pz. IV, flak 88 and weapon teams.
* Lowered damage vs Sdkfz. 22x & Sdkfz. 251.
* Lowered damage vs heavy tanks.
* Changed penetration, area of effect damage & friendly damage to match StuH.
* Changed area of effect suppression.
* Increased reload time from 6.5 to 8 seconds.
* Changed horizontal tracking from 30 to 25.
Sniper Ace
* Increased cost of ace artillery to 150 munitions.
* Tweaked artillery damage vs buildings.
* Removed ability to spawn in enemy HQ area.
* Decreased cost to 700 manpower.

Breakthrough Assault Strategy
* Removed from this doctrine. Added to Tank Hall
* Added to this doctrine.
* Slight increment of HP/armour.
* Increased SU-85 accuracy vs infantry based armours.
* Increased cooldown from 150 to 360 seconds.
* Can only build barbed wire, sandbags and tank traps.
Tank Riders
* Removed the T-34/85 variant.
* Increased cost to 750 manpower.
* Tank Guards reinforcement cost increased to match Guards.
* Changed Tank Guards Health to 90 Health as starting health and an addition 10 health after Shock Guards upgrade is researched. Per man.
* Added yellow cover modifiers to tank guards while riding.
* Increased recharge time on 90 seconds.
* Tweaked gun stats to avoid one shooting light vehicles and tanks.
* Added small delay before and after firing the barrage.
* Reduced ISU-152 accuracy against infantry based armour.
* Swapped bonuses from veterancy 2 and veterancy 3 on ISU-152.
* ISU-152 reload time set to 12 seconds.
* Lowered cost of ISU-152 barrage to 40 munitions.
* Added same manpower drain as King Tiger.
* Cost set to 500 manpower.

Other changes
* Removed munition upkeep from all units except Sturmovie Ingenery.
* Reduced cooldown of "No One Step Back" to 60 seconds.
* Reduced cooldown of "Inspired Speech" to 60 seconds.
* Reduced cooldown of "For The Motherland" to 120 seconds.
* Lowered SVT rifle damage modifier vs Soldier from 0.75 to 0.7.
* Reduced TT-33 pistol penetration vs Panzer Elite vehicle armour to match Wehrmacht Halftrack input.
* PPSH-41 accuracy multiplier on the move increased from 0.2 to 0.4.
* Damage of Standard Mosin-Nagant vs soldier set to 0.575.
* Penetration of all PTRDs set to 0.575/0.6/0.75/1.
* Decreased PTRD damage vs neutral buildings.
* Set penetration of Tiger gun vs T-34/85 to match T-34/76.
* Penetration of Tiger vs IS-3 increased to 0.65.
* Penetration of Panter guns vs IS-2 set to 0.7.
* Increased regular mosin accuracy at long range to 0.4 from 0.5.
* Reduced damage of normal mosin vs bikes.
* Lowered Molotov recharge time to 60 seconds.
* Penetration of Tigers guns vs IS2 increased from 0.7 to 1.
* Reduced damage of Marder III vs T70.
* Applied these changes for Sturmovie armour:
- Sniper accuracy against it increased to 5 and priority increased 90.
- Volkgrenadiers MP40 damage modifier increased to 0.7 and accuracy to 1.
- 234/1 20mm gun stats set to match elite ones.
- LGM42 accuracy set to 1.
- Flamethrower 42 damage set to 1.25.
* Added munition cost for required abilities:
- Abilities:
Molotovs: 10 munitions
CS arty: 75 munitions
Guard grenade: 25 munitions
Phosphor grenade: 35 munitions
TH grenade: 25 munitions
Guard AT grenade: 25 munitions
Observer arty: 125 munitions
Red Tide: 200 munitions
Not One Step Back!: 50 munitions
God of War: 250 munitions
FTML: 75 munitions
Flares: 40 munitions
Sniper Ace Suppressing Shot: 50 munitions
Sniper Ace One Man Army: 50 munitions
Sniper Ace Artillery: 125 munitions
Inspiring Speech: 50 munitions
IL2: 200 munitions
Satchels: 50 munitions
Partisan incendiaries: 20 munitions
Demos: 50 munitions
ISU-152 barrage: 50 munitions
- Upgrades:
DP-28: 75 munitions
PPSh: 75 munitions
SVT-40: 75 munitions
PPS-43: 65 munitions
Naval's DP28: 50 munitions
Naval's PTRD: 50 munitions
- Armoury:
Sturmovies: 200 manpower 25fuel
RBS: 150 manpower 50 fuel
Guards: 200 manpower 40 fuel
TH: 150 manpower 40 fuel
HM: 150 manpower 60 fuel
ZIS2: 120 manpower 45 fuel
85mm: 200 manpower 60 fuel
30% upkeep: 100 manpower 60 fuel
Petrol Bombs: 100 manpower 15 fuel

Fortress Mode
* Lowered damage of 52k vs axis tanks.

