Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front. More extense than any other changelog posted at this moment, but it's worthy to read :).

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Eastern Front Patch 1.50


Repaired Up Beyond All Recognition

* Fixed the Red Tide not playing.
* Added Victory and Defeat music to Soviets.

Eastern Front Maps:
* Removed the mortar bunker from Minsk.
* Fixed an issue with a forward HQ on Seelow.
* Fixed missing Hinderdam description.
* Fixed missing Battle of Mahiljou description.
* Position of the Headquartes on Prokhorovka have been altered.
* Added new weather settings to Prokhorovka.
* Sector layout from Prokhorovka been redrawn.
* Wrecks on "Battle of Mahiljou" replaced.
* Fixed Scar Error on Leningrad.
* Map design has been slightly optimized on Zhytomyr.
* Added new weather settings to Zhytomyr.
* Performance on Zhytomyr has been slightly improved.
* Sector layout from Zhytomyrhas been redrawn.
* Small changes to Kursk (Deleted wire and some objects in Base 3, fixed pathfinding of one trench system)
* Added [EF] Karachev (2) by Sylver
* Added [EF] Lemberg (4) by MaxiKing6
* Added [EF] Stalingrad Railroad Station (4) by BurroDiablo
* Added [EF] Kalach (6) by cephalos

Relic Maps:
* Missing minimaps and loading screens for Steel Pact and Carpiquet.
* "Carpiquet(2)" minimap fixed
* "Flooded Plains(2)" minimap aspect ratio fixed
* "Rails & Metal(4)" minimap aspect ratio fixed
* "Steel Pact(8)" minimap fixed
* "Duclair(2)" new relic style minimap
* "Egletons(2)" new relic style minimap

Bug Fixes and Art Changes:
* Fixed various issues with RMC and vanilla commonwealth relating to sectors.
* Fixed Czech locale being Russian locale.
* Added Lethal Dossage's criticals fix.
* Added vehicle cover to Soviet and RMC vehicles that didn't already have it.
* Fixed an issue where vanilla M7 Priest tracks weren't animated.
* Added vehicle cover to Soviet and RMC vehicles/tanks that didn't have it.
* Picked up Bren Light Machine Guns are now visible.
* Fixed an issue with the gun carriage for sherman top MG.
* Fixed description of Sherman 105 Bulldozer's upgrade.
* Fixed a bug Sherman M4 105 can use defensive smoke without being researched.
* Rename upgunned Sherman to avoid confusion of two tanks named "Jumbo". Doctrinal replacement unit stays as Jumbo.
* Fixed Sherman Jumbo wrong weapon upgrade reference.
* Fixed Sherman 105's smoke ability working even if it's main gun is disabled.
* Fixed an issue where recon sections could build trenches in EF. This was a Relic Change in 2.602.
* Fixed a bug that caused double clicking on Stuart or Staghound selected both of them.
* Fixed missing SAS glider call-in to Reinforcement HQ Truck (RMC).
* Achilles has a new build icon (RMC).
* Fixed an issue where starting Sapper squad had 5 members instead of 4 (RMC).
* Updated the models of the SAS Jeeps (RMC).
* Tank Hunters and Mortar Teams now has new unit icons and portraits.
* Upgraded Mortar and ZiS-2 Weapons now have a 4th member when recrewed.
* Fixed a bug with the Sniper Ace where you could instantly recharge the Artillery ability by using the suppression shot.
* Fixed a visual bug relating grenadiers under certain circumstances picking up PTRD.
* Fixed a visual bug with Naval infantry using PTRD-41 in low graphic settings.
* Naval Infantry now has a new call-in icon.
* Fixed the off-map soviet reinforcements.
* Fixed an issue with SU-122 model that makes the game crash.
* Allowing XP numbers to always be visible even after unlocking everything in Doctrine (1.4 change, just added here for some record of it).
* Added a new icon to IS-3 call-in.
* Removed the hardcap of partisans.
* Fixed an issue with Soviet and British base MG crew leaving the MG nest and running around (AI Change only).
* Fixed the range of smoke ability from Soviet mortars.
* Fixed an issue where Medic Truck would stop randomly to heal infantry.
* Fixed Firebase bug that allowed to build more than one at time.
* Fixed veterancy for KV-1 and KV-85.
* Fixed a visual bug when Sturmovie ingenery captured a heavy weapon, the mine detector would become a DP-28.
* Fixed bug with ZiS-2 and Soviet Mortar Teams sometimes have a lone survivor when the gun is destroyed.
* Fixed a bug where Sturmovie ingenery couldn't detect & sweep mines correctly.
* Guards are properly suppressible now until they get veterancy 1.
* Fixed a bug where retreat to Medic truck would block an ability for Partisans.
* Removed camouflage if active while retreating for Partisans.
* Soviet abilities that throws items (such as Molotovs) are now disabled if the squad is pinned, similar to the other faction.
* Fixed a bug with wrecks for SU-76, KV-1, KV-85, IS-3.
* Removed recover vehicle lines from soviet tanks/vehicles.
* Sharpshooter Team now retreats properly when Observe mode is active.
* Fixed description of SU-122 ability.
* Fixed Tank Riders ability not display population required.
* Katyusha can no longer crush infantry.
* SU-76 can now properly crush light stuff.
* Fixed a bug where soviets when recrewing mortars and anti-tank guns would not gain soviet veterancy bonuses.
* Fixed visual issues when soviets was recrewing CW Mortar Emplacement and CW Mortar.
* Fixed the icon of the Tiger Ace.
* Fixed the wreck of the Tiger Ace.
* Fixed to cost of StuH cost to match 2.602.
* Fixed an issue with Stormtrooper cloak icon being a bit wrong.
* Fixed the green turret bug on Tiger Ace.
* Fixed issue with panzer elite recrewing an Wehrmacht pak38.
* Removed hidden gunner from Geschutzwagen, it now appears when veterancy 2 is earned, like it should.
* Fixed Geschutzwagen wrong reload modifier at veterancy 3.
* Fixed an issue with Jagdpanzer IV's hull MG that didn't have any firing sound.
* Fixed the firing sound of Nashorn.
* Jagdpanzer IV now properly gains the bonuses from APCR from Tank Hunters Tactics.
* Fixed an issue where Jagdpanzer could skid sideways and backwards.
* Fixed an issue where Nashorn's ability works even if it's main gun is destroyed.
* Set the Nashorn's hardcap to 4, previously it had a wrong requirement.
* Fixed description of the Nashorn/Flak 88 on doctrines panel.
* Removed double camouflage abilities from Ketten.
* Fixed a bug where you would get a squad when Jagdpanther died.
* Fixed a bug with the booby trap ability for panzer elite.
* Possible solution to the Vanilla bug of butterfly bombs flares smoke.
* Added criticals for upgunned Jagdpanzer IV.