Tiger Ace
* Increased ace shot ability cost to 50 munitions.
* Added engine damage critical to ace shot ability.
* Added small delay before and after firing the ace shot ability.
* Added same manpower drain as King Tiger.
* Cost set to 500 manpower.
* Reduced Health of Tiger Ace to 1300.
* Penetration bonus set to 10%

Jagdpanzer IV
* Added own armour type for Jagdpanzer IV.
* Increased cost of Jagdpanzer IV to 700 manpower.

* Added fuel upkeep of 2 units per minute to Nashorn.
* Set cost of call-in to 700 manpower 0 fuel.

* Added as reward unit for Jagdpanther.
* Same stats than before, except by:
- Damage of 190.
- Area of Effect set to match King Tiger.
- Penetration of main gun set to match Jagdpanther.
- Reload time set to 7 seconds.
- Lowered slightly modifiers vs light vehicles.
- Health set to 2000.
- Jagdpanther armour.
- Manpower drain set 60 seconds more than KT.

Luftwaffe Officer
* Added as reward unit for Wehrmacht Officer.
* Same vet type than Wehrmacht Officer.
* Has three abilities:
- Bomb drop: a plane will drop fire bombs to the desired area, the player needs to reach Battle Phase before using it.
- Demoralize: the selected squad will receive more damage while propaganda leaflets fall over the area. The squad will retreat slower than usual; cooldown of 180 seconds.
- Third ability is supervision, same than normal officer.

Sherman 105
* Range reduced to 35.
* Damage vs soldier armour set to 0.6.
* Damage vs infantry armour set to 0.8.
* Lowered rotation speed to 30.

Veterancy changes
* Command Squad
- Vet1
-> Enables Light Barrage ability.
-> Enables Charge! ability.
- Vet 2
-> Gets Airborne armour.
-> Received Accuracy: -15%
-> Sight Radius: +20 (Only for the Major)
- Vet 3
-> Light Barrage recharge time reduced by 25%.
* ZiS-3/ZiS-2/Medium Mortar/Heavy Mortar
- Vet1
-> Received accuracy: -20%
- Vet 2
-> Extra crew member (only None-Upgraded ZiS and Medium Mortar)
-> Sight radius: +10% (only Upgraded ZiS)
-> Rate of Fire: +20% (only Heavy Mortar)
- Vet 3 (28XP)
-> Damage: +15%
* Ingenery
- Vet1
-> Received accuracy: -20%
- Vet 2
-> Accuracy: +20%
-> Cooldown: -25% (given for flamers)
- Vet 3
-> Damage: +20%
* Guards/Tank Guards:
- Vet1
-> Range: +15%
-> Sight radius: +15%
- Vet2
-> Accuracy: +15%
-> Damage: +15%
- Vet3
-> Received suppression: 0
-> Received accuracy: -15%
* Conscripts:
- Vet1(7XP)
-> Reinforcement cost decreased by 2~3 manpower
- Vet2(14XP)
-> Increased range for throwing Molotovs.
-> Increased the capture rate by 25%.
- Vet3(24XP)
-> Received damage: -10%
-> Damage: +20%
- Vet1(7XP)
-> Received damage: -15%
-> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
- Vet2(14XP)
-> Accuracy: +10%
-> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
- Vet3(24XP)
-> Damage: +20%
-> Motivate ability duration time increased by 2 seconds.
* Luftwaffe Officer:
- Vet1
-> Health regeneration rate: -> %0.22
- Vet2
-> Gets Elite armour.
- Vet3
-> Increased health: +20%


* Karachev (2p):
- New loading screen

* Kharkov (2p):
- Added a hole in a fence which was too easy to defend
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout

* Kotelnikovo (2p):
- New loading screen

* Moscow (2p):
- Updated sector layout
- Minor damage changes to low-health buildings
- Unfitting splats removed
- New loading screen

* Prague (2p):
- Temporarily removed due to major design changes

* Psel (2p):
- Name changed back from Smolensk to Psel
- Removed water from middle river area
- Added carnage to dry riverbed
- Replaced some wooden fences by stone walls
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Vienna (2p):
- Deleted two houses
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Cottbus (4p):
- Temporarily removed due to major design changes