Balance Changes

Command Squad
* Set veterancy requirements for the Commissar Squad to 6/14/36.
* Added initial recharge to arty barrage of 60s.
* Added a manpower upkeep reduction of 12% per veterancy level.
* Removed Molotovs.
* Gain an extra 10 health after Sturmovie upgrade is purchased.
* Cost of satchel charge set to 35 munition.
* Added cooldown modifier of 0.75 at veterancy 2.
Sturmovie Ingenery
* Satchel charges cost set to 35 munition.
* Added Negative Zeal to Sturmovie blobs (1.10 received dmg) with a radius of 15.
* Added new custom armour type for Sturmovie Ingenery based on Soldier armour.
* Sturmovie accuracy on the move set to 0.5.
* Sturmovie Ingenery received_suppression set to 0.8.
* Increased munitions cost by 10.
* Removed munitions cost from reinforcements.
* Added cooldown modifier of 0.75 at veterancy 2.
* Added munitions upkeep.

Soviet Mustering Tent
* Veterancy bonuses removed.
* Cost reduced to 220 manpower.
* Reinforcement cost decreased by 2 manpower for each support upgrade researched.
* Red Banner Strelky now affects units on the field and "Red Banner Strelky" buildable unit removed.
* RBS now lowers Strelky's reinforcement cost from 22 manpower to 18 manpower.
* Lowered cost of DP-28 and PPSh packages to 60 munition each.
* Veterancy 3 requirements set to 24xp.
* Pickup slots set to 6.
Guards/Shock Guards
* Reduced guards to 4 man squad.
* Increased Guards HP from 90 to 100.
* Reinforcement cost of Guards increased to 45 manpower.
* Pickup slots set to 4.
* Shock Guard upgrade now completely affects units in the field and "Shock Guard" buildable unit removed.
* Shock Guard upgrade now gives them a DP-28 and anti-tank grenades.
* SVT upgrade now give three rifles and cost set to 60 munition.
* Changed anti-tank grenades from guards to the upgraded version of TH.
* Added triple PPS-43 package to guards for 60 munition, available after Shock Guards have been researched.

Soviet Support Barracks
Sharpshooter Team
Removed and replaced by Sharpshooter, full design characteristics:
- Base unit - Sharpshooter(140 manpower 20 secs)
-> Has auto-cover cloak.
-> Wields high damage mosin-nagant rifle. Same stats as normal mosin-nagant but damage set at 30.
-> Has airborne armour.
- Upgrade option 1 - Sniper(200 manpower 40 secs)
-> Changes weapon stats to SVT sniper rifle.
-> Gains standard cloak.
-> Has sniper armour.
- Upgrade option 2 - Observer Team (80 manpower 30 munition 40 secs)
-> Adds extra man to the squad.
-> Adds the abilities: Observer mode, sniper arty and mark target.
-> Has airborne armour.
* Capture rate set to 0.5.
* Reduced damage against buildings of the Sniper Artillery.
* Observer mode now immobilizes both members.
* Arty now has a cost of 125 munition per use.
* Reinforcement time set to 20 seconds.
* Reinforcement cost set to 80 manpower.
* Soviet SVT Sniper's rate of fire now matches US sniper.
Tank Hunters
* Reduced anti-tank grenades damage against buildings.
* Increased Health of Tank Hunter anti-tank mine from 20 to 100.
* Anti-tank mines now only available after men against tanks is purchased.
* Added mines as ability and deleted build menu from Tank Hunters.
ZiS-2 & Upgraded ZiS-2
* Added Hulldown ability with the following modifiers:
- received_damage_modifier -> x0.75 (-25%)
- sight_radius_modifier-> +5
- weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.35 (+35%)
- Needs 4 secs to fire after Dig-in is enabled/disabled.
- Available after researching Gunnery Veterans.
Heavy Mortar
* Halved damage versus snipers.
* Reduced range to 100.
* Reduced health of gunners from 55hp each to 42hp each.
* Increased healing area to 25.

Tank Hall
* Added reinforcement radius for Tank Hall.
* Decreased Heavy Tankovy upgrade cost by 5 fuel.
KV-1 | KV-85
* KV-1 & KV-85 moving stats set to:
- acceleration 1.5 to 1.6
- deceleration 3.5 to 3.6
- speed max set to 4
* Increased KV-1 cost by 10 fuel.
* Changed KV-85 85mm gun stats:
- AoE damage: 1/1/0.25/0.15.
- AoE distance: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 / 1.5
- Moving accuracy: 0.65
* SU-85 rotation rate reduced from 35 to 30.
* Reduced SU-85 damage modifier vs marder 3 armour from 1.5 to 1.
* Added cage armour upgrade for 75 munition.
* Reduced dmg from T-70 against Marder 3, Sdkfz. 22x, Sdkfz. 250 and Sdkfz. 251.
* Increased moving acc. of T-70.
* Increased pop cost of T-70/T-90 to 4.
T-34/76 | T-34/85
* Add 20 manpower to each T-34 cost (360 manpower and 400 manpower)
* Changed T-34/85 gun stats:
- AoE distance: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.5 / 1.5
- Moving accuracy: 0.65
* Increased IS-2 pop cost to 12.
* Set IS-2's deflection damage to 0.25.

Breakthrough Strategy
* Set the CP cost of RHS Breakthrough to 1-3-5.
* Set the CP cost of LHS Breakthrough to 1-4-3.
* Swapped mechanics and SU-76.
* Barrage ability gets a recharge bonus of 5s for each veterancy level.
* Added initial recharge to arty barrage of 90s.
* Removed munitions cost from the ability.
* Cooldown tripled.
* Rotation speed set to 30.
* Cost reduced to 260 manpower.
* Can now build basic defenses.
Tank Guards
* Health of Tank Guards increased to 100HP.
Doctrinal T-34/85
* Increased pop cost to 8 to match normal one.
* Reduced accuracy against all infantry based targets for IL-2 strafe by 40%.
* Increased IL-2 rocket damage from 50/30 to 75 flat.
* Increased IL-2 rocket deflection damage from 0.1 to 1.
* Increased IL-2 cooldown by 1 minute.
* Increased IS-3 health to 1250HP.
* Cost of IS-3 lowered to 800 manpower.
* Increased IS-3 pop cost to 12.