* Dom Pavlova (4p):
- Modified ruins
- Added trenches to the central square
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Grodno (4p):
- Modified ruins in the center of the map
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kholm (4p):
- Added two starting positions
- Added trenches to the center
- Minor terrain property changes
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kursk (4p)
- Central trenches moved
- Added new walls
- Added trenches to the North
- Concrete bunker moved
- Deleted some Panzer IV wrecks
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Lemberg (4p):
- Enlarged map's width by 96m
- Cleaned area around the train station
- Removed one tile
- Various performance improvements (thanks to Sylver)
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Mahiljou (4p):
- Added passages through the forest in the Northeast
- Added defenses to the forest
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Minsk (4p):
- Added two starting positions
- Replaced various trees by meadows to make more room for a decent 2vs2 game
- Changed course of the river
- Added a bridge to the river
- Adjusted base areas
- Added two fords in the center of the map
- Minor adjustments to the town
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Stalingrad Railroad Station (4p):
- Fixed pathways in the hangars
- New loading screen

* Sevastopol (4p):
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kalach (6p):
- Added some houses between castle hill and town area
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Kiev (6p):
- Low health buildings destroyed
- Roof plates of factory removed to ensure a better view on units inside the factory
- Damaged some walls
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Prokhorovka (6p):
- Added more cover for infantry
- Added ford across the river to the South
- Adjusted base sectors
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Seelow (6p):
- Added passages to the centre of the map
- Fixed base defense being beyond base sector
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Zhytomyr (6):
- Completely remapped, now features snow setting
- Removed lots of unnecessary details which made the map lag
- River is now "frozen"
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Berlin (8p):
- Replaced old Berlin (by Spartan, Lolto and Deranged) with new version (made by playmobill, HerrVoss and MaxiKing6)
- Baked some splines
- Added a bridge in the middle of the river
- Moved another bridge to balance both sides
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen

* Orel (8p):
- Removed, waiting for replacement

* Rostov (8p):
- Added parked Stukas to the runway
- Moved and deleted some ruins
- Updated sector layout
- Updated minimap
- New loading screen


HUUUGEEE update guys. Thanks for all of the hard work. Enjoy playing the mod immensely!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

lol thats a damn update, other mods should take note and see how its supposed to be done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

* Removed Operation: Save Christmas.

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Walki Creator

Christmas is over, as blackbishop already wrote.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hm, and I already had HUGE problems with trying to gather up enought manpower and fuel. How are you really supposed to afford anything at all?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why do I have the feelings that russians get weaker after every patch? Were they too strong during the test?

* Removed Operation: Save Christmas.
Why? :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
blackbishop Author

Because Christmas is over ;).

Some soviet units were too strong vs a particular unit, hence some units were tweaked. As you can see, the balance team balanced soviet units during the development of this patch... it's not white and black or nerf and buff, they were tweaked: nerfed vs a particular unit or buffed against other and so on. Except for the ISU-152 whom damage was lowered to be in the same range than CoH most powerful tanks and avoid insta-gib every unit it faces.

But don't worry, this should be the last time we post such amount of changes for soviets ;).

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Another patch, which weakened russia
I appreciate your work, but to the "golden balance" you don't come

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
blackbishop Author

I'm afraid you only read the part where soviets were nerfed, which was deserved because they were stronger than intended. If soviets were stronger, the solution wasn't to make strong the others, but weaken the soviets a little bit... not that the list above only contains "nerfs" but also a lot of "buffs".

Soviets are not going to steam roll everything as they used to be(Tank Hunter abuse, ISU-152 insta-gibbing everything?). But if you think some changes were not deserved, you can post your balance concerns here: Easternfront.org

Also, as already stated in previous comments, there is no such thing as "Golden Balance", that's just an utopy and will never be reached. If Relic couldn't reach it what makes you think we could?

Reply Good karma+3 votes

That's right. Your team discuss about six(!) months about the new balancing. A game should be enjoyable. It's true that a good balancing is necessary to get to this goal, but at least it's the player who make the difference betweeen win and loose. :D

I am not sure how much this matters but anyway I believe you put so much effort into this modification.
Well done my dear comrades!

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I am i de the only one who thinks comandos are overpowered?

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blackbishop Author

You mean Partisans or British Commandos?

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The list is so long,even my finger got tired when i was trying to reach to comments :D Nice job guys.

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Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
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