Propaganda War Strategy
* LHS changed to 3-2-2.
* RHS changed to 1-3-4.
* Replaced ZiS-3 emplacement with 76 mm OBR 1927.
Red Tide
* Recharge time of Red Tide set to 250.
* Max squads recovered set to 5.
God of War
* GoW now has a target circle on the minimap visible by friendly and enemy alike.
* God of War cost set to 175 munition.
* God of War now has yellow smoke.
Not One Step Back
* Made NOSB reduce movement speed to 1. Increased damage dealt by affected squads to 1.2
* Katyushas veterancy 1 bonus now set to 1.15 speed.
* Katyushas get a recharge bonus of 5s for the barrage ability at each veterancy level.
* Cost reduced to 330 manpower.
Naval infantry
* Tuned down Naval Infantry veterancy.
* Split Heavy Weapons pack into separate PTRD-41 and DP-28 upgrades.
* Each is mutually exclusive, grants 1 weapon per purchase and can be purchased twice.
* Set cost of 50 munition for each one.
* DP-28 cannot be fired while moving anymore.
* Reduced squad size of Naval Infantry from 6 to 5.
* Set health to 55hp per man.
* Can now build sandbags and barbed wire.
76mm M1927
* Replaces ZiS-3 as buildable emplacement in propaganda doctrine.
* Weapon stats similar to StuH.
* Cost 360 manpower 55 fuel.
* Build time of 90 secs.
* Range of 90.

Urban Combat Strategy
* RHS changed to 2-2-3.
For the Motherland
* Conscripts can be upgraded with full rifles for 50 munition per squad.
* Added Flare to replace booby traps as the second ability of RHS
* Flare's dmg modifier set to 1.15 over the selected area.
* Flare has a duration of 45secs and a cooldown of 160secs.
* Flare action radius set to 30.
* Partisan armour set to Airborne.
* Partisan's Booby trap ability replaced by Incendiary mine.
* Partisan's veterancy 1 bonus set to 0.85 received damage.
* Cost of demo charge set to 35 munition, cooldown reduced to 60s.
* SU-122 dmg modifiers tuned down vs armor.
Sniper Ace
* Sniper Ace now gets slow health regeneration and suppressing shot at veterancy 1; 0.75 cooldown and one man army at veterancy 2; 1.5 damage, 0.7 received accuracy and arty at veterancy 3.
* Sniper Ace cooldown increased from 5/3 to 5/5.
* Disabled Sniper Ace arty while using smoke.
* Disabled Sniper Ace smoke while using arty.
* One Man Army has now the following stats:
- x1.25 rec dmg
- x1.3 rec acc
- x0.5 cooldown
- x0.7 range
- x0.5 reload
- duration set to 10s
- recharge increased to 10s
* Sniper Ace arty cooldown set to 150s.
* Tuned down damage versus tanks.
Street Fighting
* Adds incendiary mortar barrage to Soviet mortar (35 munition for 2 shots).
* Adds 10 more health to Ingenery.
* Adds white phosphorus grenades to Strelky (15 munition).

Other Stuff
* Generally increased Soviet infantry upkeep.
* Soviet Backup set to 2 Ingenery Squads, 1 Strelky Squad and 1 Guard Squad.
* Changed hotkeys for Support Barracks (S), Mustering Tent (M), Outpost(O), MG Dugout(D), Armoury(A), Firebase(F), KV1(S), KV85(T) and 76mm M1927 OBR(B).
* Soviet tanks now have their own target tables.
* PE Sdkfz. 250 based units have their own target table.
* Reworked requirements for soviet normal infantry, support teams and tanks.
- ZiS-2 and Mortar Team requires their respective range support upgrade and the mustering tent being built at least once.
- Light tanks require light tankovy upgrade and mustering tent.
- Heavy tanks need heavy tankovy only.
- IS-2 needs all 4 tech upgrades only.
- Mustering Tent made one-time requirement.
* Changed veterancy the following units provide when killed:
- Conscripts - 0.5
- Guard - 3
- Tank Guard - 3
- ZiS-5 - 5
- T-34/85 - 12
- KV-85 - 14
- ISU-152 - 18
- Sniper Ace - 6
- IS-3 - 24
- Tiger Ace - 24
- Sharpshooter - 3
- ZiS-3 - 3
The Armoury
* Set armoury to provide 10% manpower & 2% munition upkeep reduction while it's alive.
* Removed +2 munition starting bonus.
* Added upgrade to lower Soviet manpower upkeep by 30% to the armoury(150 manpower 30 munition 60 fuel).
* Molotov recharge set to two minutes.
* Molotov research time set to 45 seconds.
* Molotov range reduced (20 to 13).
* Molotov cost changed to 100 manpower 50 munition.
* Molotov upgrade moved to Mustering Tent.
* Molotov initial explosion toned down.
* Molotov damage against soldier armour toned down.
* Men Against Tanks cost set to 90 munition 50 fuel.
* Red Flag upgrade cost set to 80 munition 60 fuel.
* Shock Guard upgrade cost set to 75 munition 40 fuel.
* Sturmovie Ingenery upgrade cost set to 65 munition 25 fuel.
* Heavy Mortar upgrade cost set to 80 munition 35 fuel.
* Set M-30 build time to 90s (from 120s, 25% less than before).
* Firebase gets a received dmg. modifier of 0.8 at veterancy 1.
* Firebase gets accuracy bonus modifier of 1.1 at veterancy 2.
* Firebase gets a recharge bonus of 5s for the barrage ability at each veterancy level.
Infantry Weapons
* Strelky PPSh modifiers now match Sten against soldier armour (0.75 acc/0.5 dmg).
* Shock Guards' DP-28 is not droppable any more.
* Tuned down DP-28 against soldier armour.
* DP-28 now has the same suppression values as Bren LMG.
* Decreased suppression values of conscripts and Ingenery rifles.
* Lowered criticals from soviet pistol against tp_infantry.
* Tuned down Sturmovie PPSh against elite armour.
* Tuned down Guard SVT against soldier armour.
* Modified penetration values against PE:
- Conscript rifle
vs Marder3 0.05 --> 0.04
251 HTs 0.1 --> 0.08
250 HTs 0.4 --> 0.35
22x ACs 0.4 --> 0.35
- Mosin_Nagant
vs Marder3 0.05 --> 0.04
251 HTs 0.1 --> 0.08
250 HTs 0.4 --> 0.3
22x ACs 0.4 --> 0.3
* Modified damage values against PE:
- Mosin_Nagant
vs 250 HTs 1 --> 0.8
- Sturmovie PPSh
vs Soldier 0.6 --> 0.55
Sdkfz 250 0.45 --> 0.35
Sdkfz 22x 0.45 -> 0.35
Tiger Ace
* Range of Tiger Ace shot set to 70.
* Cost of Tiger Ace shot set to 30 munition.
* Cooldown of Tiger Ace shot set to 45 sec.
* Added a received penetration modifier of 0.8 to Ace.
* StuG dmg modifier against SU-85 lowered from 1.5 to 1 and Caged SU-85 from 1.35 to 0.85.
Marder III
* Increased dmg modifier against T-70/T-90 from 0.75 to 1.
* Increased penetration modifier against T-34s to match Sherman.
* Removed AP shells from Achilles but given Sherman Firefly bonus when CCT is near.
* Reduced accuracy by 0.05 against infantry targets.
Jagdpanzer IV
* Cost increased to 650 manpower.
* Increased damage and penetration versus T70 armour.

Veterancy of the new units:
76mm M1927 OBR
* Veterancy 1 (8XP): received_accuracy_modifier -> x0.8
* Veterancy 2 (16XP): range_weapon_modifier -> +20
* Veterancy 3 (32XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 1 (10XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (20XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 3 (40XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.5
* Veterancy 1 (8XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (16XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 3 (32XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 1 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (28XP): weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (42XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
* Veterancy 1 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 2 (28XP): weapon_penetration_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (42XP): range_weapon_modifier -> x1.15
Naval Infantry
* Veterancy 1 (7XP): received_accuracy_modifier -> x0.8
* Veterancy 2 (14XP): accuracy_weapon_modifier -> x1.2
* Veterancy 3 (28XP): damage_weapon_modifier -> x1.2


so when can we see the damn ostheer?

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in 2.0

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great massive update :D

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